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jail letters released show a pitiful cindy anthony

Other than the monumental decision by Judge Belvin Perry to let the 911 calls made by Cindy Anthony into the case in chief, there has been little to write about with regards to the Casey Anthony case.

Of course there is Jose Baez’s embarrassing pratfall  regarding a taped conversation he held with a prison inmate.  The Orlando Sentinel did a good job reporting this story.  You can read their report here.

In addition, the Orlando Sentinel ran an equally enticing story recently titled: Does Casey Antony’s Right to a Fair Trial Trump the Public’s Right to Know?

I have honestly wondered that, too.  But always come back to the fact that the Public does have a right to know!  Will the public’s appetite to chew every morsel inhibit the defense from finding jurors who can be fair and impartial?  No, it surely does not.  There are more people who know nothing about this case then there are people who read about it.

Casey Anthony will find fair jurors, I have no doubt about it.  Casey Anthony must have a fair trial and she will get it.  There will be (there is already) such scrutiny with regards to the goings on in this case – so many people scoping all the details with a magnifying glass, that a fair trial is assured for her.

Today’s Revelations

Back to the news of the day.  A plethora of documents were released today with regards to the case.  The WFTV website has the full details, and every document posted.

Among the documents are fascinating letters from Cindy Anthony to Casey.  I hope you will take the time to read these sad, pathetic letters from a mother who is desperately trying to convince herself of her daughter’s goodness, innocence, beauty, and friendship.

Cindy Anthony takes a mother’s devotion to another level as she painfully writes of her belief in her daughter, and in the fact that she believes Caylee is still alive.

The letters are painful to read as they are written by a soul so troubled that she is hanging her hopes on dreams.

Should you take a moment to read these letters you’ll see Cindy is in total denial.  Perhaps she is better off living in her dream and denial?

I am almost sorry for her though pity is more like it.

Here are Cindy’s letters:

1. After Casey’s elevator accident.

2. Discussion of using Baez Law Firm as return address

3. Betrayal, faith, and death (among other things)


Casey Anthony jail letters, River Cruz, and some bombshells

The letters that Casey wrote to two jailed friends are full of untruths and contradictions, and I’ve only read to page 12.

However, there is a great deal of startling information, too.  According to WFTV, Casey admits to using chloroform to put Caylee to sleep, and also claims her mother brought chloroform home.

Another startling revelation is Casey’s admissions of sexual abuse by her brother, Lee Anthony.

Abuse made me do it?

Casey claims that for three years her brother Lee Anthony sexually abused her.  She writes that it was only after telling her brother she’d kill him if he didn’t stop, that he did stop.

She also claims that her father “may” have abused her.  She claims that memories are coming back to her now and she is beginning to realize that her father was also sexually abusive towards her.

After telling her mother of Lee’s nocturnal visits to her bedroom, Casey writes that Cindy’s reaction to her disclosure about Lee’s abuse was “like a knife in the chest.”  Cindy allegedly, said to Casey: “So that’s why you’re a whore?”

I tend to believe that Casey was abused, but there are thousands of millions of abuse victims in this world who do not kill their own children.  For me, if this is indeed true, it makes me disgusted at Lee, but does not change my view about Casey.

George and River Cruz

According to WFTV, the interview with River Cruz reveals a great deal about the dynamics of the Anthony family.  (The transcript of that interview was also released today.)

George reportedly said that Cindy and Casey are just alike, and that Cindy has “battery acid running through her veins” (WFTV).

In addition, a security guard at River Cruz’s community verified that George Anthony was a frequent visitor there.

According to WFTV, River Cruz states that she and George were very close friends with whom he entrusted a great deal of information.  River Cruz told the detectives in her interview with them that George nearly choked Casey and said: “I know you killed her.  What did you do with her?”

Funny that George sings a new tune now.

You may access all the documents released today at this link:  Today’s Discovery & Casey Jail Letters

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