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February 6, 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready? Splash!

by Andrea O'Connell

This week the word for the photo challenge is, ready.

This little guy is deciding whether to jump into the water.

To splash or not to splash?  That is the question!

He stood there a while just looking into space.  Perhaps he was just dreaming, or maybe he didn’t like the water fountain.  Or, maybe he was wondering if he needed a bath.  Do birds decide when they’re ready for a bath?   Maybe!

Photo by Andrea O'Connell

He seemed leery about the water fountain. He wouldn’t jump in until the fountain stopped…

By Andrea O'Connell

Then the water suddenly stopped and he was ready….

Photo by Andrea O'Connell

And then, not two seconds later, big splash!

Photo by Andrea O'Connell

Love those splashes!

Photo by Andrea O'Connell

He is having a grand time, until another bird came and he flew away…. you can see the wake he left!

Photo by Andrea O'Connell

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version.

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  1. C.B.
    Feb 6 2012

    He was so smart! He waited for the fountain to stop so that he could bathe.

    • Feb 7 2012

      Hi CB… I think so too! He hung out on the edge for quite a while, just looking around. It wasn’t until the water stopped that he decided to jump in….. 🙂

  2. Feb 6 2012

    The clarity is amazing. It almost looks fate. I know it isn’t. The splashing one is great. Truly great photos. I like a lot. Thank you for sharing.

    • Feb 7 2012

      Hi absolute truth…..thank you for your comments! I am having a wonderful time adding more clarity to my photos with Adobe LightRoom 4. It helps to make the water drops much more vivid…. it’s great fun to use!

  3. dianne
    Feb 6 2012

    delightful post, beautiful images : )

  4. Feb 7 2012

    Absolutely stunning! 🙂

  5. Feb 7 2012

    Amazing captures!

  6. Feb 7 2012

    Great sequence of shots 🙂

  7. Feb 7 2012

    Brilliant photo’s story board. 😉

  8. Feb 7 2012

    Stunning pictures. Water drops are making these photos look really beautiful. 🙂

  9. Feb 7 2012

    Oh, I love Finches…and those photos are awesome.

  10. Feb 7 2012

    Beautiful Entry Andrea

  11. Amar Naik
    Feb 7 2012

    love the shots.

  12. Feb 7 2012

    these photos are amazing – the clarity is stunning

    • Feb 8 2012

      Hi Jo, Thanks… it’s funny, I took these pics a while ago and never really thought too much about them until I had a chance to see them in the LightRoom software…. that’s when they came alive for me.

  13. Feb 7 2012

    These photos are amazing. I think you would win the contest.

  14. Feb 8 2012

    refreshing, your photos are amazing, great clarity.

  15. Feb 16 2012

    These are lovely photos Andrea! I agree with the other comments, indeed it’s refreshing! 🙂


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