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December 30, 2011


Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

by Andrea O'Connell

Oh my!  Old Man Winter hardly stops in South Florida – my neck of the woods.

When South Florida’s temps reach 60 degrees during the day, that’s cold!  (And beautiful!)

There are rare South Florida days when the High-Temperature will get down to the 40’s or the 50’s.  Alas, they are few and far between, but memorable.  It’s pretty common to catch a whiff of moth balls on those very cold South Florida days.  You’ll smell them well before you see them – furs are the usual suspects.  When the furs come out, with the fine scent of moth-balls, you know it’s got to be below 60 degrees outside.

Anyway, this photo challenge is going to be a challenge, I thought at first.  Then I remembered that I’d taken pictures of trees in Orlando that lost their leaves and seemed so brittle and old without them.  Those pictures were a bit depressing and cold in the wrong way.  Winter isn’t necessarily barren – there’s a lot of life happening in the winter, right?

Then, I looked at my bird photographs and saw this!  It felt and looked like it could be winter, if you didn’t know it wasn’t!  Well, I shot it during the winter months in Florida, anyway!

Can you feel the winter in it, too?

A Jamaican Streamertail Hummingbird; Shot in Ft Lauderdale FL at Butterfly World by Andrea O’Connell
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  1. Northern Narratives
    Dec 30 2011

    That’s a beautiful bird. Judy

  2. Dec 30 2011

    We lived in S. Florida for a couple of years. I remember getting out the heavy coats when the temp dropped to 56! Funny how your perspectives change. Beautiful bird!

    • Dec 30 2011

      Hi halfcnote…. LOL! It’s so true. Tonight, in fact, it got down to 67, and people were all bundled up…. I’m at an age, however, where I’d have to be sitting in snow, naked, before I’d be cool!

  3. Dec 30 2011

    awesome shot of a hummingbird.

  4. jakesprinter
    Dec 30 2011

    Great shot for this week theme 🙂

    • Dec 30 2011

      Hey jake! Thanks. I haven’t had a chance to check yours out yet – will head over there now!

  5. Dec 30 2011

    Lovely bird!

  6. Dec 30 2011

    That’s a lovely bird. I love the iridescence of its green feathers.

    • Dec 31 2011

      Hi Brenda. I love the iridescence, too! It’s amazing how their colors change with the light – depending on the angle of the light, the color seems to transform itself before your eyes…..

  7. Dec 30 2011

    what a beautiful bird

    • Dec 31 2011

      Hey Jo, Thanks a bunch! I still have the image of your wonderful (he he he) post in mind!!!

  8. Dec 31 2011

    a beautiful capture! i actually cannot feel the winter in it – which is just fine!
    just got home from a dinner with friends, and the walk to the car and later the walk from the car to the house was cold enough. a Florida winter sounds wonderful at the moment 🙂

  9. Dec 31 2011

    Kind of a difficult challenge for you… but you performed great for the last picture of the year!
    I wish you a Happy New Year 🙂
    – Pierre

  10. Dec 31 2011

    What a really wonderful photo! I love the sparkling green colour of the bird and the misty background.. Happy New Year!

  11. Amazing the bird held still so long. He looks like he’s saying, “You lookin’ at me?”

  12. Jan 1 2012

    Absolutely beautiful! Adore the colours! Happy New Year!

  13. Amar Naik
    Jan 1 2012

    lovely bird. happy new year

  14. Jan 5 2012

    Stunning colours, beautifully captured, winter or not, the photo is great. I will trade you some Canadian snow. we are in a deep freeze at the moment at -10c or lower thats just above 0 F.
    at 60F we live in our shorts and t-shirts.


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