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March 15, 2012


American politicians make me want to puke

by Andrea O'Connell

Like that GOP goon, Sanatorum, recently said about hearing John F. Kennedy’s 1960 speech on the separation of church and state – that it made him want to “throw up…” well, I say, anyone who believes or takes these GOP operatives seriously make me want to puke!   Actually, they make me want to cry.

Any politician who also feels the need to stress their Christianity and tell everyone they are a good Christian, makes me want to puke.   Why in hell should you or I care about a politician’s religion?  Does it make a person a better person because they profess to believe in God and religion?  Never.  Never ever.

The Pope makes me want to puke because he is clearly a women hater.  The fact that the POPE can profess his hate for women on his world-stage is very frightening.

I’m angry.

I’m angry that men – in the 21st century – who are in the public eye – are actually making strides to destroy some of the basic rights that women hold dear such as the control over their own bodies.   And I’m angry that this country seems to have lost its way in the values department.

I’m so angry.

I’m amazed that we are even having a public discourse about, of all things, contraception!  I seem to recall that this is a war women already fought, and won!

Why are men again declaring war on women?  What is that about?

Why the hell can’t women in this country turn the tables on the contraceptive issue and DEMAND that ALL men who want to have sex become castrated? What’s the difference between a man being castrated and men demanding women give up their right to control their own reproductive system?  What’s the difference?

My body is my body no one has a right to tell me what to do with it – just like I have no right to demand a man be castrated.  If government and the church wish to control my female body, why won’t it then control the male body and require castration?

What’s the difference?

How can someone as morally corrupt as Rush Limbaugh, drug addict that his is, feel as if he can call women who use contraception sluts and whores, etc.?

If a woman has sexual relationships with men who are castrated she’d not need contraceptives and thus, using Limbaugh’s logic, they’d not be considered sluts or whores, correct Rush?

How dare any man or any church or any religion tell a woman how to respond sexually while a man can pop out his willy nilly willy nilly?

I need to talk about this but it’s late and I need sleep.

Here is a listing of my rants – for another day…..

I need to talk about immigration and the hate that goes along with that issue.  I need to talk about the killing of homosexuals in Uganda, and elsewhere. I need to talk about the war on women in this country.  I want to tell women in this country TO WAKE UP!  I want to tell idiots – total IDIOTS like those running against each other in the GOP race to SHUT UP and leave women, religion, marriage, and all social issues alone because you have no right to push a social agenda that is clearly meant to inflame those in our country who are uneducated because of the school system GEORGE CRIMINAL BUSH AND HIS ILK HAVE DESTROYED.

I need to yell and let loose with my anger about the dumb-ing down of America by the “Haves” who want it ALL and MORE.  I need to talk about what greed has done to this country.  Greed and Power, Power and Greed make this country tick and to hell with those living below the poverty level.

Money and power.  That’s it folks.

That’s why we cannot have a decent healthcare system in this country…. what would happen to the insurance and drug companies if healthcare were free?

If Americans would stop thinking about their next meal and get off the couch long enough to figure out what’s going on in this country, maybe they’d do SOMETHING to promote positive change?

Below is how I feel as a result thinking deeply about America and its politics, its religion, its values or lack thereof, and its MEN who want nothing more than  to see women BAREFOOT and WITH CHILD.

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  1. Mar 15 2012

    Agreed, as do their Global counterparts…

  2. colleen
    Mar 15 2012

    good post Andrea!

  3. Mar 15 2012

    The only decent Presidential Candidate running is Ron Paul. He is actually running for POTUS to try to give us our Nation back, the rest are in it for Power and Prestige. I do hope the people will wake up between now, and November, while we still have time left to possibly save our Republic.

    • Mar 18 2012

      Hi Orples. I agree; he’s the only one I can stomach. Romney is probably a nice person…but I don’t think he’d make a nice president! 🙂

  4. Diane
    Mar 15 2012

    I love when you get passionate about an issue! I learn from you. You go girl!

    • Mar 18 2012

      Hi Diane! LOL… I get so angry when men try to tell women what to do while they get viagra and the other enhancement medicines practically for free. Talk about hypocrisy! Sheesh!

  5. Mar 15 2012

    Oh, how I missed you, Andrea!!! This is why I belong to STOOMPYF (Stay Out Of My Panties, You Fu&*%$ers!)

    • Mar 18 2012

      Well, hey! I’ve missed you too! So glad you’re back in business! 🙂 LOL @ STOOMPYF… that’s a new one! Hugs my dear!

  6. Eralynn
    Mar 26 2012

    I find it’s fathers rights movement. You should live here in good ol boy arizona. My anger can’t even be put into words. I have been violated and violated over and over again while it has all been hidden. My heart is broken for our children especially the daughters. My child who loved police, the law, god etc now hates and fears all I have mentioned. Contraception must be available as men are now maybe always have used pregnancy as a means of control and criminals whether they have done their time or whatever should still be looked upon as criminals first and not coddling them over citizens who have not committed crimes. Not saying they should never be free of their past behaviors but come on! They should not be equal to law abiding citizens from the forefront. (sickening political correctness to the degree of a noodle called a backbone)


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