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“off with his (cracked) head?”

Update:  August 27th, 2013. A great deal has happened in my part of the world since the terribly sad outcome of the George Zimmerman trial. Read more »


“off with his (cracked) head?”

Update:  August 27th, 2013.

A great deal has happened in my part of the world since the terribly sad outcome of the George Zimmerman trial.

I wrote about Zimmerman in the past, the article below I wrote in April, 2012.   I wanted to write about the Zimmerman case, as I had written about the Casey Anthony trial, but couldn’t bring myself to do it – knowing that once I started, I wouldn’t be able to stop.

That may sound odd, but the truth is, the horribleness of this case, and now its outcome, is terribly depressing.  Life is hard enough, I thought then, why go down that road of despair?  How could I write everything that needs to be said about the case and the verdict?

It’s too important to be taken lightly or to simply “blog” about.

I feel that writing about this moment in history is so serious and would take such devotion on my part, that I’d need to give it my full, undivided, attention – to do it justice.

So, instead of writing about it, I let it simmer in me.

The simmer – what I feel is not exactly “rage”, but its cousin.

I think of this case and its outcome every single day and now, today, Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s lead defense attorney, is asking the state of Florida to cover Zimmerman’s bill! Yes, a million would cover it, thank-you-very-much-Florida.

So, I’m outraged more.  Paying Zimmerman’s legal bill????


It’s UNFAIR.  At least on moral ground.  As for legal ground, I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer. It must be legal for O’Mara to ask, and I don’t blame him for asking – that’s what lawyers do.  But, shouldn’t O’Mara at least try to walk on a higher ground?  Couldn’t he let the people of Florida get over this before pouring salt into this still bleeding wound?  Haven’t we suffered enough over this terrible tragedy?

Makes me angry. Really angry.

Zimmerman never apologized, as far as I know. And during the trial, he never showed one ounce of remorse for the murder (it will always be murder no matter what the verdict of 6 people.) of a defenseless young teenager.

A child with loving parents. Strong parents. Good parents.

The jury didn’t see Trayvon the child.  They didn’t see him for the child he was; they saw him as a young hoodie-wearing-soon-to-be-hoodlum-because-they-knew-that’s-what-all-young-black-men-are.

Had the jury thought of Trayvon as THEIR son, as THEIR child, I don’t think they could have let Zimmerman walk away, get away, with murder.

No. The jury didn’t see their child.  They didn’t see their duty to protect this child – their child.

The jury saw a young black man, probably up to no good, and a good, upstanding man with a license to kill, doing what good white men do – stand their ground because they have a gun to do it with.

What does this say to young men today? It says: Beware – you are targets in Florida.  Don’t drink your Arizona Ice Tea or your Skittles while black.

I have friends who, over the years, have referred to their status as a citizen behind the wheel of an automobile (especially an expensive car), as “Driving While Black.”  They have to be hyper-vigilant and it’s incredibly sad – beyond the beyond of disgusting.

It’s a given that young black men are racially targeted; it’s a given they are profiled; it’s a given they are increasingly disadvantaged economically and socially, but must we pour more money to the Gun-toting Southern white man’s sense of superiority?

Let’s give more money to the cracker-ass white men like Zimmerman who think nothing of starving their beast.

But, don’t get me started.

April 2, 2012: In Richard III, one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, the character of Richard – who will do anything to be King of England – accuses Lord Hastings of all things foul, and thus Hastings is murdered.

In a video revealed today by ABC News, George Zimmerman’s head (as he’s being led out of a police car), appears injured and red.  Does the fact that Zimmerman appears to have an injured head make any difference?

No. No. A thousand times, no.

Photo by Getty, courtesy Huffington Post.

However, it IS important insofar as it supports Zimmerman’s claim to have acted in self-defense, claiming he’d been  attacked by Trayvon Martin.

Yeah. And, so what?

As we know, Zimmerman claims he shot Trayvon Martin in self defense, stating that the young man, armed with a very dangerous bag of Skittles, pounded his head into the ground and bloodied his nose……

Wait.  Back up.  We don’t know if that is true or not!  And even if it is true, so what?!

Like the sign the guy in the above photo is holding – “They never stop & frisk old white guys like me.”  (I love that he’s wearing a blindfold like Lady Justice in the photo.)

It’s true.  We live in the land of the free, where people, no matter who they are, should be able to walk down any street while eating candy as it rains.

