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January 5, 2012


casey anthony video diary is calculating, shallow but authentic

by Andrea O'Connell

-Surprise, surprise…. she’s baaaaack!   And, in an oh-so-calculating, monotone and self-promoting way that only Casey Anthony could deliver.

She says, “I’m so excited,” like you or I would say, “I like cold beer.”

This YouTube video diary of Casey Anthony donning a sports bra, her bobbed hair dyed blond, and wearing tinted glasses, has surfaced and has gone viral in the media.

One of her lawyers, says the Orlando Sentinel, has confirmed it is indeed the queen herself, but the video’s release was (cough, cough) unauthorized – An unknown account was hacked into, they say.  Okay…..

Watch the video and listen to the number of “bleeps” which indicate names having been dubbed over.  If this video of Casey-loving-Casey and her toys, was hacked, the audio would not be edited with bleeps.  A hacker wouldn’t attempt to edit what he or she steals.

I am convinced this is a manipulative publicity stunt – no accident.  Casey Anthony is savvy with computers and the Internet and would not “accidentally” release something she didn’t want to release.

She alluded detection for 31 days while her child was “missing,” she kept her mouth shut for three years of jail confinement, therefore I don’t think she’d make the mistake and ooops, release her diary!

Hacked?  Truly I don’t believe it for a minute!  This is Casey promoting Casey as only Casey can – in a an icky self-loving show of “look at me now with my new toys.”  She’s talking about her new life, she’s very satisfied with herself, too.  Her monotone drone, however, belies the fact that she’s a happy camper.  She needs attention – really wants it badly.  She wants us to know, she’s cool, she’s down with it, she’s hip and ready to play again in life, because life is normal now that she “actually owns things.”

She’s as shallow as a washed up shell.

It’s a bid for attention; she missed it, needs it.

It’s sad.

What a waste.

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  1. Jan 5 2012

    You said it Andrea, calculating and shallow that about sums this Video up.
    What else is new, this Woman craves Attention, anyway she can get it! It’s kind of sad, if You think about it and no I don’t feel sorry for her, she put herself in the Position she is in.
    I believe she is doing just fine and has whatever she wants and needs except her Daughter Caylee who she obviously didn’t need or want.

    • Jan 6 2012

      Hi Hilde! I found it interesting that Dr. Drew last evening said that it appears that Casey has been getting some help and possibly encouraged to make this a personal video for the sake of “reflecting” and seeing herself with more clarity. I still have the feeling this was an intentional release; I have a sense that Casey Anthony may actually look at this video and believe she’s doing pretty well. She seems quite satisfied with her self.

      I hope she is getting help and getting better, but if she deliberately posted this, and I have a feeling she did, or someone with access to her did, then it is going to do her more harm than good as the media is all over it.

      She comes off as the selfish and self centered girl we always knew she was. Granted, this is just one snippet of a moment of her life since jail… she comes off as more self-absorbed than ever.

      Anyway, good or bad, she’s back in the news, no doubt where she wants to be.

      • Jan 6 2012

        Yeah, I totally disagreed with Dr. Drew last night. CA is a player and she’s playing the game she plays best. Or she thinks she plays it best. You nailed it, Andrea…shallow, monotone, and seems quite satisfied with herself.

        I completely agree with you, in that she needs attention and wants it badly.

        There have been some photos released recently in which she is with other people. So she has “friends” or, at the very least, somebody who is willing to be around her, keep her company or whatever. But remember…how quickly she dumped friends and moved on to new friends? And her boyfriends, as well? So I’m thinking that if she DOES have a friend/friends now, she’s grown tired and bored with them, time to dump them and move on. So yeah, she’s putting herself out there, probably thinking she’s created this real cool image of herself and everybody’s gonna go “Oh yeah, she’s changed so much, she’s got it together, yeah, we’re all cool with that.” Or maybe I’m just reading too much in to it, and the short and sweet of it is that she’s just an idiot. Oops…I’m not big on name-calling, so let’s just say that it slipped out. 😉

  2. Jan 6 2012

    Andrea, If anyone believes Casey Liar Anthony’s computer was hacked…..there is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale ………………..just contact me at 555-555-5555. This publicity stunt is nauseating. She is repulsive to watch. I did not watch any part of her stomach-turning performance on my computer. What little was seen by my poor cat and myself on the TV, was turned off quickly. My cat is still recovering. There is nothing this sociopath has to say that would help Caylee. We should all remember little Caylee, and forget this poor excuse for a mother is on our planet. As Jeff Ashton suggested……………….do not pay any attention to her. Forget her.


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