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March 18, 2012


weekly photo challenge: Unusual

by Andrea O'Connell

This week, the WordPress weekly photo challenge asks us to post something that says “unusual.”

I immediately thought, ‘Holy cow, this will be an easy one, I have gobs of unusual photos!’  But there’s the rub – what says unusual best when nearly everything is unusual?!

Then I thought about the beautiful and unusual chandelier I’d seen weekend in the lobby of the Adventura Arts & Cultural Center. in Miami Beach.   I was standing in the lobby of the theatre, and after the show looked up to see this unusual and fabulous lighting design, in the picture.  (I wish I could give credit to the person who designed these unique chandeliers.  If anyone knows whose work this is, please advise – I’d like to credit the artist.)

Anyway, below is what the grouping of one set of lights.  Below this top photo, the result of manipulating the image…

Photo by Andrea O'Connell, 2012

I’ve manipulated the photo to appear like the glass bubbles are shooting up instead of hanging down from the ceiling.

Photo by Andrea O'Connell, 2012

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  1. Mar 18 2012

    Both of these photos are really cool. Good job, both ways. 🙂

    • Mar 18 2012

      Thanks, Orples! They are definitely neat looking… thanks a bunch for your feedback!

      • Mar 18 2012

        My pleasure. 🙂

  2. Mar 18 2012

    Reblogged this on Loving Jazz Photo Blog.

  3. Mar 18 2012

    Beautiful unusual Design Andrea 🙂

  4. Mar 19 2012

    both clicks are cool!
    what creative chandeliers. thanks for sharing.

    • Mar 21 2012

      Hi Pix & kardz, Thanks a bunch for visiting and for your comments. 🙂

  5. Mar 19 2012

    gorgeous andrea, and very unusual, people are so clever!

  6. Mar 19 2012

    Love the manipulated photo — a work of art from a work of art.

    • Mar 21 2012

      Hi Anne, Thanks for your comments…. I’m really glad I looked up to the ceiling to see these fantastic pieces.

  7. Mar 19 2012

    Very cool! The artist must have a brilliant mind.
    And great job on the edit and making them appear as if they are bubbles shooting up.

  8. Northern Narratives
    Mar 19 2012

    Creative and unusual. Nice post.

  9. Mar 19 2012

    Gorgeous and creative shots, Andrea. I’ve never seen anything like these bubble chandeliers.

    • Mar 21 2012

      Hi Suitablefish, I’ve never seen anything like these either… they were a long way up from where I was standing… I’m really glad I noticed them…

  10. Mar 20 2012

    Excellent catch, thanks for the share 🙂

  11. Mar 20 2012

    Those are really cool…and unusual!

  12. Both of these photos are great but the manipulated photo is outstanding.
    I love the way the lights look like they’re floating. Really cool ….

    • Mar 21 2012

      Hi Isadora…. Thanks so much…. Glass is really cool to photograph….not so easy, though. Thanks again and thanks for visiting. 🙂

  13. Mar 22 2012

    You did an excellent job with the manipulated photo. Great post.

  14. ep
    Nov 1 2012

    these bubble chandeliers are very common. made by hundreds of factories in China. McDonalds singapore even uses them in their places.


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