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Boedeker, Books and Blogging

In today’s Orlando Sentinel, there are two pieces by Hal Boedeker that are quite good.

I always enjoy reading Hal Boedeker’s take on the Casey Anthony saga – he’s so down to earth and asks questions that people want to talk about.  His columns on the Anthony story are always popular, always generating hundreds of comments.  There was a time when I’d read the comments with interest, I even commented once, too.  But as time wore on, the comments became so ugly and over the top, filled with such hateful vitriol that was (and still is) too bizarre for my taste.

But, Hal Boedeker’s work is always excellent; here are links to today’s two stories that contain interesting analysis from the lawyer analysts covering the trial.

  1. Analysis and Q and A with Bill Shaeffer, Richard Hornsby, Mark NeJame and Diana Tennis.
  2. Interview with Bill Shaeffer, who says trial was Soap Opera

It’s interesting how we just can’t stop talking about his case! It’s still an open book to be dissected.  When Boedeker discusses Anthony in a column, he’ll get hundreds and hundreds of comments.   Even when I write about the case, the number of visitors to my blog literally triples.   And when the trial began, starting with jury selection, and right up until the end, I’d receive well over two thousand visitors a day, often more.

It was really a weird feeling to know so many people read my thoughts….  I never expected that – ever.

A lot of blogs and media outlets experienced huge increases in Internet traffic as a result of this case. This was a good thing because most of the bigger blogs or media outlets are able to turn the Internet traffic into a bigger revenue stream for them. WordPress puts advertising on blogs like mine for the revenue stream, too.   I have no control over the ads you may see unless I want to pay WordPress to prevent them from posting their ads.   I’m more than happy to let them advertise!  I hope they make some money from their blog sites since they offer virtually everything on WordPress dot com completely free to the blogger.

Anyway, now I forget what the point of all this was going to be!

Oh yes, public interest in this story.  I’m still interested in the Anthony case, but not as before.  There are many days that I forget about it, and that’s good.

I stopped reading for pleasure when this case began.  Now I’ve started reading a lot again.  I read three books this week.   I finished the Jacyee Dugard book about her years of captivity; titled, “A Stolen Life: A Memoir.”   I’m glad I read it, but it was difficult to get through because of the extreme  suffering she lived with for so many years (she was abducted at age 11.)   I have a great respect for her and her will to survive.  It’s a very quick read, told in her own words, (without a Ghostwriter’s help), and for that I was impressed.

But the book I recommend so highly is “ROOM” by Emma Donoghue, written in 2010.  It is absolutely breathtaking.  The story is narrated by a five year old who was born as a result of his mother being abducted at age 19 and held prisoner in a shed in her captors backyard.  Her son, Jack, has never been outside the shed to experience the real world.  The relationship between mother and son is captivating; and the situation they’re in is made horrifying by their captor.

I don’t want to say too much about ROOM because I don’t want to spoil the story for you.

I  can’t decide what to read next!  I have so many lined up in my Nook just waiting to be devoured and even more on my book shelves, too.

Well, I think I’m going to read “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skoot next.

So, the weekend’s officially over now.   It was a great one, too:  Live Theatre, shopping, babysitting my niece, and reading…. perfect in every way!




a true hollywood story??

I always enjoy reading Hal Boedeker, the Orlando Sentinel “TV Guy.”   I enjoy how he gets so many thoughts and ideas into his stories while keeping them relatively short.

His most recent story on the Casey Anthony saga  is very interesting.  Like Hal, I wonder how the Casey Anthony story could be categorized by the E! network as a “True Hollywood Story.”

Photo credit: Wikepedia

Hollywood?  Does it even make sense?

There is something very tasteless about positioning this tragedy as a Hollywood scandal – assuming “scandal” is the angle they use.   If this the Casey Anthony story is “Hollywood” then King Kong is Swan Lake.

Hal provided quotes from some of Anthony’s former friends, Dorothy Sims, Michelle Bart, Zenaida Gonzalez, and others.

I want to include the quote Hal used from Zenaida because last night I wrote a post that was somewhat critical of the civil lawsuit, mostly because Morgan and Morgan have pushed the publicity envelope in such a dramatic way and it feels like it’s a theatrical event geared more toward advertising than a legitimate case.

But then I read this quote from Zenaida:

 It started going down like, ‘You’re a baby killer, you killed that baby.’ They were going to kidnap my daughters and see how I like [it] and then they started saying that they [were] going to kill them and they [were] going to send them to me in pieces in a box to my house and yeah. … I hate that part.

