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January 12, 2012


why rosie?

by Andrea O'Connell

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a gross display – such a horrible, horrible sight.  I don’t understand how, rather than smiling at the dead carcass of that incredible shark, they are not puking off the side of the boat.

I don’t understand.  Rosie Rosie Rosie?  Why?

( Courtesy Mark Quartiano ) Rosie O'Donnell has taken her children on several fishing trips off Miami Beach with the well-known shark fishing guide Mark "The Shark" Quartiano

I don’t understand how anyone could do this to such a magnificent creature.  Imagine the pain that shark endured? and now the ocean is absent another of its most mighty creatures.

I’m amazed that Rosie O’Donnell would celebrate such a thing.   Sure, people have a thing against sharks.  But, to kill one like that?  Why?  It makes no sense!

Granted, there are poachers in the seas all over the globe raping the waters of its treasures.  Clearly Rosie isn’t doing that.  It’s just that…. looking at that image – celebrating the death of that shark – it’s so wrong.

It is enough to make me cry.

This is not a little Snapper or Salmon.

So, what happens now?

Do you need this shark to feed your family, Rosie?

What will happen to the carcass?  Will some local Miami Taxidermist get a new project?  Or, God forbid, was the parading of the carcass only for the sake a picture?

I’m sick to my stomach.

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  1. Jan 14 2012

    Disgusting. Killing for the pure pleasure of it? Because it’s a shark? Because you came across this magnificent creature and couldn’t just enjoy watching it swim in its natural habitat and consider yourself fortunate to be witness to that alone? Had to kill it, hang it up, snap a few photos while you grin like an insensitive jerk, so you could show everybody “Hey, guess what? We saw a shark today!!! And we have photos!!”

    I can’t help but wonder…after the photo ops, then what? Was the shark lowered into the water and just dumped?

    I can’t stand senseless killing/maiming of the unique creatures that we are lucky to co-exist with on this planet. I can’t stand the smiles on the faces of Rosie and her kids in the photo. She should be ashamed.

    I grew up on a large homestead that was part farmland, part wooded hills. In summers, once in a while, timber rattlers would venture into our yard. It wasn’t normal for them to wander so far from their hilly, wooded habitat. It usually happened when we hadn’t had rain for a long time. My dad would kill rattlers that came into the yard, or even those who came into the barnyard. He didn’t want to, but it was for safety reasons. I can say that there was not even once that we strung up a rattler and had photos taken while we all smiled on.

  2. jakesprinter
    Jan 14 2012

    Great Article very informative 🙂

  3. deanne
    Jan 26 2012

    Most books about sharks are hair-raising accounts of shark attacks or field-guide-style lists of shark species. There€™s also a lot of mythologizing of sharks. However, The Shark Almanac: A Fully Illustrated Natural History of Sharks, Skates, and Rays by Thomas B. Allen provides a comprehensive overview€ of sharks and related species, along with their evolution, habitats, and behaviour. Written by a former National Geographic staff member, it is illustrated with both photographs and drawings and is good introduction to the sharks of the world. The first step in protecting an animal is increasing our knowledge and understanding of it and its place in the web of life, and this introduction will help the reader appreciate the beautiful and deadly shark.


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