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December 23, 2011


Weekly photo challenge: Between

by Andrea O'Connell

The WordPress photo challenge this week is to post a photo that says “between.”

This afternoon I was heading out to the Morse Museum, in Winter Park – which is a lovely museum, by the way – and my dog went nuts.  This was the third time I’d left today with out him, and he was really upset!  He’s not usually so crazed when I go out, but we’re in Orlando, at my brother’s house, where there is another dog.  Jazz only likes people and cats, he has no time for other dogs because I love other dogs and that sends him into a perfect tizzy.

Anyway, I took this photo today as I was leaving – without him, for the third time.  He was pretty mad that door was between he and I.   He was crying and carrying on and tried to jump out of this little section of the door that leads from the laundry room into the garage.  It’s missing a piece of jalousy glass at the bottom of the door. He tried and tried to  jump up and escape through it, but it’s too high, thankfully.

He’s looking quite rejected here because I am standing in the garage, and he’s not.

I hate it when he cries – just breaks my heart.  But, he had a good day, too.  I did take him to the dog park and he also got a new leash and a whole bag of delicious bones.  So, eventually he was a happy camper today.

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  1. Dec 24 2011

    I Love this post Andrea looks like my dog too
    Happy Christmas to you and your family as well 🙂

    • Dec 29 2011

      Thanks Jake! Hope you had a Happy Holiday…. all the best to you and your family for a Happy New year, too!!!

  2. Dec 24 2011

    animals (and of course human beings as well) suffer under all those fences keeping them away – let there be many open doors in 2012!

    • Dec 29 2011

      Hi Frizztext….. Yes, yes, yes! Well said, my friend! Fling wide-open those doors!

      Happy New year!

  3. Nandini
    Dec 24 2011

    Great post. And a cute photo of the cute dog. 🙂

  4. Dec 24 2011

    Aww, little cutie 🙂 Happy Christmas!

  5. Dec 24 2011

    How cute! Perfect interpretation of between!

    • Dec 29 2011

      Thanks, Peg… I was worried that people wouldn’t be able to see what was going on in the picture, I’m glad it worked! Happy New Year!

  6. Amar Naik
    Dec 24 2011

    nice post.

  7. Dec 24 2011

    Awww… little Jazz has to wait for momma. My girl gets the same look on her face when she isn’t invited out.

    • Dec 29 2011

      LOL! They do tug at our heart-strings, don’t they! Hope you had a great Holiday! Happy New Year, too. And, how about this chilly weather coming our way?! I love it…. I just heard that next week it’s going to be even colder! Yaaaaay!

  8. Susan
    Dec 24 2011

    Hope you took Jazz to Fleet Peeples Park, it is one of the nicest dog parks in the Orlando / Winter Park area.


    • Dec 29 2011

      Hi Susan! LOL, I wish I had more time in Orlando to go to that one, too. Happy New Year, and it was soooo nice having lunch with you! 🙂

  9. Cheryl
    Dec 25 2011

    OMG … what a cutey! Fabulous interpretation of this week’s theme challenge.

    • Dec 29 2011

      Hi Cheryl, Thanks! LOL! The poor guy was so upset, but he is cute even when he’s mad as a wet hen! Happy New Year!

  10. Dec 27 2011

    Bubble caption ^^^^^ You’re gonna pay for this one^^^^^

    Andrea; I wanted to post a photo here of my kitten. How do I do that.???

    • Dec 28 2011

      Hi Weezie! Unfortunately, WordPress didn’t set up that functionality. But, I can post her picture if you want to send it to me! I’d love to do that my dear. 🙂

  11. Dec 30 2011

    awww…. a great between post! those eyes are speaking volumes of reproach, begging to be included, trust, scheming on how to get out of there….
    sounds like has has a good home! thanks for sharing.

    • Dec 30 2011

      Thanks so much, pix. He’s a keeper and a love bug. I was sure he was going to get out, but it was just too high, thankfully, for him to manage.

  12. Dec 31 2011

    Wow, what a lovely malicious doggy!


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