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May 4, 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

by Andrea O'Connell

The word for this week’s Photo Challenge is “unfocused.”  Certainly an easy one for me as I have many photos that fall into that unsightly category. 🙂

I’m like a photography hoarder, I keep the even the blurry and goofy pictures!

This pretty fella, the bright Peacock, moved just as I clicked.


The second photo is the effect of theatrical lighting on aluminum scaffolding.  Not only is it blurry, it’s also distorted! Two features for the price of one with that photo!

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  1. May 4 2012

    These are wonderful. Both resemble abstract paintings. I love the colors. 🙂

    • May 8 2012

      Hi Orples, Thanks a bunch! LOL! I have so many unfocused pics…. maybe the color lessens the effect of the blurrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. I love this lighting picture. Very cool!

    • May 8 2012

      Hi Kate. Thanks so much… Shooting a pic under bright theatrical lights (and on the fly) can give all kinds of surprises!

  3. May 5 2012

    i especially like that second image! how cool is that! thanks for sharing.

  4. I especially like the first one.

    • May 8 2012

      Hi Canoe…. Thanks – I’d really like the pic of the peacock as well if it were in focus!! LOL – it’s maddening to get an “almost” quality shot of such a colorful creature…..

  5. Very neat pictures. Your photo of the peacock plays tricks with my eyes when I focus on it. I like them a lot!

    • May 8 2012

      Hey FindingStrength…. I know what you mean – it’s weird how it does that… 🙂

  6. May 5 2012

    Both are wonderful shots! I love the color in the first, and the energy in the second!

    • May 8 2012

      Hey there Retiring Sort, I thank you for your kind comments, kind sir!

  7. May 5 2012

    these are great Andrea. I like them both for different reasons…but the peacock just keeps drawing me back to it

  8. May 6 2012

    They are both quite lovely. My take is here:


    • May 8 2012

      Hi Anne, Thanks for including your link! Yours are quite lovely, too! Thanks for your kind comments….

  9. May 7 2012

    What a fun challenge this week and your photos are unfocused in just the right way!

    • May 8 2012

      Hi MargeKatherine, It was a fun challenge, I agree! Thank you for your kind comments!

  10. damagdpets
    May 7 2012

    Hi Andrea hope all is well with you and family. Loved the new pics you have up! Weather is finally starting to get better up this way. My racoon population is up and 3 of them (Mom and 2 babies) actually come to the door, stand on their hind legs and wave at me to give them marshmellows, it’s a hoot! Soon I’ll dust off my camera and send you a pic of the darlins. Keep the photos comin!!!

    • May 8 2012

      Hi DP – Thanks so much for dropping in! Yeap, all is well here – been busy. I would enjoy seeing pics of your racoon family. It sure sounds like they’ve adopted you….

      By the way, I have a photo blog where I try to post more photos. The url is: and there’s a link to it on this blog, too. I’m going to the beach for a get-away weekend and will dust of my camera then, too. 🙂 Glad your weather is behaving better!

  11. May 8 2012

    Beautiful Pictures. Great post.

    • May 8 2012

      Thanks, Arindam. I am grateful for your kind comments – thanks for visiting, too!

  12. May 8 2012

    Reblogged this on Loving Jazz Photo Blog.


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