I didn’t realize the extent of the misery she suffered at the hands of horrible attacks.  I never realized that she was attacked to that extent.  It’s not easy to wrap my brain around people who would get their kicks out of attacking her in that way.   So, I am now of the mind that yes, Zenaida must be compensated.  However, if she did loose her job, I hope she pursues a lawsuit there, too.

Continued thanks to Hal the TV Guy, for his excellent reporting about the madness in this sad saga.


READ Hal Boedeker:


a must read Op Ed re: the verdict

I nearly missed writing a post tonight…. My inspiration to write today literally vanished from thin air. I just had a lazy day of reading on the couch… working on my XOOM.  Have you heard of the XOOM?  It’s just like the IPad, only it’s Andriod and made by Motorola.  I love it – it’s light and very handy.  I have my Nook Books loaded on it, too.

So that’s what I did today.

My cat is in my lap now after having escaped from my dog.  But, he’s heavy and hot and it’s not easy to type over his sprawling long body, and he’s practically hanging off my lap like a rag-doll.

The cat, (his name is Beau), won’t be on my lap for too long because Jazz is bound to find him any minute.  Once Jazz (my dog) realizes the cat is on my lap, Beau will be history.  But for now, Beau has a respite and he’s happy- purring loudly.

Jazz is my first dog and I never knew dogs could be so jealous. And I never realized how smart dogs are.  This is going to sound crazy, but I swear that Jazz sometimes reads my mind.

Oh, and Jazz is worse than a boyfriend; he loses his doggy-mind if I should even THINK about talking to another person in his presence.

It never fails, should I stop and chat with a neighbor as I’m taking him for a walk, he paws at my legs and demands to be picked up.  He literally bounces on his two back legs while his front two legs are pawing me.  He jumps so high on those back legs, too.  It’s kind of funny.  All I have to do is half-crouch so my legs become a lap, and he jumps from my lap to my arms until his tongue finds my face and, oh, the facial I get!

Jazz is even more jealous when other animals are near me.  When it’s Beau, my cat, or his furry cousins, Owen, the Cocker Spaniel, or Mazy, the Chihuahua are near me.  He’s just a crazy, prancing, jealous dog that I love like a child. He is my child!  I’m mad about him.  My days revolve around HIS schedule, don’t ya know!

Anyway, I wasn’t going to talk about the Casey Anthony case, but I read a wonderful Op-Ed in the New York Times about the verdict.

It’s an excellent observation of our system at work, written by Frank Bruni, titled, A Sordid Cast of Characters Around Casey Anthony.

Note – sorry for previously inserting the wrong link!  Here’s the (REAL) op-ed link:

The author, Frank Bruni, begins the opinion piece by stating:

AS a reflection of the criminal justice system, the not guilty verdict for Casey Anthony — who in all likelihood bore responsibility for her 2-year-old daughter’s death, but will never pay for that particular crime — was reassuring. Juries are supposed to presume the innocence of even the vilest defendants. Evidence must outweigh emotion. And in the end there simply wasn’t enough lucid, specific proof that Anthony had murdered her little girl.

It is definitely worth a read!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am putting the Casey Anthony story on the shelf for a while unless there’s something particularly interesting, like this article, that I want to talk about.

And, I wanted to discuss the fact that the Not Guilty One,  (or NGO), is going to be sprung in exactly one week, next Sunday to be exact.

Hal Bodeker, of the Orlando Sentinel, writes that the Defense team is promising that the NGO damsel of the defense will be whisked off as quickly as you can say NGO = to a place unknown.

Yes, Jose Baez told his bud, Geraldo Rivera, that the damsel will be treated to mental health treatment and therapy.

I’m glad to hear she’ll be getting help – she needs it, as we know.  Let’s hope she finds peace within her soul and lives out the rest of her life quietly…. maybe in a nunnery.

Let’s hope that this wannabe media princess, if there is any justice in this world, will go off into that good night never to be seen again.

I don’t think she’ll stay quiet for too long, but we can hope she will.  We can hope that she’ll become healthy enough to realize who she is and someday, after a lot of intensive introspection and therapy, she will mourn for her daughter.

I do hope redemption becomes her.


in the company of idiots?

Mr. Cheney Mason called us “idiot bloggers” today on the show In Session.

