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December 16, 2011


Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

by Andrea O'Connell

This week’s photo challenge is “Self Portrait.”   I took this crazy picture of myself recently while I was under an incredibly hot hair dryer.

I’m not as fan of being under that thing, can you tell?!!   To me, it’s almost as painful as a root-canal.

Putting people under those things is a miserable practice, it’s torture.  The heat made my eyes feel and look swollen!  My hair looked very pretty after all that, and I looked nothing like this after all was said and done!

It is probably the most God-awful picture of me on record!  My own Mother wouldn’t recognize me in this picture!

I have to say, though, it’s so ugly it’s funny!

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  1. Tammy
    Dec 16 2011

    Good for you to be able to poke fun at yourself! It’s worth a laugh and I don’t think you look ugly at all!

    • Dec 17 2011

      Aww, Thanks Tammy! I suppose now I should do a creative one…. Hah! If that’s at all possible with my chubby cheeks. 🙂

  2. Dec 16 2011

    Lol! At first glance, I thought you were wearing some kind of whacked-out motorcycle helmet!!

    • Dec 17 2011

      LOL Kitt! Precisely, it IS a whacked out helmet… and I look like a drunken sailor in a helmet!

  3. Dec 17 2011

    very funny …how did you take it?

    • Dec 17 2011

      Oh, I was sitting there playing with my phone – and I wanted to see if I looked as miserable as the other women sitting under that heat – and I sure did! 🙂

  4. Dec 17 2011

    What a lovely picture 🙂 Thank you Andrea for sharing it pictures with us.
    Greetings from Switzerland,
    – Pierre

  5. Dec 17 2011

    So funny 🙂 Well captured

  6. jakesprinter
    Dec 17 2011

    Great shot for this week theme 🙂

  7. Dec 17 2011

    I can’t stand those things…..AND….you are smiling. That’s awesome.

  8. Amar Naik
    Dec 17 2011

    smile is a best shot in portrait. does not matter where you are 🙂

  9. thirdhandart
    Dec 17 2011

    There’s only one thing that’s worse than being under an incredibly hot hair dryer… being under an incredibly hot hair dryer with a stinky permanent solution in your hair. I’m so glad that I don’t perm my hair anymore. And, your self-portrait is NOT ugly at all. Your smile is wonderful!

    • Dec 17 2011

      Oh! Thank you so much for saying that! LOL… my own mother didn’t recognize me! I’m glad you don’t have to put yourself through that anymore – it’s just so darn awful and too bloody hot!

  10. nelson RN
    Dec 17 2011

    I thought that was a helmet! Funny and cute!

  11. Nandini
    Dec 18 2011

    Cute smile, Andrea. It’s a wonderful photograph. 🙂

  12. Dec 18 2011

    I love it! what a great idea — your smile got me smiling this morning.

  13. Dec 18 2011

    That’s a cute and fun photo! I know what you mean, I remember a few years back I was under that same thing for over an hour and it was really uncomfortable and it’s hot on the head as well! But then that’s the only time we get to pamper ourselves with a lovely hair treatment, it was worth it 🙂

    • Dec 19 2011

      Hi Gracie, Yup, it’s so darn uncomfortable, but the end-effect is what it’s all about! Mom used to tell me, “It’s painful to be beautiful.” LOL! I’ll second that!

  14. Dec 19 2011

    Andrea, I’ve never seen anyone look beautiful, or even close to cute with a hairdryer hood on their head. But Dang! You got a $MIL smile! That photo is cute! (And Kit, I busted a gut on your comment, tickled still!)

  15. Dec 19 2011

    Excellent picture! It shows a lot of character, and very telling. We will endure anything – for beauty!

    • Dec 19 2011

      Hi tmso, I am really surprised about all the nice feedback on this… so thank you very much. 🙂

  16. Dec 21 2011

    Great self-portrait capture. I really enjoyed your post.

  17. Dec 23 2011

    fun! nothing ugly about this one – it’s a unique interpretation!
    thanks for sharing.


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