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Tonight from Orlando.

I was going to forget about writing a blog post tonight and went to bed at 11:00 (after falling asleep on the couch at about 9:30.)

Sometimes, I surprise myself at my own sheer stubbornness. I made a promise to blog every day in 2011 and by hook or by nook, I will do it. And the iPhone makes that easy – I’m lying in bed blogging on the phone!

I am pretty darn tired after the drive to Orlando. It’s not a difficult drive, but it’s 3.5 hours of driving, and that tires me out completely.

So, I’m in Orlando! It’s interesting to be here, post the Casey Anthony saga. I still don’t want to visit the site where little Caylee was thrown away like trash, because it’s so near the Anthony home. I think they need to left alone – they have been through enough and people driving by out of curiosity doesn’t seem right – for me, I mean. I would feel like a busy body, I guess.

There’s a new story out today that the former defense team wants a judge to hold former prosecutor, Jeff Ashton in contempt for what he (Jeff) revealed about sealed Psychiatric interviews in his book. I am anxious to write about this one and will tomorrow. As the wonderful Judge Stickland once wrote, “The irony is rich.”


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