In the case of the State v. Casey Anthony case, the evidence against her looms large.  Despite the fact that the trial is looming, Casey Anthony’s own attorneys are using television to their own promotional advantage. Of course, this is a ploy to taint as many jurors as possible, which will delay the trial, which will hamper the memory of critical witnesses.  This is an age-old defense ploy.  It just may work, too.

Mr. Mason once said this case will be “fun.”  Fun for him?  Isn’t that nice. I hope he’s having fun now as his legitimacy fades.

Mr. Mason hates the local media. He believes in Casey Anthony’s innocence.  He thinks she’s nice, and bright.   He is especially proud of his tutelage of Jose Baez.

In one of Hal Boedeker’s two Orlando Sentinel blog posts today, he quotes Mr. Mason during his appearance on the television show, In Session:

Mason said he saw it as his job in the Anthony case to help and defend unfairly attacked lawyers. “I didn’t even know Mr. Baez initially,” Mason said. “Over a period of time, he would sometimes call or visit to ask for some suggestions or some advice from an old guy. I was more than willing to do that. It was all private. It went on for a very long time.”

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

~ Forrest Gump

Idiot Bloggers

Mr. Mason has a problem with bloggers.  He refers to people who observe and write about the State v. Casey Anthony proceedings, as “idiot bloggers.”

Likewise, I have a problem with a disingenuous lawyer who also happen to be an out-right bully.

You may remember when WFTV’s Kathi Belich and her camera crew attempted to interview Attorney Cheney Mason leaving the Orlando Courthouse.  Mr. Mason spat out harsh and unprofessional epitaphs at Ms. Belich, “You are the stupidest reporter on the face of the earth,” he shouted, hiding his face with his oversized umbrella.

People who are presumably well educated, as I would think Mr. Cheney is, do not make such misogynist statements in public.  A gentleman would say to Ms. Belich, “I have no comment at this time?”   Not Mr. Cheney.  Oh no.  Despite his fancy duds and his facade as a fine southern gentleman, he is a grown up, bona fide, bully!

Adult Bullies – They Come in All Sizes

What is it that encourages an adult to engage in bullying behavior?   The reasons are varied, and will change from bully to bully.

One constant, however, is the bully feels he or she is in the minority and must therefore assert his or her superiority in an exaggerated way.

With the “idiot bloggers” statement, and the scenario with Ms. Belich, Mr. Mason displayed typical bullying behavior – belittle the object of your contempt until they retreat.  Bullying is the only way insecure individuals can feel safe and secure.  Insecure people don’t feel safe and often lash out to protect themselves.  They don’t believe they can succeed at things.  They rarely trust themselves or their instincts, and generally don’t believe in themselves.

They bully when they feel insecure, or threatened; they will often exaggerate their abilities; feign confidence, when in reality, their self esteem is very low.

There is no question that the Casey Anthony case has exacerbated the bullying behavior of Mr. Mason.  With a case that’s falling apart more and more each day, his instinct is to go on the offense, no doubt.

Mr. Masson says about Casey Anthony, “she’s a nice human being; I have grandchildren almost her age.”  It is important for an attorney to like his or her client, which goes without saying, and he must look past her deeds in order to try her case, that is understood.  However, I find this next statement very telling, and very reprehensible.  In discussing why people dislike Casey Anthony, he said:

 …she is accused of killing her enormously cute little baby girl and people, who are unwilling to really believe in the presumption of innocence … are callous toward her, fed by the media day after day, don’t know her.

I would tell Mr. Mason that this idiot blogger does not have to believe in anyone’s innocence!  It is the jury, the Trier of Fact, who must look at Ms. Anthony as innocent until proven guilty.  But, I have absolutely no obligation to do the same, the  First Amendment assures me that promise.

I’m glad Mr. Cheney has “a very warm spot for” Casey Anthony.  Casey Anthony deserves attorneys who will believe in her, care about her, and fight to keep her off of death row.  I, however, have no obligation to believe any such fairy tale.

And I have an absolute right to tell you that my disgust is absolute.  The breed of defense attorney on this case makes my blood boil.  The law is the law, it’s not “Let’s Make a Media Deal”

The Media Has it Wrong On This One

I am likewise angry at certain media outlets who are thinking about making a buck off this case – raise the ratings, while a citizen is facing DEATH!

Where is the humanity in that?!

