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February 7, 2012


good stuff to put in the “that’s life” file….

by Andrea O'Connell

Darn!  I’ve been under the weather these past couple of days with something that feels like the flu but it’s not as bad as the flu but it’s wiped me out.

It started Saturday night after I came home from seeing an old Neil Simon play called, “Last of the Red Hot Lovers.”   It was a good production – very funny.  But, for about ten minutes before curtain and during intermission, I was craning and straining my neck to chat with people sitting behind me, like this:

Photo by Andrea O'Connell

I knew I was straining my neck, but never realized I’d disable it completely.

Only today has the pain subsided.  But what it left in its wake is a horrible clogged throat and head and nose blah.   It can’t decide if it wants to be a reasonably common cold, or a hateful and feverish flu.

So, I’ve laid on the couch and in the bed waiting for it to decide how mean and nasty it wants to treat me.

I think I’m getting better though.  I finally got out of my PJ’s and into real clothes.

Now, for the good news…..

I got a job!  I don’t have the written offer yet….so it’s not a completely done deal, but I have a start date!  It’s February 20th.

And it’s a good one, too!  I’m not going to jinx it by talking too much about it.  I can tell you that it’s a good company, with super nice people!

Here’s the bad news though…. I had to tell Microsoft that I have another job.  I emailed the recruiter today.

I was still in the interview process with Microsoft.  I’d had 3 interviews and the 4th one was not scheduled until next week. This meant I’d have to stall on the job I’d just accepted to wait for Microsoft. I didn’t want to do that.  Plus, if I had gotten denied by Microsoft and I’d put off the other job, I’d be the real loser.

I didn’t want to play games or gamble.  I sent my Microsoft recruiter an email and said thank you for considering me and….. I hated to send that email.

So….I didn’t get this:

It’s okay.  But I really really really really REALLY hate leaving that great opportunity on the table….

Then again, I love the job that I got – I am very excited about it – it’s a perfect fit in so many ways and I am very happy.

So, my “that’s life” file is looking pretty good.

(I still heart Microsoft.)


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  1. Feb 7 2012

    Congratulations!I know your Karma will rub off on me! I’m at least in the interview process for a couple things but it is pain of waiting for all to be considered that is plaguing me right now! I’m so happy for you, really! It means good things can’t be far off for me as well! 🙂

    • Feb 7 2012

      Hi Hillary! Yes!!! It will, I am sure of it. And, I tell you what works is maintaining a positive attitude about it. I resigned from a hateful job with out having another one to fall back on, but I just knew that there was something better… the same will happen for you, I know it! Here’s my good Karma to you…. xoxoxo!

  2. Feb 7 2012

    Thanks I am trying to stay positive. Life keeps throwing me curve balls but I’m good at ducking! 🙂

    • Feb 8 2012

      Keep on keeping on, Hillary! I know exactly what you mean… it’s really rough to deal with the rejection and I wish I had an answer for that one. Just keep trying because good things will happen. also, try oDesk, because you can do independent projects while you’re looking. That’s what I’ve been doing…. and you can work at your own time, too!

  3. colleen
    Feb 7 2012

    Congratulations!!! yeah!!

    • Feb 8 2012

      Hey My dear – thanks a bunch! I’m very happy with the decision! 🙂

  4. Feb 8 2012

    Congrats! You absolutely made the correct choice. I know it had to be painful, but you have to live in the moment and take the offer that you have.

    • Feb 8 2012

      Hey MBN… Thank you so much. I was going to drop you a note on your blog to ask your advice, but then I reminded myself that I know and knew what the right answer was all along, it’s just a letdown to let a chance like Microsoft go…. But, you are so right – live in the moment and do the right thing. Thank you again for your message!

  5. C.B.
    Feb 8 2012

    Good for you! congrats!!!!!!!

    • Feb 8 2012

      Thanks CB – I’m very happy! If you could see the big ole smile on my face as I type this!!! weeeeee!!!

  6. Feb 11 2012

    Woo hoo! Congratulations to you, Andrea!!!


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