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February 26, 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulgence (3 flamingos, art and evolution)

by Andrea O'Connell

This weeks’ photo challenge word is “indulgence.”

How in the heck can I find a photo that epitomizes the word ‘indulge’ in my world?   Hah!  I constantly indulge in something, it seems.

Well, you might say that I indulge in most everything I do.  In phases.  There have to be phases because if one spent their days indulging in everything, it would be a bit much!

So, like the moon has its phases, so do my indulgences have phases.

I imagine we indulge in something because it gives us pleasure. (Chocolate, shopping, eating, desserts, hobbies and grandchildren are a few indulgences that spring to mind.)

Blogging is one indulgence that gives me pleasure.  Although I spent last week away from my blog – which is very unusual for me – it was due to indulging in the pleasure of my new job!

Tomorrow will be the start of my second week at my new job. . I’m indulging in the pleasurable sense of security and freedom from stress that this new job has brought into my life…..

However, as for capturing an image of indulgence…. Well, I had to think about this one!

Friday I indulged myself and purchased a new bike.  That indulgence is to cure, with exercise, another indulgence: Food!

I bought a pretty Schwinn 26″ bike that has 21 speeds…. Why do bikes have 21 speeds now?  I don’t need to indulge in all those speeds  But, all the bikes I looked at had 21 speeds!

On my first bike-ride I tried changing a speed and ended up locking the pedals for a few minutes…. I eventually figured out how to unlock them.  Thankfully.  I was a few blocks away from home and it looked like rain and I didn’t want to walk the bike all the way home.

Then, when I finally pedaled home and attempted to stop the bike – I fell off!

Yup!  I fell off of my new bike – skinned and bruised my knee, and bruised my arm above the elbow because I fell partly on the pavement and partly on a parked car.  (The bike is okay. The car is okay. I’m okay too.)

The reason I fell?  After I’d fixed the gear issue, I decided to adjust the saddle, but I moved it too high for my height.  It caused my feet to be nearly six inches above the ground.  Then, when I got home and tried to get off the bike, I tried to leaned to the left and land on my left foot, but the saddle was too high to allow that, so BAM!  Down I went with the bike on top of me!  (My first thought was the hope that no one saw me…. no one did!)

So, as far as a photographic representation of indulgence….  I’ve decided to illustrate it using these 3 Flamingos.  For hours I indulge my passion for making photography look like art…   I do love to sit at the computer and play with the images I photograph.

Here are yesterday’s indulgences – I was working on flamingos.

Here’s my Flamingo On End:

And here’s my Flamingo Shine:

This is my Soft Flamingo:

I’m a novice at it still.  However, I can tell I’m getting better the more I work at it.

And, one reason photography is an indulgence for me is because the work (on the photos) constantly evolves… at least for me.

Next week, or next month, when I look at these 3 Flamingos again, chances are they will change.  It’s all part of my indulgence in the learning process, and realizing there is evolution in it.  And that’s a good thing!

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  1. Feb 26 2012

    Interesting colours… I like #2 the best.

    • Feb 26 2012

      Hey there Heyesphoto! Thank you very much for your comments! I am partial to the soft feeling in number 2 as well. 🙂

  2. Feb 26 2012

    The first shot is great and I love the colours in the second!

    • Feb 26 2012

      Hi Livvy! Thanks a bunch for your comments… I sure do appreciate that.

      And, I see you’re from Cork!!!! I have (or had) relatives there….My grandfather was born in Ireland, as were my great grandparents. I’ve not been there – yet! Some day I hope to visit. 🙂

  3. Feb 26 2012

    Who’d have thought to rotate a reflective shot such as the first one for an added effect. Outstanding! And the pale ‘orange-pink’ of the Flamingos in the second shot reminds me of dreamcycles. Yum

    • Feb 26 2012

      Hi Orples, Thanks for mentioning the fact that I stood the photo up instead of flat!! I wasn’t sure if anyone would like it… And, I had the same thought about those Dreamy dream-sickles, too!

      • Feb 26 2012

        I thought it was interesting the way you posted it. Nothing wrong with being creative.

  4. Feb 26 2012

    great colours and pictures, good take on theme… 😉

    • Feb 26 2012

      Hi Cobbies…. Many thanks! LOL….Indulgence may just be my middle name….

  5. Louise Fell
    Feb 26 2012

    I’m so thrilled you are in a new job that you like. I haven’t read any of your past posts. Can you change my email on your word press to the one I’m sending today. I don’t use gmail anymore. I will write again as time permits. Iove flamingos too. I envy and admire your photographic skills. By the way I have taken many a spill on a bike. I think 5 speed is all I could manage. Make sure you soak the boo boos in peroxide! Good luck on your 2nd week. Getting ready for the Oscars!!!!

    • Feb 26 2012

      Hi Weezie…. So good to hear from you! Well, I just returned from a bike ride (a long one), and didn’t fall once! I lowered the seat to a reasonable level and that did the trick. 🙂

      I’ll have to see if I can change your email…. I don’t think it should be a problem… 🙂 I’ll let you know!

    • Feb 26 2012

      Weezie…. I tried to change your email but I’m not able to. You have to…. All you need to do is subscribe to the blog again and add the email address that you want to use to receive posts. Easy! 🙂

      • Feb 29 2012

        Hi Andrea; I tried to change it at the WordPress main page when I log in and it wouldn’t let me do it. Are you saying I subscribe to your page again or WORDPRESS? That’s like starting over!!!!

      • Mar 2 2012

        Hi Weezie…. If you click the “Follow Only Dreamin” link on the upper right hand side of the front page, it will allow you to enter your correct email address that you want to use to receive posts… 🙂 Hugs to ya!

  6. Feb 26 2012

    Beautiful photos, as always!!
    So happy to hear that you are enjoying that new job!!
    By the way, Andrea…did you happen to purchase a helmet to go along with the bike? 😉

    • Feb 26 2012

      Hi Kitt! Ah, well….I haven’t purchased that helmet yet. Though I can assure you my mother will not stop reminding me until I get one….. And, seeing how rusty I am on the bike – it’s best that I get one! Thanks for the good reminder… and thanks for liking my photos!

  7. Feb 26 2012

    Reblogged this on Loving Jazz Photo Blog.

  8. Feb 27 2012

    Really like the first image. Nice job.

  9. Feb 27 2012

    wow – love the first image…stunning shot

  10. jakesprinter
    Feb 28 2012

    Beautiful Entry for the theme Indulge Andrea ,Nice 🙂


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