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May 15, 2012


I love the sunrise

by Andrea O'Connell

This is a series of photos that I captured during my stay at the beach this past weekend.

I enjoyed three glorious days at the beach and actually got up early enough to catch the sunrise – twice!  One of the days, however, the event was obliterated by clouds, but once the clouds lifted a bit I was able to capture some dramatic pictures.  I hope to have time in the coming days to post more.

This is the first time I’ve shot either sunrise or sunset over the water and what an experience it was.  I shot nearly 2000 photos and used up an 8 and a 4 GB media card in the process (that’s a first!)

In this first photo, the sun was up and so bright it made a glorious reflection on the wet sand.  I was on the fourth floor balcony which gave me a great vantage point to capture the effect of the gold glow.



Cloud and sea drama playing out before my eyes!


Storm is coming!

The storm stayed out to sea and I was grateful for that.


This is another angle of the sun reflecting on the sand


I love it when the sun rising causes the sky to turn pink.


I really liked how the sun created such a dramatic reflection on the horizon.


And, here’s a shot of the beach as the sun is fully present.

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  1. May 15 2012

    Reblogged this on Loving Jazz Photo Blog.

  2. May 15 2012

    I think the 3rd shot down, and the last ones are my favorites here. But all are spectacular. I am about ready to hit the beach myself. 🙂 Lucky you. I hope you enjoyed your time off.

    • May 15 2012

      Hi Orples… Thanks so much. Oh boy, it was so nice to rest and relax without a care. I hope to do it again in June! Hope you enjoy your beach-time, too….bring your camera! 🙂

  3. May 16 2012

    Nature is truly wondrous. lovely collection.. 😉

  4. What beautiful pictures! We see the sunset over the water not far from our house. Surprisingly enough, I still prefer to see pictures like yours. Nature passes too fast for my mind to fully take in. Your pictures though, your pictures capture the beauty we can hold forever. Thank you for sharing the power and perfection of beauty with us.


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