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the joy of a zoo

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At Zoo Miami, this past Thursday, because I took so many photos, it will take a while before I will be able to sort through them.   I just spent an hour or so going through the giraffe photos (they’re my favorites!), and came across this guy, looking so mad!  Woo baby… can you imagine coming into contact with this fellow in the jungle?

And here’s an example of the different colors and coats that giraffes wear.  These are actually three different breeds, I was told:

And here is the female enjoying some cabbage from a friendly visitor.  I also fed them some cabbage.  Their tongue is a bit rough, almost as rough as a cat’s tongue.  I loved feeling it and getting their saliva all over my fingers.  So slimy!  It was a joyful feeling to place the cabbage leaf on the edge of their curled tongue.  Once their…

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