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Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Oh my!  Old Man Winter hardly stops in South Florida – my neck of the woods.

When South Florida’s temps reach 60 degrees during the day, that’s cold!  (And beautiful!)

There are rare South Florida days when the High-Temperature will get down to the 40’s or the 50’s.  Alas, they are few and far between, but memorable.  It’s pretty common to catch a whiff of moth balls on those very cold South Florida days.  You’ll smell them well before you see them – furs are the usual suspects.  When the furs come out, with the fine scent of moth-balls, you know it’s got to be below 60 degrees outside.

Anyway, this photo challenge is going to be a challenge, I thought at first.  Then I remembered that I’d taken pictures of trees in Orlando that lost their leaves and seemed so brittle and old without them.  Those pictures were a bit depressing and cold in the wrong way.  Winter isn’t necessarily barren – there’s a lot of life happening in the winter, right?

Then, I looked at my bird photographs and saw this!  It felt and looked like it could be winter, if you didn’t know it wasn’t!  Well, I shot it during the winter months in Florida, anyway!

Can you feel the winter in it, too?

A Jamaican Streamertail Hummingbird; Shot in Ft Lauderdale FL at Butterfly World by Andrea O’Connell
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