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December 24, 2011


don’t let the bed bugs bite!

by Andrea O'Connell

There’s a wonderful boat tour in Winter Park that traverses Lake Osceola and some of the little canals that finger off of it.  The canals wind around some of the beautiful estates and the boat-houses that go with them.

We were all over the lake and it was a perfect day to be on the water –  sunny, with just a bit of a cool wind.  It was lovely.

I was particularly looking forward to photographing the flora and the fauna, the magnificent trees, and the abundant variety of birds that populate the lake.

Unfortunately, I forgot to change my camera lens for the trip.  I had the macro lens on the camera, but needed a zoom.  I still got some fairly good pictures, but not many.  Soooooo if there is time, I will simply have to go back and do the trip all over again!

When I have a chance to go back, hopefully on Monday, I’ll share pictures of the lovely trees that are just covered with Spanish Moss.  I did get one good one of the Spanish Moss, below.

Isn’t it amazing?  The tour guide on our boat told us that the term “Don’t let the bed-bugs bite,” literally resulted from using Spanish Moss to stuff mattresses!   Back then, apparently, the moss was not cleaned before it was stuffed in mattresses and pillows.  The items were sold bugs and all.

Ford Motor company stuffed their car seats with the Spanish Moss, too.  When an entire fleet of Ford autos were recalled as a result of customers complaining of bugs and bug-bites, the slogan, “Itching to drive a Ford” was born!

I’m sending you a Christmas tree.  Well, a wannabe Christmas Tree, I suppose!  It’s really a Cypress tree standing in the middle of the lake.  Someone has attached ornaments to it and I can’t resist sharing it and wishing everyone a joyous holiday.

Sending you warm wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy fifth day of Chanukah!

A holiday Cypress

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  1. Dec 26 2011

    Andrea; That’s stunning. I haven’t been getting your posts because I had the wrong email address posted here. Hopefully I made the correct changes. Merry Xmas belatedly.

    • Dec 27 2011

      Hi Weezie! Happy Boxing Day, my dear friend! Oh, I hope you get it figured out… I have too many emails, too and get confused! LOL! Hope you’re putting up with the cold weather! Orlando (I’m here until Wednesday) is getting a little cold spell tomorrow. But, only a little one – high of 65 degrees – not much to write home about, but sure better than the 80’s we’ve been getting down here! Grrr…. It’s winter, darn it!


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