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December 19, 2011


looking for the listing of the listing of the most-Googled list in 2011? Here it is

by Andrea O'Connell

Google knows what we searched for in 2011.  There are surprises on the list.  And then there are the expected topics…. Can you guess who number 4 is, Orlando?  Hmmm?  Having trouble guessing?  Of course not!  Why, it’s the infamous, oft maligned Casey Anthony.  “Surprise, surprise.”

Something tells me Jose Baez is jealous.

I could be wrong, but doesn’t nearly everyone have a 2011 most Googled list?

When I Googled to find the Top 2011 Google List, there were a lot of top 10 lists.  (I bet the most Googled list will be among the top-ten of next year’s most Googled list.)   Everyone has a list.  The TV news stations in my area have lists.

Heck, my website has a list.

The number one top search topic on my site is disappointing.  People searched over 1700 times for “Caylee Anthony remains.”  Of course I never had any pictures or articles describing the remains….

Anyway, Caylee Anthony is above her mother on my list.

Below is a screen shot of the breakdown of searches on only dreamin’.

only dreamin’ most Googled in 2011 list

But.  Here’s the thing; I have never heard of half the people or things on the Google list.

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock.

Have I?

I’m referring to the second graphic, below, with the Top 8 most Googled topics for 2011.

I have never heard of 1) Rebecca Black, 3) Ryan Dunn, 5) Battlefield 3 (assuming it’s a movie), and 7) Adele.  I have never heard of these people, or this movie!!!

What’s going on?  Either I live under a rock, or these topics are mostly tabloid news, which I don’t pay attention to?

Regarding number 8), (which I didn’t recognize at first since it’s written in Japanese) it refers to Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.  I do remember that disastrous meltdown of the nuclear plant, which occurred in March of this year.  The meltdown was the result of the horrible tsunami and earthquake.   The Japan plant meltdown, in terms of its seriousness to people’s lives and the environment, is second only to the Chernobyl disaster.

It’s really something that the iPhone 5 is number 6 on the list.  This is a testament to the marketing genius of Apple.  They succeeded in creating a buzz about a phone that doesn’t even exist in the market yet.  Apple, instead of releasing iPhone 5, released a new and improved iPhone 4 (which needed to happen – too many flaws in the first iPhone 4). The buzz and the curiosity continues to be strong with regards to when iPhone 5 is due to be released.

Now, about the others on this list….   So, who’s Rebecca Black?  Ryan Dunn?  Adele?

Maybe I was too busy writing about the 2011 Casey Anthony trial to notice what was happening in the world of pop-culture.

No doubt Casey Anthony wonders why she’s number 4 and not number 1.

I wish it was Caylee Anthony, and not her mother, on that list, don’t you?

Click the image to enlarge.

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  1. Dec 19 2011

    Yes, I would rather it be Caylee Anthony on the list than her mother.

    I’m pretty sure Adele is a singer. The others…I’ve no clue!!! Unless Rebecca Black is the singer who did a song about Fridays. She got a lot of flack about the song, but that was what shot her up there in the “got noticed” range! Something like a million hits on youtube, or something. Guess I’d have to google it to see if I’m right!

    If I were to take a guess at what I googled most in 2011….hhhmmm. I guess it wouldn’t be one particular person/place/thing, but rather a subject; paranormal.

    Now, I’m going to go google Rebecca Black!

    • Dec 20 2011

      Yes! You’re right about paranormal….I bet a lot of people look that up. I have in the past….well, that may be the rub – it was probably about two years ago. Hmmm. It’s not something I think about everyday…. maybe that’s reflective of the subject, now that I think about it! LOL! I’m all over the place today, aren’t I?

  2. Dec 19 2011

    Oh, I just have to laugh at myself over this one! Of all the insignificant things to remember…! I wish I could remember as easily where exactly I put away those 3 exquisitely beautiful necklaces for “safekeeping” that have seemed to vanished from this house!!!

    • Dec 20 2011

      WOW! So, now I know who Rebecca Black is! LOL! You are on the ball, Ms. Kitt! My mind works like that, too! It’s sometimes the insignificant things that hit us over the head….!

  3. Dec 23 2011

    My “job search” list should be on there somewhere, lol. smile!


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