Casey Anthony is not a person I care one whit for, but I do not want her put to death.  Ironically, these pompous defense attorneys, if Casey is sentenced to death, will be to blame.  Try living with that Mr. Baez – will you still enjoy your visits with Geraldo then?

It was completely sickening that neither Mr. Baez or Cheney would stand up for their client yesterday, May 2nd, when the Media Attorney, Judith Mercier finished her babbling argument on behalf of the media.

The fact that both attorney’s sat there like bumps on a log, and SAID NOTHING until Judge Perry pressed Mr. Baez, was gross.

You know why they wanted to stay silent?  Despite what you may think, these two attorneys, Baez and Cheney are not stupid!  They know that an appeal would be a gift to them.  It would be precious to them!  They want this appeal – if they think we’re fooled, “they have another thing coming,” as my mom used to say!

“I am Mad as Hell and I Don’t Want to Take it Anymore!”

The last thing I want to rant about, leaving the worst for last, is a statement that Mr. Mason made that is foul, insensitive, and completely uncouth.

When Mason was asked about the “31 days” he said that will be answered during the trial, but went on to say the following:

Does it make people prejudiced against her? Yes. If the child were unlawfully killed, then the crime ended when she was killed. The next day, the next week, the next month really is kind of irrelevant to what happened.

If the child were unlawfully killed, he says, the time is kind of irrelevant

I would ask you, what kind of person – what kind of lawyer would be so callous as to refer to the child victim in this case in that way?

Idiots. Total Idiots.

The two Boedeker Posts:

Cheney Mason wanted to help Jose Baez

Casey Anthony: ‘Very likeable and very bright,’ Cheney Mason says


Bad Baden

So, we got a little preview of the much maligned 48 Hours Mystery show, titled: “Only Casey Knows,” as seen on ClickOrlando (WKMG).  Link to video preview.

Beware, this preview is a despicable example of lawyers who have lost their minds.  These lawyers are crazy.  Every single  one of them (with the exception of Anne Finnel), is nuts.

In his column today (link), Hal Boedeker explains that the airing of this show is raising eyebrows and calling into question whether this kind of reporting is ethical.  Does this show undermine our system of justice – before the system has a chance to work?  CBS doesn’t think so.  They have no shame.

The jury system, though not perfect, it is our system and tainting it goes against principle in every sense.  Let’s just put the jury system on hold to try the Casey Anthony case.

Sure!  Why not!

We have a jury system for a reason.  Trials should not be argued in the media, unless juror bias is the goal.

Clearly that HAS to be the goal here.

In most instances, lawyers shy away from the media since anything they say can be distorted, or misconstrued, causing harm to their client.  It’s a no brainer.  The more information in the media, the greater the chance of undermining a case – allowing untruths and rumors to muddy the waters and hurt a case.

But, if you’re Baez and Cheney and you have no case, well, you need those muddy waters.

Like desperate bottom feeders, the goal is to attract potential jurors, trying to change their sensibilities.

Also, the defense wants to get Casey Anthony’s “testimony” out in the public domain without her taking the stand.

Which story will they float?  Will it be one of these:

  • The brother abused Casey so she lost her mind?
  • The grandfather was an abuser, therefore he’s a murderer that Casey ran from?
  • It was a pool accident?
  • Jesse Grund took her?
  • Asphyxiation via duct tape was done by a kidnapper?
  • The grandfather did it?
  • The uncle did it?
  • The grandmother did it?
  • A cute little Martian from Planet (Up) Uranus did it?

Pick your poison.

What are the problems with all these excuses?  First, none of them are true, and second, not a thread of evidence points to anyone but the defendant.

Now, the defense could ask George, Lee, Cindy, or John Doe if they had anything thing to do with the death or disappearance of Caylee and plant the seed that perhaps there’s another story.   But it will fool no one.

Maybe Casey will take the stand to explain away what happened?  She’s a darn good liar, this we know.  Could she pull it off?

Fat chance.

Most defense attorneys, when they interview a client to determine whether to accept their case, immediately tell the client, “I don’t want to know if you did it (the crime).”  The reason for this is simple.  A lawyer could NOT legally put a client on the stand if they know the client will commit perjury under oath.

The defense knows Casey is guilty, but if she has maintained her innocence, they could put her on the stand, I suppose, but they shouldn’t.

