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January 29, 2012


Not a bobcat in my clouds and lovin spoonbills – it’s a Florida Panther

by Andrea O'Connell

I’m enjoying working with my photos and enhancing them with Photoshop Light-Room 4.  I’ve taught myself how to use it via trial and error and experimenting.  However, I have no idea how a picture of a Florida Panther bobcat that I’d been editing ended up being embedded in the bottom left corner of EVERY picture I work on?  All of these pics are in an export file, and every photo I export the Florida Panther bobcat on the left had corner of the of the photo is embedded….but how?  The Florida Panther Bobcat is not in the export file….so how does he end up in my cloud and Roseate Spoonbill pictures?

So, clearly I have not learned nearly enough about editing pictures when panthers bobcats mingle in my clouds and with my lovin spoonbills! Hah!

Anyway, click on the pics to see a bigger version of it while I go and figure out what the heck is going on!

If anyone has an idea how/why this is occurring, I’d sure appreciate it….

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  1. Jan 29 2012

    Actually looks like a cougar/mountain lion to me, which are know to be really good at stalking. I guess it managed to sneak into your pictures…

    Seriously though, very odd thing to happen. A LR 4 bug I guess. Other than that, are you liking LR 4?

    • Jan 29 2012

      Hi Frisian! I really like LR 4 a lot….and I figured out how the bobcat got into my photo! I had been working on the photo of the bob cat when I was looking around the LR 4 to find the option for adding signatures to photos. Rather than add my signature, the bobcat (since it was open) was added!!!

      You’re right, he was stalking! 🙂

  2. Jan 30 2012

    Andrea it is not a Bobcat.

    • Jan 30 2012

      it’s not?!!! LOL! What is I wonder what it is? I thought bobcat because there was a sign indicating it was. I have seen another kind of cat in the area where this one is so perhaps the other one is the bobcat.

      Most curious!

  3. Feb 29 2012

    Excellent blog post.Many thanks again. Cool.


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