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December 21, 2011


random casey anthony news

by Andrea O'Connell

It’s almost midnight and I’m not finished with this blog post! Plus, I still have to do some online banking, finish my photography gallery, and pack for Orlando.  Hah!  I was also going to make brownies.  I don’t think so!

So, I’m heading out to Orlando to visit my brother (I hope it’s cold there, it’s HOT in South Florida), for about a week.  While I’m there I plan to meet Dave Knechel, aka Marinade Dave.  What a super nice guy he is! He and I have chatted on the phone, but we haven’t yet had a chance to meet.   I am looking forward to hearing all his stories about the Anthony case.  I am so looking forward to meeting you, Dave!

And, I’m going to meet another blogger, Susan, who often comments here, and who followed the Casey Anthony trial with the rest of us. That’s going to be fun!

And, speaking of the Anthony saga, I hear that Roy Kronk, the angel who discovered Caylee Anthony’s remains in December of 2008, is definitely going forward with his lawsuit.  I’m not a fan of lawsuits, personally, but if anyone deserves to be compensated for the horrible lies the defense spread about him, Roy Kronk deserves his due and his day in court.

The way I understand it, he’s suing Casey Anthony herself, not her defense team. It was the Anthony defense team, namely her lawyer, Jose Baez, who did a job maligning Roy Kronk.

Mr. Kronk was accused of every evil deed imaginable via the Anthony defense.   It’s horrible that a man can be dragged by his ear through the mud and muck by a sneaky, snarly and salacious lawyer.

What the heck!  You would think a lawyer would have to have some kind of proof before he casts such stones and throws mud on a poor little guy, right?

According to Anthony Colarossi, Orlando Sentinel reporter, the crux of Kronk’s lawsuit against Casey Anthony, goes like this:

“If Casey Anthony’s story is true that Caylee Anthony drowned in the family swimming pool on June 16, 2008, then she knew that the statements she authorized and permitted her agents to publish were false,” the Kronk suit states.

“In an attempt to find someone other than herself to blame for the tragic death of her child, Casey Anthony authorized and permitted her attorneys, as her agents, to make false and malicious statements against Kronk, and to portray him as the murderer of her child,” the complaint adds.

The lawsuit also says Anthony, through her attorneys, refused to retract the damaging statements about Kronk.  Read the story.

If Zenaida Gonzalez, who also has a lawsuit against Anthony, was treated like Mr. Kronk was treated, she might have a real lawsuit, too!  What happened to her was like first-grade bullying compared to the out-and-out “Destroy Roy Kronk campaign.”  

The sad thing about the Roy Kronk lawsuit?  He has to get in line and wait with the other plaintiffs. He, and the other plaintiffs, have to wait until Casey Anthony’s gravy train comes (which is likely to be never), before he’s made whole.

The only way Casey could earn any money to pay off the lawsuits is to score a TV or book deal.   But that won’t work, I don’t think as there’s not a television network anywhere in the vicinity of the United States who wants to touch an interview with Anthony.   The public would turn on any network faster than you could say “Exorcist.”   And that horror story, by the way, is better suited to rerun than any Baez/Anthony interview.

Any one have pea soup for dinner?

Okay, it’s after midnight now.  Before I go, I wanted to say that there was another odd story out today in the Anthony saga.

This story has to do with Dr. Keith Ablow’s, the forensic psychiatrist who recently published a book about his take on Casey Anthony’s pathology, titled “Inside the Mind Of Casey Anthony.”  I believe this book was released around the same time as former prosecutor Jeff Ashton’s book “Imperfect Justice” was released.

According to Anthony Colarassi, of the Orlando Sentinel, Dr. Ablow was approached about working a book with Casey Anthony while giving her psychological treatment.  Now if that isn’t a nutty idea!

Dr. Ablow declined the opportunity to get reeled into a book.  Though, Ablow countered their offer and suggested he treat Casey at no charge, to help her recover.  They said, No.

It’s too bad.  It was good of Dr. Ablow to offer (I bet he’d write another book, too!  Hah, that would really frost them!)

Seriously, Casey Anthony should get the help she needs.  Sadly though it sounds like the Anthony “team” have their priorities backwards.  It sounds like they are focusing on money first, health later.

Never a very good idea.

Oh nooooooo!

So, now it’s well past midnight, and I still have finish this blog post, do my banking, finish my photography gallery, and pack for Orlando.

See you soon Dave & Susan!