The defense is not above creating stories or hypotheticals, pretending that a child who was double bagged and dumped like trash in the woods, was not murdered.  They can try to pretend the smell of decomposition in a trunk is really garbage, or make 31 days partying seem like an act of contrition or penance, but it won’t work.

In the 48 Hours preview, Linda Kenney Baden, says about the Zanny the Nanny story, “I think everyone knows that that was a lie. Her actions have been her own worst enemy.”  First of all, why would the defense want this statement out in the public?  Is it to suggest that Casey is now telling the truth about everything?  Create the sense that she’s now telling the truth so the defense lawyers can say, a liar doesn’t a murderer make?

In Hal Boedeker’s story in the Orlando Sentinel, he speaks with Bob Jarvis, a professor of law at Nova Southeastern University, who discusses Linda Kenney Baden’s statement about “Zanny the Nanny” story never being true:

One of the ethics rules is that you be fair to the court and not impede the administration of justice.  You can make an argument that by going on TV that you’re poisoning the jury pool and you’re making it harder to seat an unbiased jury. Even if you’re a former attorney, you’re an officer of the court. This is a duty you have to the judge.

Cheney Mason is having too much fun to be bothered by ethics or fairness in the face of the Court, or in the name of justice.  Jose Baez has too much to loose if this case implodes – justice be damned.

Now, let’s get real here.  The defense lawyers can pretend and pontificate until they’re blue in the face, or until our Martian from Planet (Up) Uranus lands in the courtroom and cops to the crime.


Shameful CBS

It doesn’t get any lower than this.  Well, given the defense team, it could get much lower.  I’m referring to the 48 Hours CBS show that is scheduled to air Saturday.

Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel, got the inside scoop and wrote about the show today.  The show, he said,  used mock jurors and presented them with who knows what information, and this mock group agrees to acquit Casey Anthony.  Yes, acquit her!

If that is not pure propaganda, I don’t know what is.

The only way this mock group could vote to acquit is if they did not hear both sides of the story, the evidence that points in one direction only –  and it’s not towards acquittal.

This is total distortion and the airing of this PROPAGANDA is clearly for purposes that are salacious and dishonest. The defense, says Hal, is not involved with the mock jury, but they are aware of the results.

By using this mock jury, CBS is making a mockery of the justice system in the United States.  It’s just wrong on so many levels!

In Hal’s story (story link), he spoke with a representative from the venerable Poynter Institute and got their take on the situation. The Poynter Institute is a revered journalism organization – you don’t get any better than Poynter for research, teaching, and learning about journalism.

In Hal’s article, there is a statement by Al Tompkins, an instructor at Poynter, in which he calls the situation and the upcoming 48 Hours show, “Shameful.”  He goes on to say:

We have a system in the United States that works pretty well. It’s a system of discovery, of hearings, of cross examinations, and it’s worked pretty darn well for a long time. We have no business trying this case.

Tompkins went on to say:

When do we finally allow the court system to work? If we believe there’s a miscarriage of justice, let’s expose it. We can allow the jury to hear a case and adjudicate it before we turn it into a drama.

I do hope that Judge Perry weighs in on this situation and puts it in the record on Friday.  I tend to think he will.

When all is said and done, the defense still has no case despite the fairy tale they want to put out to a Florida jury.  They have no case. Period.  End of story.

Here’s the information to lodge your concerns to CBS and one of their sponsors:

Leave your criticism and comments here:

This is the link to the CBS blog relating to the show, it is flooded with comments.

This is the facebook page linking to the only sponsor revealed for the show so far, Breathe Right:


hungry for those defense depos?

Does it make you mad that we have not been privy to all the defense depositions that were recently released?  My nose is out of joint!  But, I do understand the media needs to make money.

Apparently most media outlets had an appetite for the defense depositions that were filed on Friday, March 18th, though they have not published them, they DID obtain them.  Here’s the kicker:  The cost per page is $1.00, which is a bit of cash for each media outlet to dole out for this feast.

The Orlando TV news stations are very competitive – they all want ratings, as well as website “hits” to lure more advertisers., which has  been, in my opinion, the best source for news on the case, is holding the depositions back, even though, the day they received them, they promised to post them.  Of course, they never did.

WESH talked about the depositions in a story, but never posted any documents.

The Central Florida News – 13 Station, another media player, developed a strategy.  They are releasing bits and pieces of the depositions on their website, preceded by some fanfare, for a return on their $3000 investment in purchasing the transcripts.  Smart of them?  I think so.  Their numbers (ratings) will increase, which means more advertising money rolling in for them.

