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December 22, 2011


Tonight from Orlando.

by Andrea O'Connell

I was going to forget about writing a blog post tonight and went to bed at 11:00 (after falling asleep on the couch at about 9:30.)

Sometimes, I surprise myself at my own sheer stubbornness. I made a promise to blog every day in 2011 and by hook or by nook, I will do it. And the iPhone makes that easy – I’m lying in bed blogging on the phone!

I am pretty darn tired after the drive to Orlando. It’s not a difficult drive, but it’s 3.5 hours of driving, and that tires me out completely.

So, I’m in Orlando! It’s interesting to be here, post the Casey Anthony saga. I still don’t want to visit the site where little Caylee was thrown away like trash, because it’s so near the Anthony home. I think they need to left alone – they have been through enough and people driving by out of curiosity doesn’t seem right – for me, I mean. I would feel like a busy body, I guess.

There’s a new story out today that the former defense team wants a judge to hold former prosecutor, Jeff Ashton in contempt for what he (Jeff) revealed about sealed Psychiatric interviews in his book. I am anxious to write about this one and will tomorrow. As the wonderful Judge Stickland once wrote, “The irony is rich.”


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  1. Dec 23 2011

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  2. Dec 23 2011

    I’m looking forward to your next post. When I read Jeff Ashton’s book, I did wonder about him including the psych reports (in his words; not the actual reports) and the legality of that. But my take on it is this….it was Mr. Ashton revealing what was in the reports. It wasn’t the two doctors revealing the results. That would be disclosure of confidential, patient/caregiver information. With Ashton revealing it, that is more like “hearsay,” isn’t it?

    Anyway, I’m anxious to hear what you think, Andrea.

    • Dec 23 2011

      Hi Kitt, I know what you mean, I wondered about that, too. But I quickly dismissed that thought because if anyone would know what he could or couldn’t say, it would be Jeff Ashton! And, then I thought, the publisher would have lawyers if there was any doubt.
      And, I agree with you, a psychiatrist is bound by client/patient privilege and of course HIPPA.

      I personally think this whole motion for contempt is like tit for tat – this is what Ashton filed against Baez, same type of motion. Ashton always had the upper hand over Baez and Mason in the courtroom and in writing motions. Neither Baez or Mason could write an intelligent motion – some of them were laughable. And Ashton was laying out the brutal facts with regards to his experience with Baez – and it sure was delicious, but no doubt Baez and Mason were furious with the book! Oh, I loved every word Asthon wrote about those two. I really dislike mean and ethically challenged lawyers and do love it when they get knocked down a few notches.

      I also think that they are both media hounds and miss being in the public eye as they were during the trial. I think that’s part of the reason for this silly motion.

      And, silly it is – I seriously don’t think there’s a chance for it to go anywhere. But, if it does, bring out the cameras, bring out the press, and strike up the band because these two want a parade of fanfare – they must really miss it!


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