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Postscript: Lose a granddaughter, a daughter, all respect, and now a house? (what else could possibly plague this family?)


After sleeping on this topic overnight, I awake to this fact: I honestly cannot recall reading any factual basis from any source that the Anthony’s have profited from Caylee’s death.  I have read the columns and the opinions of so many who believe this is fact, but like Marinade Dave points out, until we have FACTS, let us not judge this too harshly.

Well, at least not yet.

As I alluded to in my earlier post, the mounting foreclosures impacting millions of Americans is FACT, and it is surely not surprising that given the FACT that both Cindy and George, who have not worked in over a year, are  struggling just like millions of Americans.

So, allow me to hold at bay my cynicism at their “sympathy ploy” as I can’t possibly know the truth here.  It is just the cynicism about the case that makes me crazy, but I have to be even-keeled here and wait until all the facts are out before passing judgment.

A FACT: The Anthony’s surely would not want to lose the home where they have such deep memories of both their daughter and granddaughter.

I think this is how I’d like to be treated if I were in the Anthony’s shoes.

Please read this post by Dave:

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