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December 15, 2011

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  1. Dec 16 2011

    Your awareness was in your spirit body. The body you saw on the bed was either your dreamer inside your physical body, or simply your dreamer by itself if it was not at the site where you originally fell asleep. Were you able to see what your dreamer was dreaming of? This is exactly what I write about… 🙂

    • Dec 16 2011

      Hi George! That’s what i think, too. And, yes, I was able to see that me, the dreamer, was dreaming it and it felt like I knew it was all a dream, but yet not a dream, if that makes any sense! I’ll have to pay more attention to what you write about, that’s for sure! Thank you so much for your insight…. I really appreciate it!

      • Dec 16 2011

        My pleasure, Andrea. It’s in my book writings, not in the regular blogs. Believe me, it’s a treat to find another person this happens to! In case you ever feel like discussing it outside of a public forum, my email is georgefloreswrite at yahoo dot com.

      • Dec 17 2011

        Thanks! Have you published, too? My, you’re a man of many talents, my friend!

  2. Dec 17 2011

    Wow! I can totally relate! In fact, for a good full year I kept a “dream” journal and pen by my bedside, for when I awoke from a “wide awake” dream, I could scribble quickly all I envisioned before it vanished with the haze it came in. I did this because I was having too many walking “deja vu” incidences, where I’d blurt out, “I dreamt this moment”, or time, or place, and my friends would say, “RahRah, you’re full of it!” They would not believe me, and so I didn’t believe me either. But it kept happening, so I started journaling the dreams until I was certain I could trust those “hazy” dreams. Belief and trust in self, faith, hope, love, hugs to all!

    • Dec 17 2011

      Hi RahRah!

      I used to do a dream journal a long while ago but ever since I got my dog, as soon as he knows I’m awake, POUNCE! he’s on me and the dream is practically gone. I love those moments you describe. I have those, too, and for the last few years, things I think about – people I miss, events I’d see happening, etc., do happen and I think, wow – I knew that was coming! I knew I was going to quit my job… but my head didn’t want to allow it and I was fighting and fighting against it until I couldn’t resist it anymore, I guess, and it happened. Don’t you just love it when things just “happen”?!!!

  3. Dec 18 2011

    “Thanks! Have you published, too? My, you’re a man of many talents, my friend”

    Nope. Soon I will begin the search for an agent, but I am unpublished, so far. And I’m a woman with a man’s pen name 🙂


    • Dec 18 2011

      OMG! That is hilarious – I am so sorry, I sincerely didn’t realize that was your pen name! There are so many ways to get published nowadays….though it’s always easier said than done. 🙂

      • Dec 18 2011

        hehe I actually wanted everybody to get it wrong, I even went so far as to say I was male in my email profile. I have a psycho ex, so I figured it might throw him off. The problem is that I insist on telling everybody who I am because I feel bad misrepresenting myself. Oh well! Cheers, I’m hanging out with my old pal Smirnoff tonight (again) 🙂

        I’m on the Harper Collins booksite, Authonomy, but I may grow impatient and do the self-publishing route. If you know anything about the whole ordeal, let me know, I can always use advice.

      • Dec 18 2011

        I absolutely will! Are you familiar with this site? I just found it, but have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to give it a good look… my cursory look at it tells me it seems helpful…

  4. Dec 18 2011

    I’ll give it a try, I just favorited it to come back to it. Someone else needs to use the computer at my place so I’ll have to wait until they finish. I’ll check it out and give you an opinion. Thanks!

  5. Dec 23 2011

    Sorry about the long wait, Andrea. Things have been crazy in my house. I checked out the site and it’s for freelance writing, not for fiction publishing. Still, it’s worth a shot. It would be cool to make 250$ a day just for writing 500 word articles!

    Loved your hair dryer pic above 🙂 and hope you are enjoying Orlando. Is it chilly up there, at least? It has been so hot these past few days. Happy Holidays!!!

    • Dec 23 2011

      Darn it all, it’s not chilly at all. But, it is gorgeous! It’s been nice in the shade, like South Florida. But, the mornings and evenings are much cooler here than in South Florida.

      I went to a dog park today with my brother and his dog, and me and mine, and I sat on a bench and had a nice long chat with a women from West Palm. It was so lovely sitting in the park, under the trees and the cool breeze blowing. It doesn’t seem like florida here – there are little hills and slopes and the trees…OMG, they are so pretty here! Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen any Palm trees…. I took pictures of the trees…. I’ll post them soon, they’re so nice….

      Anyway, thanks for your comment about the dryer picture! I swear I don’t look like that, really!

      Hope you have a grand and festive holiday, too!

      • Dec 24 2011

        Too bad it’s not a bit cooler, but it sounds like you’re having a nice time. I look forward to your pictures. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that not all of Florida is beaches and palms.

        🙂 We all look that way under the dryer!!!


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