Hal Boedeker, TV Guy, Orlando Sentinel, wrote a story about this today on his Orlando Sentinel blog.  Here’s the link to the story.

Hal tells us that, yes, all the 3000 and some odd pages of depositions were filed with the Clerk of Court on Friday – the same day as the big news about the two recent show-stopper court decisions – the Miranda ruling, and the Agents of the State ruling. The rulings were a bigger news story, apparently, though the depositions – to our hungry appetite for information – was big news, too!

The Robyn Adams Deposition

Robyn was the friend Casey made early on in her incarceration.  As you may remember, Robyn saved most of the notes and letters that she and Casey shared.  Instead of “flushing them” she mailed them to a friend for safe keeping, most likely realizing the letters would be useful someday, though she claims that Casey and the jail experience was an important part of her life, and she wanted the letters as reminders of days past.  Plus, she said, she  saves everything.

The Central Florida News-13 station published a very tiny portion (19 pages), of the Robyn Adams deposition.  There is very little “news” other than the revelation from Robyn that she thought Casey had a good heart. This upsets my digestion, but, to each his own.

Robyn recounts that, when it was thought that Caylee’s remains were found at J. Blanchard Park (it was big news at the time), Casey told Robyn it was not Caylee.

But then, on December 11th, when poor Caylee’s remains were found, Robyn says:

Robyn: When — when investigators found Caylee, before the remains were identified as Caylee, that night was a rare occasion where we did not speak. (Notice, she says “investigators” found Caylee.  She is unaware of Kronk.  Inmates have limited access to news in the jail)

Baez: Why is that?

Robyn: She didn’t want to speak at all. She didn’t want to talk to anybody.

Later in the transcript, Robyn says:

Robyn: That night, I was watching TV, and I saw them — they had roadblocks up and everything. And they said that — they were showing news from prior — from earlier in that day, and they said they had found remains not far away from her house in Orlando in a wooded area.  And I wanted to talk to her that night.  I wanted to talk to her that night because I wanted to know that she was okay.  I wanted to see if she needed anything that I could possibly give to her, even if it’s just a hand to hold, I guess.

And then later:

Baez:  Okay.  And you said you spoke to Casey the following evening?

Robyn: Yes.

Baez:  Okay. How did that communication occur?

Robyn:  She was in rare form.  She — her eyes were bloodshot. She had been  — she was hysterical.  She was a mess. She was a mess.

Baez: Okay. How did that communication occur though?

Robyn:  Through the door.

Baez:  Okay. So did Officer Hernandez allow you to get out?

Robyn: Yes.

Baez:  Okay. And she allowed you to go and have communication with Casey through her door?

Robyn: Yes.

Baez: Okay. And what did Casey tell you?

Robyn: Casey said that they found — found the body in this wooded area of her house.

Baez:  Did she say what was the condition of her body

RobynShe said it was in a black bag and a baby blanket, is what they found.

Baez: She say anything else, anything more than that?

Robyn:  No, she didn’t

Baez:  And what did you say?

Robyn: All I could say was, I’m — I’m sorry, maybe that’s  — maybe it’s not her, maybe it’s not Caylee.

Baez:  And what was her response to that?

Robyn: She was just crying.  She just kept crying.

Robyn didn’t realize the significance of Casey’s telling her about the “black bag and the baby blanket,” but everyone else involved with the case understood what it meant.  Only the person who placed the baby in the black bags with the baby blanket, would know these details.  Only the killer would know.

This is a very damning piece of testimony that will be critical to the State’s case.  Although putting a jail inmate on the stand is always dicey, this testimony will not be a problem, I don’t think.  The Jury will have insight into the relationship between Robyn and Casey as a result of the letters between the two of them.  The letters tend to make the relationship more credible, and important to the both of them.

Later in the interview, Robyn tells Baez (and Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane-Burdick were also present), that Casey hinted that her parents may be involved in Caylee’s death.  You’ll find this on page 45 of the transcript.

I’ve included all the links (below) to the tidbits that have been released thus far by Central Florida News – 13.

We can only hope that WFTV gives us the whole feast of depositions soon.

These appetizers are fine, but it leaves me still hungry for more!

  • Robyn Adams transcripts: Click here.
  • Brian Burner: Click here.
  • Michael Vincent (OCSO CSI) Click here.
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