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January 27, 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

by Andrea O'Connell

This week the theme of the weekly photo challenge is hope…. (which I’m full of).

The first thing I thought of?  Being hired at Microsoft!  Oh, how I am hoping.

I don’t want just any job, I want the best job.  I want a job that feels more like love than work. I want to love having my job and I want my employer to love my passion and creativity and hard work, too.

So far, the Microsoft opportunity feels like the best fit.  And so, when the interviews are over, I hope Microsoft hands me something that looks like this:

And, here’s another little reminder of hope.

It was spring and all the birdies were building their nests when I shot this picture, at Butterfly World, in Florida.  This little fellow was trying to bring that entire twig up to his nest in a nearby tree.

He tried and tried and tried….hoping to get it to the nest. It was amazing to see.

Ultimately, though, he turned to another twig more his size, leaving that one a much bigger bird.

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  1. columbibueno
    Jan 27 2012

    How sweet! Good luck.

  2. Jan 27 2012

    I hope you get that card, too.

  3. Jan 28 2012

    if it was me, i would hire you for the ingenuity of creating that card 🙂
    here’s adding my hope to yours.
    and the bird story was brilliant.
    thank you for sharing.

  4. Jan 28 2012

    Ah excellent, I really hope you get the job and have my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Jan 28 2012

    great pic.. 😉

  6. Diane
    Jan 28 2012

    Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

    I’m right there with the rest of them hoping for you!

  7. Jan 28 2012

    With hope and perseverance, you will get you dream…never give up….the world awaits for you…

  8. Jan 28 2012

    Good luck!
    I love the photograph of the bird.

  9. jakesprinter
    Jan 28 2012

    Excellent post Andrea 🙂

  10. Jan 29 2012

    good luck !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jan 29 2012

    Good luck – hope it works out for you!

    • Jan 29 2012

      Thank you, Anita! And, thanks to everyone for your well wishes! 🙂

  12. Jan 29 2012

    love the bird!

  13. Jan 31 2012

    Great post for this week’s challenge. A thoughtful &honest one.

  14. Feb 1 2012

    Good luck Andrea, I hope you get the job!!! 🙂

  15. Feb 2 2012

    Best wishes on your job search… HOPE is a good thing we all need in these times.

    • Feb 3 2012

      Thanks you all! Yes, we do need HOPE in our hearts…always. I’ll keep you posted on the job searches…. things are good. 🙂

      Happy Friday!


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