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December 7, 2011


Hillary Clinton – A role model for all

by Andrea O'Connell

Hillary is speaking from Geneva in this wonderful talk about Human Rights and the GLBT community.

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  1. Dec 13 2011

    There needs to be sanctions against nations that practice sharia where the rights of homosexuals and women and children are not respected and protected. Great speech, but lets get beyond words (and band aids like her fund)…and soon, since there have been recently added more nations with sharia being enacted. How many will be murdered while the world’s leaders conversate? There’s nothing to talk about. People’s lives are at stake. Its wrong to murder because of sexual orientation, what more need be said? Just get on with the sanctions. And if our government wants to do anything then let it help the homosexuals to flee these nations that want them dead. Call them political refugees.Lets get a move on!~

    {the muslim faith shows the more intolerance towards gays than any other faith by wanting them dead and even making that happen…}


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