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Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects…

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to illustrate two subjects in a photo.

This was the first photo I thought of….  I really love that this image is so unexpected!  It’s such an odd thing to see as you drive the turnpike in Miami.

I captured this through the window of a car – about three weeks ago.  I was a passenger in the car and happened to have my camera in my lap when I saw this out of nowhere!   I nearly missed it, too.  Fortunately I got the shot on the first try.

And, the sky that day was really that blue!

In a sense, there are three subjects in this photo: The artwork, the building, and the bluer-than-blue sky.

I don’t know why this whimsical piece of art is on this apartment building, which is about 15 stories high, but it’s clearly been put there purposely.  Maybe a tenant placed it there?

I don’t know if it’s even still hanging on the building.

I think it resembles the work of artist Romero Brito, the Brazilian pop-artist, who makes Miami his home.  But, he generally signs his work.

So, it’s a mystery – a whimsical and beautiful mystery!

Somewhere in Miami this colorful artwork is happily hanging on the side of an apartment building! Photo by Andrea O’Connell, 2012


sparkles and lights and glowing butterflies

Photography and mixed media design is a wonderful art form that I have only just begun to experiment with.

I have much to learn about using Photography to illustrate unusual patterns and images that lie beneath what we see with our normal vision.   The great thing about tools to enhance photography is its ability to bring out what wouldn’t normally be seen.

I just created the below image using my photograph of a butterfly, underneath the altered one.   I am going to continue to experiment with this… it’s such fun!

The original photo I took with my Canon Rebel (I cropped the above image just a bit):


Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!

Well, we made it!  It’s officially 2012.  Unbelievable, isn’t it?

I’m looking forward to this brand new year.  I don’t know what’s coming, but it’s going to be good.  It’s going to be a great year!

There are some things I don’t like about a new year.  I don’t enjoy doing taxes, not even when I get money back.  I just don’t like doing it!   And the holiday bills.  The indulgences and over-spending always comes back to haunt me and I end up hating life for a couple of days.    And, the resolution I hope to keep but never do….. The D. I. E. T.   Oy.   It’s the one resolution we all make, I suppose.  I always make it, then break it, then make it again the first time I put on a pair of jeans that should fit but don’t and are so tight they barely move past my knees.  This year, as every year, I gained cookie, cake and brownie pounds because my face went into every party plate which was more like a cow-trough than anything.

That was then, this is now, one more year to get the diet dilemma right!

Anyway, the first day of 2012 went by so fast!   2012 will probably go by just as fast as 2011 did, if we’re lucky, I guess.    The older I get the faster times flies.  Growing older makes time go faster and end shorter in equal measure.  Well, that’s life, isn’t it?

I sure hope everyone is enjoying this holiday weekend!  Here’s a little gift from me.  I’m enclosing a few of my mixed-media experiments that I hope will bring you cheer!  If you’d care to give me feedback on these images – good or bad – I would appreciate it so much.

Mixed Media Creations:

This first one is a photograph that I added a little shimmer to:

Captured on a river in Winter Park Florida

This second one is a lovely gazebo that I’ve changed to look like a painting using dots of paint, kind of like the style of the artist Georges Seurat.

Sort of like the style of Georges Seurat

This is a photo I took on a river in Winter Park, Florida. At the end of the river bend, a white boat house waits:

On the river in Winter Park, Florida

Here’s another version of the gazebo I’ve made to appear blue:

The gazebo on the river in Winter Park, Florida

Another version of the gazebo – I wanted to make it feel as if it shimmered:

Another version of the gazebo on the river in Winter Park, Florida

I played with the colors of a Hummingbird. This is the same photo I posted earlier this week for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:

New colors for a Broad-tailed Hummingbird

:nd finally, here is a photo of birds sitting in a cypress tree in the middle of the river.  I guess I’m into the color blue today because I washed this image in blue:

A look at birds in a cypress tree in the middle of a river

I would really love your feedback on these photos – good or BAD feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

I’ve uploaded all these images here:



art and a miracle


The miracle of human creation, expressed with animations that will astonish you.

This video is by Ramos David, Evil Cat Productions titled Genesis.  It is so lovely, and the animations are so fine, I want to include it on my blog in perpetuity.


today, looking back at yesterday

Today I went to see a Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Fort Lauderdale (Florida) Museum of Art.  It was a terrific show…. I found myself laughing with joy at his whimsical images, and choked by tears at some others.  And each piece transported me back to a moment in my past, like stops on a rail car in a smoky but timeless (or time-free / care-free) dream.

It was both lovely and eerie to revisit the history of America from Rockwell’s point of view. I also saw the history of who I was, who I grew up to be.

Like so many people, I was enamored by Rockwell.  And today, at the exhibit, I found myself taking a walk down my past; down a road of my past where the Rockwell paintings were like road signs that both warned and informed, communicated and lectured, cajoled and harangued – mirroring moments of time that I had not thought of for a long while.  My high school prom, and first love; segregation where I grew up and my awareness of racial inequality, religion, softball games, dancing, theatre, and also, how awkward it was to grow up as a skinny tomboy.

The exhibit triggered all kinds of memories.  Some softly colored and nicely jeweled, some jagged turns – all of the good and weird and wild times.

Seeing Rockwell’s “Freedom of Religion” piece (the one with the many varied faces praying together but separately), reminded me of my inability to find religion -an inability to swallow it, whole.  Even from a young age, i viewed religion as an escape.  I still feel that way, though I respect and appreciate all religions, not one of them (and I have tried on many) fits my frame; so I don’t worry about it any more.

And then there’s the incredible Rockwell piece “Murder in Mississippi” – his famous depiction of the murder of three young men in Mississippi – Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney. The museum dedicated three walls to illustrate Rockwell’s process to create this gut wrenching masterpiece.

Rockwell worked exclusively on this piece for over five weeks (he generally worked on a quite a few projects at a time), and it consumed him with such fervor that he went so far as to study how blood spills out as a result of fatal or near-fatal injuries.  He was able to even get his hands on real human blood to create and depict the scene of these three young men being murdered.

I have many favorites from the Rockwell cornucopia, but there is one that is my special favorite. The “Golden Rule” (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you).

I haven’t seen this image in years, but I remembered how deeply it resonated with me then.  For years I have tried to make this Golden Rule my mantra.  I still try because I get it now… I get the Golden Rule.

Thank you Norman Rockwell for bringing me such joy again today

“Golden Rule”

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