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  1. Dec 22 2011

    “Tis the Season”….The more the merrier that jump on this bandwagon of civil suits. The amount of people Casey’s lies touched staggers the imagination. The stories, like a snowball, started on July 15, 2008 continues to roll downhill getting bigger and bigger consuming all in it’s way. We will probably never know what she told Baez but forever know that his tactics in punishing anyone remotely connected to the case lives on. She now has the attention she craved for. My opinion today has shifted in the direction of more books, please more books by anyone a publisher will take on so that when it comes time for Casey to write one there is nothing left to write about. I am finding humor in the 1st civil case that was filed 3 years ago coming from bloggers. There are some that are adamant about this Zenaida being a sham because she doesn’t fit the description. Not once in the 911 calls, the written statement and oral statement did Casey give a description. 3 years later in court Baez tells the world it was all a lie yet people want to believe in the description part of the lie that’s not there….makes sense? This make me think there are more suits to come and they will come from bloggers that have forever been damaged by what Casey did or didn’t say. OK got that out of my system and now for the real reason I am here…..

    Happy Holidays Andrea! Thank you for the time you put into this site and Thank You for being a fair and responsible Blog Owner. I continue to enjoy the diversity of your posts and the way you go about them!!

    • Dec 23 2011

      Hi Dmgd Pets! It is so good to hear from you! And, thank you for your comments – it means a lot to me to hear that.

      You think law suits will come from bloggers? Or did you mean that people will get ideas about lawsuits from bloggers? 🙂 LOL! Sorry, but you lost me…. (I’m kinda thick, you know!)

      But there will be others jumping on this lawsuit band-wagon. Poor George Anthony – he can’t exactly sue his own daughter, but if he tried, how could you blame him? I always knew they’d go after him, but not even I thought they’d pour on the sexual deviance thing.

      Anyway, I hope you have a very happy holiday, too – but I hope it’s not too cold and gray; may you have a lovely white holiday season – a nice, pretty, light feathery snow that’s not too deep, but is beautiful and melts quickly, of course. Oh, to have a white christmas! It’s too darn HOT in florida.

  2. Dec 22 2011

    Funny you should mention Dr. Keith Ablow. I used a gift card to buy his book for my kindle. I’m really not much impressed by what he has to say. I guess my biggest problem with it is that he did not treat Casey (as a patient), nor any member of her family.

    I had read comments on other blogs by people who have read Ablow’s book. Several comments were about George Anthony seeming to have a fixation on vaginas. Hhmm…I’m not quite halfway into the book, but my opinion would be that it seems Dr. Ablow may have more of that fixation than GA does/did. I don’t know; like I said, I’m not even halfway into the book yet.

    But there already are some things Dr. Ablow wrote about that I would like to know who/what his source is. One thing was that during the birth of Caylee, Dr. Ablow writes that George was present for the birth (already a known), and standing at the foot of the bed, watching the birth. I wish the author had noted where he got this information.

    Another part was where the Anthony’s were present at an ultrasound, and GA supposedly made a comment about the fetus’s genitalia. Again, I’m curious as to the source of this information.

    Dr. Ablow lays out the foundation of the psychological/psychiatric issues within the Anthony family, even going back to the maternal grandparents. That is interesting to me, but on the other hand, I think that if 10 different therapists were to write about the same subject, there would be 10 different theories.

    I will continue reading, and eventually finish the book, but it’s not a page-turner for me.

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Andrea, and happiness and health in the coming year!!! Your blog, by the way, is my favorite by far!!

    • Dec 23 2011

      Oh dear God, Kitt…. How twisted Ablow’s story is! You must let us know where this man is getting such wild scenarios. Yikes – talk about bizarre.

      Ablow makes some pretty long leaps of faith with what he’s saying. No wonder the defense wants him to write a book…. they like what he’s saying about George and want more of that… Get some sympathy out there for Casey, and her sales value goes up. Make GA a believable villain and Casey’s history may be re-written. If that happens, and the tide of the public’s opinion turns in her direction, maybe the next wave will be $$$ for Casey to tell the “real” story?

      I think you are absolutely right when you say that 10 different psychiatrists would have 10 different versions of their own truths given the same subject. That’s an excellent observation. What bothers me greatly is, how dare this guy say such things about GA? I hope that he is able to guarantee the veracity of his statements – those demented suggestions! Gawd! Maybe this guy will be the next defendant in a civil suit for slander against GA.

      So, Kitt…. please give us a full report when you finish the book! I was considering ordering it, but I doubt I will now.

      We all know that GA is no lilly-white-super great guy; still I think it’s about time people stop vilifying them and just allow them to move on and heal…ya know what I mean? Kicking someone when they’re already down is dirty pool.

      anyway, that’s my soap-box! So, I hope you’re having a great holiday, Kitt! Hope your girls and you have a wondrous time celebrating! And, hope you have some time off, too.

  3. Dec 22 2011

    Oh, I forgot to say….Damagdpets, I’m in agreement with your way of thinking; bring on the books! I’m not saying I’d read any/everything that came out, but like you said…tell it all so there’s nothing left to say!!! Merry Christmas, damagdpets!!!


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