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Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

The weekly photo challenge topic is waiting…. and it is a challenge because there are many ways to interpret what waiting is.

I chose to use one of my photos of butterflies as they slurp up the sweet nectar of a waiting flower.

Here it is – Update:  Photo #2 is the original I posted last night.

I realized this morning I’d chosen the wrong photo to publish!  I intended to post #1 last night.  I like #1 because the wings are quiet and appear darker – in focus. However, in #1 the Butterfly’s face is less focused…. Trade off, I guess!  🙂

(Click on either photo to see the detail.)

#1 Flowers waiting for the Butterfly ~ Andrea O'Connell 2011

#2 Flowers waiting for the butterfly ~ Andrea O'Connell, 2011

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