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a flat stanley story

I know this is going from the sick to the sublime and I’d intended to write more about the military disposal of US Soldiers…..

This is me wearing Flat Stanley - This photo is not part of the project!!!

Well, this story was flat-out more important.

This is a Flat Stanley story (the travel-driven picture-project that first-graders trick you into doing for them).

Well, in truth, my brother was tapped to do this project for Elizabeth, our niece, but he roped me in knowing I’d never flat-out refuse.

Below is the story for Elizabeth’s first grade class about Flat Stanley’s travels in Winter Park, Florida



Flat as a pancake, he was.  Naturally you’d think he would squeeze-in and fit anywhere.  Well, that would be true if not for the wind.  You see, the wind was his problem.  He was so flat the wind would lift him up and take him away quicker than you could say “pancake.”  When the wind blew him hither and yon, he’d be very lost and a little bit afraid.

One day the wind blew him, still flat as a pancake, to Elizabeth’s First Grade class. All of Elizabeth’s friends immediately loved him.  (Well, he was cute.  They couldn’t help but love him.)

Elizabeth was the first to talk to him, she said, “What’s your name?”  “They call me Stanley,” he told her, “and I don’t know where I am.  Am I somewhere special? ” he asked a little sadly.

“Yes, you’re in our class!  The kids screamed happily.  Then Elizabeth asked, “Where did you come from, Stanley?”

“I don’t know. I blew in,” said Stanley, starting to cry.  “You see, I’m flat and so any wind takes me places and it’s scary.”

“Oh my,” gasped Elizabeth.  “Yes,” cried Stanley, “If you blow on me, I could end up anywhere, that’s how flat I am.”

Really crying now, Stanley said, “I am so flat, I fly anywhere the wind blows me.  But I want to go places by choice, not just where the wind wants to take me.”  Then poor Stanley said, sniffling, “That’s why I can’t stop crying.  I want to go places where I am loved.”

“We’ll help you, Stanley!” cried Elizabeth!  And all the kids cheered, “Yes, we’ll help, too!”

Quietly amazed, Stanley asked, “You will?  You would really help me?  Even though I could fly away and be lost any minute because I’m so flat?”

“Yes,” promised Elizabeth. “You should go to places that are fun and where people will love and take good care of you.”

“Yes!  But, I’m so flat!  What if they don’t like me?!” Stanley cried.

“It’s okay to be flat, Stanley.  You are you and you are loved!  We’d love you if you were big or too tall; small, or too wide; Fat or too flat, Stanley!“  Elizabeth assured Stanley.   “Flat is fun, Stanley! You should be proud to be flat, Stanley!  Elizabeth’s classmates all exclaimed.

Then, Elizabeth said, “I know!  We’re going to call you Flat Stanley!”

Stanley got excited, and jumping up and down he hollered, “Yaaaaay!  Okay!  I’ll be that name.”  Stanley was roaring happy and said, “I’ll be Flat Stanley!  I always wanted two names!  I always wanted to have a first and a last name. I’m Flat Stanley now!” said Stanley as he jumped, or rather floated, up and down on the air!

Then Flat Stanley paused, and said, “But, I don’t know where to go.  Where will I go?”

Elizabeth had a great idea, and said, “I know!  Since you are flat, Stanley, we can mail you to lots of fun places!  We will mail you to our aunts and uncles and friends, too.  They’ll take you places and you’ll be loved, Flat Stanley,” said Elizabeth, excitedly.

Another kid chimed in and said, “Yeah, and they’ll mail you back to us so you can tell us all a story about your travels!”

And so the travels of Flat Stanley began.  Elizabeth sent Flat Stanley to Winter Park, Florida.  He had fun in Winter Park.  Oh, he had loads of fun!

Here are the things Stanley saw and the places he went in Winter Park, Florida.

(p.s. Flat Stanley had fun, but is very happy to be back in Elizabeth’s First Grade Class again.)

Click to enlarge the picture:

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