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December 17, 2011


sell sell sell!

by Andrea O'Connell

It was an out of the blue, spur of the moment thing when I opened my Amazon store this past Thursday.

I have to give it to Amazon – they are great marketers – so clever. They know how to sell; they do it so well, they make you look like a seller, too.

How I happened to open my own little store was simple.   As I was browsing through the book section, Amazon displayed books that I’d previously purchased from them and suggested I sell those purchases as an Amazon seller.

Hmmm…. I thought… I do like that idea.  (It’s brilliant how they market.)

When you go to the Amazon site, they recognize your IP address and automatically bring up suggestions for future purchases (based on your purchase history thus far) and they also show you what you’ve previously purchased.  It’s Customer Relationship Marketing, and they do it really well.

I mainly buy books at Amazon, and they presented a bunch of books that I could sell with my own Amazon store.  And I thought some more about it and I again said, “Hmmm.”  It sounds pretty darn interesting!

I took about an hour and figured out how to create a store and sell things and that was that.  I gave my store a name, and bingo!  I’m selling like mad with over 16 sales a;ready and have made over $400 dollars, too!  Amazon does most of the work – the only thing I have to do is pack and ship.

The majority of my sales have been Wii video games.  I had a dozen, or so, Wii games that I had never used; little did I know how popular those games were.  Literally one hour after I opened my “store” I had already sold 3 games.  Since then, I’ve sold four books, too.  The total items I’ve sold so far: 16.

I put a couple of watches I’d purchased but never wear, in my Amazon store, too.   I got the watches at a really good price and hopefully will make a little profit reselling them.  Maybe.  If they sell….

If you need to make a little extra holiday money, or you should you want to start your own e-business, it is a snap to do it!

My little Amazon store is:  Andrea’s Book Nook

If you ever thought about trying to sell on Amazon, but are unsure how to begin, do it anyway!  It’s fun!  Amazon has made it pretty easy for people to set up a business.  And, if you needed any tips or help, let me know – I’ll be happy to help.

It’s going to be a God-send after all the holiday bills!

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  1. Susan
    Dec 18 2011

    I am glad that an opportunity to make some money has presented itself. I am sure that it won’t replace your regular paycheck, but hopefully it can keep you going.

    BTW, when you travel back to Orlando for the holidays, I would be happy to take you out to lunch, if we could sync our schedules.


    • Dec 18 2011

      Hi Susan… No, unfortunately it’s far from what I need to earn to make ends meet!

      I would love to meet you while I’m in Orlando…. I’ll email you my contact info and let you know when I’ll be there – the date is somewhat up in the air right now because I have so much to do job-search wise. I will be there before the Xmas holiday, though…. It will be fun to meet!

      • Susan
        Dec 19 2011

        I am off all this week and don’t go back to work until Wednesday next week. I do have plans for Thursday – my spouse and I are having lunch with 3 elderly friends. Subject to spouse / family changes, any day except Thursday and Sunday are open for lunch.


    • Dec 20 2011

      Hi Susan….I’m looking at the calender…. Friday just may work for me (this week), but that’s Christmas Eve, which may not be good for me…. Are you free next Tuesday? Will you email me at

      Talk to you soon!

  2. Dec 19 2011

    Andrea, you got some amazing photos you’ve taken over the year, why not buy a couple dozen mats and frames, and add them to your “nook”. My ex-M.I.L. started a framing shop that way (she sold through a consignment shop, until she outgrew it). Well, she learned how to cut mats, and build her own frames to save money, but that is how she started her own business, sure enough.

    • Dec 19 2011

      HI RahRah, Well, that’s a good idea! I never even considered that, but I should…. as they used to say in the South, “Sure as shootin’ I will!”

  3. Dec 23 2011

    As soon as I get back on my feet, Andrea, I most assuredly, will be interested in purchasing some prints! smile!

    • Dec 23 2011

      Awww – you don’t have to do that…unless you really want to, of course. Of course, I’d send you what ever you’d want – you’d just need to print it. But, thank you for saying that! 🙂


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