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January 14, 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

by Andrea O'Connell

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to post a photo that speaks “peaceful,” and this one works for me.

This is Pompano Beach, Florida, which is my home.  Well, I don’t live on the ocean and this is not my view, unfortunately (or fortunately, during hurricane season!).

Although yesterday was an incredible day, it was hardly peaceful for me!

Yesterday began with a 7:30 am breakfast-tribute to the memory of Martin Luther King, Stand for Something.

The Broward County YMCA puts on this Martin Luther King Inspirational  Breakfast program each year.  This year J.R. Martinez – Iraq war Veteran, and more recently, winner of the Dancing with the Stars show, was the Keynote Speaker.

And, former Dancing with the Stars contestant and newly retired Miami Dolphins football great, Jason Taylor was honored with the Spirit Award, from the YMCA.

I’ll write about the event tomorrow – it was very special.

Then, I had a phone interview with Microsoft.  Yes, THE Microsoft!!

The other day I wrote something about all the applications and jobs that I have on the burner and how I didn’t want to accept anything from Acme Computers if Microsoft called…. And…


They called!

Who would have thunk it?  They saw my resume online and called ME?  OMG!

Well, I don’t have the job – yet.  And, although I want to keep really positive about getting it….well, I’m realistic, too.

And I had another great interview with a firm that I like very much…

Then, last night, I saw a wonderful play about, of all things, wrestling!  I am hardly anyone who enjoys wrestling – but I have a new-found respect for the show-business side of it now.

If you happen to be in the South Florida area, GO SEE this play.  You will love it!

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

Playing at the Caldwell Theatre, Boca Raton, FL


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  1. Jan 14 2012

    OMG!! lots and lots of luck with Microsoft!! It’s kinda like being called by royalty or something huh, exciting!

    • Jan 16 2012

      Thanks Brenda! YES! That’s exactly it – Royalty, or something like it! Well, if nothing happens further, I get the consolation prize, or maybe bragging rights, that they called! LOL!

  2. Jan 14 2012

    Congratulations! I’ve never known anyone who’s been called by Microsoft. Best wishes. Sometimes positive and realistic are the same thing.

    • Jan 16 2012

      Hey Kathy…. I sure hope something good happens; and you’re right – positive and realistic are the same thing! Thank you for that….I do have to be reminded more often than not.

  3. Jan 15 2012

    Wow, that is wonderful All the best to you. We had snow today so your photo is especially inviting.

    • Jan 16 2012

      Oh, Rutheh – I wouldn’t mind a bit of snow at all – well, for a day, or two! The ocean is so inspiring and inviting; I don’t have the chance to visit often enough….

  4. jakesprinter
    Jan 15 2012

    Great entry for this week theme Andrea 🙂

  5. Jan 15 2012

    peaceful oh yes! nice!

  6. Jan 15 2012

    This looks like sweet sweet peace. : )

  7. Jan 15 2012

    just wow…Its nice to spend your vacation days here its so peaceful..

    • Jan 16 2012

      Hi John! It really is…. I love the ocean and the salty breeze… 🙂

  8. Jan 16 2012

    Wow congratulations Andrea! That is wonderful news 🙂 And the beach looks amazing!! Looking at it, I now really can’t wait for winter to be over!! Roll on spring and lots of sunshine! (well, lots of sunshine is debatable where I am now!)

    • Jan 16 2012

      Hi Gracie! Thanks… I am hopeful and excited! I hope the sunshine decides to visit you soon! You must have long winters? Florida is very nice this time of year – where I am, anyway. The central and northern areas of florida get really really chilly – and their summers are hot and sticky. Well, darn….. I wonder if there is any place on earth that is perfect year round? 🙂

  9. Jan 17 2012

    Good luck with Microsoft. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the USA and Florida. Like many Brits, Florida holds a certain attraction for me. But unlike many, I’ve travelled all over in my various trips, from the Pan-Handle down to the Keys. There are so many peaceful beaches off the beaten track….

    • Jan 19 2012

      Hi Mike,

      There really are a great many lovely beach areas down both of the coasts of Florida, on the east and west side. There are some really quaint ones, too. Thanks so much for dropping by! I must tell you, your part of the world holds a definite attraction for me, too. 🙂

  10. Jan 17 2012

    Peaceful photo for a busy life! Best wishes with Microsoft and will definitely look out for Chad Deity coming to a stage near me – hate to admit it but we took our boys, big fans, to a big wrestling match. I took a good book.

    Enjoy that lovely beach!

    • Jan 17 2012

      Hi Patti! Oh, that’s so funny! You brought a book!! LOL! What a good sport you are for going! Thanks for your best wishes re: Microsoft. I heard from them today, and they are inviting me to an on-site interview! I am so excited, but trying to be calm, too. 🙂

  11. Jan 18 2012

    Peaceful indeed and an awesome place! Thanks for the share 🙂

    • Jan 19 2012

      Hey Madman, It sure is an awesome place…. I’m looking out of my window right now at the blue, blue sky today, and I think I may have to visit that very spot right now! 🙂

  12. Jackie Paulson
    Jan 19 2012
  13. Jan 22 2012

    I’m jealous of that view of the ocean. Sigh. Wish I were there, but not during the hurricane season.

  14. Jan 28 2012

    Oh, how I would love to live by the sea…… Thank you for liking my recent post for the weekly WordPress photograph challenge, your entry is really lovely.


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