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February 17, 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

by Andrea O'Connell

Thankfully, I’m not looking or feeling down!!

I’m feeling the opposite of down largely because I begin my new job on Tuesday!!  Yesterday, though, I went to Zoo Miami and captured some photos that I think are sweet “down” photos.

The animals were really lively yesterday – they were surely enjoying the beautiful South Florida weather.  Some of the animals, like the Gorillas, were having fun just being sleepy.  And the Giraffes, well…. their life involves always looking down – they fit the bill rather well.

So, here are the photos for my interpretation of “Down.”   I guess you could say this is my interpretation of an animal’s down-time…. 🙂

Here’s a gorilla that we resemble, don’t you think?  He’s either feeling pretty down about something, or his head is itchy!  I’d wager his head is itchy!

And here he is just a moment later contemplating the grass:

And here he is…. praying?

And here’s another gorilla snoozing in the grass, under the shade of big rocks:

And here a lovely giraffe is doing what they usually do…. look down onto those of us below:

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  1. congrats on the new job!!

  2. Feb 17 2012

    Yes, congratulations!

  3. Feb 17 2012

    Reblogged this on Loving Jazz Photo Blog.

  4. Feb 17 2012

    Congrats on your new job Andrea. I love the gorilla. As far as the giraffe goes, when you’re 7′-0″ tall, I wouldn’t take it personally that I was being looked down upon. 😉 I’m sure he had no choice. Great photos.

  5. Feb 17 2012

    Good luck with your new job.
    These photos show a very down to earth creature. Nice 🙂

  6. Feb 18 2012

    congrats on the job – love these photos

  7. Feb 18 2012

    Loved the gorilla contemplating grass, it made me smile. he might be down but boosted me up a bit.

  8. Feb 18 2012

    Wow, congratulations on your new job Andrea!! Great photos too! 🙂

  9. thebigbookofdating
    Feb 18 2012

    Amazing photos! I love the post (:

  10. Amar Naik
    Feb 18 2012
  11. Feb 18 2012

    what a fun post, so good about your job, and all these gorgeous animals … thank you! encouragement from christine

  12. Feb 21 2012

    Cool Shots..

  13. Feb 22 2012

    This post is among my most favorites of this week’s challenge post. So cute & real photographs. Great job with this post. Best wishes to you. 🙂

  14. Feb 22 2012

    Great photos!!


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