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June 17, 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

by Andrea O'Connell

This week the photo challenge word is close.  I’ve chosen to use “close” as in close-up, or macro photography.  I shot this last week:

This is my cat, Beau.  I love his eyes!  He’s jet-black with white whiskers!  When I can get him to sit still or wake up, he’s a good subject:

Photo by Andrea O’Connell, 2012

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  1. Jun 17 2012

    Wow! Such stunning and beautiful eyes. Up close and awesome!

  2. Madelaine
    Jun 17 2012

    Those eyes are mesmerizing!

  3. Jun 18 2012

    Wow! Those eyes! What a handsome little furry. 😀

  4. Jun 18 2012

    Beau is beautiful! It made me miss my Felix even more. He has gone to rainbow bridge and probably having such a great time. Thank you very much for sharing…hugs to Beau…


    • Jun 19 2012

      Hi lifebydmagdalene, I’m so sorry for your Felix… 😦 But, like you say, he’s in a happy place. Beau sends hugs back at ya!

  5. Jun 18 2012

    Oh wow…those eyes are incredible. i too took a photo of my cats eye for this theme…

    • Jun 19 2012

      HI Jo. Thanks a bunch…. I went in search of your cat pic but couldn’t find it… will you leave a link?

  6. Jun 18 2012

    Dramatic! Thanks!

    • Jun 19 2012

      Hi Cathy, Thanks a bunch. Your entry is lovely and charming….

      • Jun 19 2012

        Hi Andrea. Thanks for stopping by my site!

  7. Jun 19 2012

    Those eyes are stunning! I love how his black fur is so shiny. The photo makes it looks so soft. This is excellent!

    • Jun 19 2012

      Thanks, Angela! I really appreciate that. He does have lovely fur….it’s think and shiny in reality. 🙂

  8. Jun 19 2012

    Oh Beautiful picture… That close can look a little scary to the untrained eye, but I bet Beau is such a lover… Thanks for sharing!

    Here is mine:

    • Jun 19 2012

      Err bad link post. 🙂 That is yours.
      Here is Mine: (sorry about that)

      • Jun 19 2012

        LOL! Thanks for the link – your pup is a doll! And, you’re right, he does look kind of menacing, but in truth, he’s the dearest most docile cat – well, except when he’s hungry, then he’s in my face and relentlessly purr-full and pushy!

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