Just My Opinion:

Here’s what I think may have happened that night:

  1. Zimmerman sees a young man in his neighborhood that he does not recognize and calls the police.  Why?  Because Zimmerman realizes that the boy is black.  Strike one against Trayvon, he’s walking while black.  Clearly in Zimmerman’s mind that spells trouble.
  2. While Zimmerman is talking to the police operator, during his first call, it sounds like he’s walking.  Was he following Trayvon?  (Oh, he’s following in self-defense – that’s right, I forgot that detail.)
  3. Trayvon surely must sense that he’s being followed, or stalked by a man he doesn’t recognize.
  4. Does Trayvon fear Zimmerman because he’s white?  Possibly.  But more likely, he’s afraid because he’s being watched and followed.  I would be terrified.
  5. Zimmerman hangs up with the dispatch, talks to the Police who tell him NOT to take action.
  6. Does Zimmerman continue to stalk / follow Trayvon?  Does Zimmerman get too close?  Does he purposely appear threatening?  Does he brandish his gun?
  7. If Zimmerman brandished his gun, Trayvon may have, in a fight for his life, attempted to disable Zimmerman – separate him from his gun, to save his young life.
  8. Did Zimmerman lay hands on Trayvon maybe to question him?  Why?  He’s not a police-person.
  9. Common sense tells me Zimmerman was likely holding his gun.  People who carry guns do so because they want to use them. That’s just common sense, right?
  10. Did Trayvon see that gun and try to save his life by jumping on Zimmerman to try to disarm him?
  11. Was Zimmerman too strong for Trayvon?
  12. Did Trayvon, realizing he is no match against Zimmerman, now try to run away to save his life?  Or did he fall, screaming out and afraid of the man and the gun?

These things we may never really know, but we do know that Trayvon was crying out, afraid that he was going to be shot.  Who shoots to kill someone who’s unarmed and crying?

I will not go so far as to say Zimmerman murdered the young Trayvon because I do not know what really happened.  I only know there is something very wrong and a young man with an Ice Tea and a bag of candy should not be gunned down.

Florida and it’s NRA – written, Jeb Bush backed “Stand Your Ground” law is horrifying, senseless, and unconstitutional as far as I am concerned. The Second Amendment to the Constitution did not want a bunch of Zimmerman’s running around, in my opinion.

So, I won’t say “Off with his head,” about Zimmerman.  If he’s guilty of manslaughter or murder, he’ll have his day in court.  He’ll face Florida laws, which is what I’m afraid of.


Let Justice for Trayvon Shine

I’ve been very upset about the Trayvon Martin tragedy.  I’ve started to write about it a few times, but I end up so angry and frustrated that I have to walk away from the computer.

That poor child, all of seventeen, had not even begun to live his life!  A handsome and bright-eyed boy full of promise….. and he’s gone, in the rain.  Guilty of wearing a hoodie.  Guilty of walking while black down a Stanford Florida street teeming in ignorance.  The ignorance of the Neanderthal white man cannot be tolerated!

There was the sad and tragic case of Emmitt Till.  And now, some sixty, or so, years later, we have another tragedy born of the same white Neanderthal ignorance.

Jeb Bush and his ilk are nearly as guilty of the death of Trayvon Martin as is the Florida nutcase who pulled the trigger.  Zimmerman was made bold by the 2005 Stand Your Ground law in that says it’s okay to shoot when threatened.  But Zimmerman was NOT threatened, as we all now realize.  Zimmerman clearly murdered this young man in cold blood.  In Cold Blood.  This law is being misconstrued to call a “perceived” threat a real threat.  That’s what Zimmerman believed – he perceived he was threatened by a young man in a hoodie, in the rain.

This Florida law, so despicable, disgraceful and bold is often misunderstood with TRAGIC consequences that are too many to list here.

I remember 2005 and the arguments about this law’s passage.  I remember being outraged by it.  And I remember feeling hopeless because Jeb Bush was then Governor of Florida.  Need I say more?  (Jeb’s middle name may as well be NRA.)

If you live in Florida, as I do, you know the harm that Republicans like Jeb have done in this state.   Just as his brother did so much damage to the United States, so too did Jeb to Florida.

I wrote about a similar situation last year about the NRA drafting a Florida bill.  (That’s no typo – yes, the NRA helped write a Florida bill.)  I kid you not.

The Florida law makers make gun laws like the Wild Wild West because they believes more guns will improve the crime problem.

Below is a snippet from my blog post.  To read the full post, click Oh, That NRA Second Amendment.

….lawmakers in Tallahassee are pushing a new gun bill that is backed / written by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The purpose of the bill?  To loosen current regulations on the use of gun and ammunition ownership, and to prohibit lawmakers in Florida from fashioning stricter gun laws that would change or supersede the law.

Senator Joe Negron (R), has been working with the NRA for six months to craft this bill.  Negron said it’s entirely coincidental that this bill was filed this week while the tragedy in Tuscon was unfolding.

As if that is not bad enough, Senator Greg Evers (R), and Rep. Jason Brodeur (R) filed identical bills that would make it a felony for health care professionals (doctors or any medical provider), to inquire about whether a patient has access to firearms.

Currently in Broward County, a three day waiting period (a “cooling off” period) is in place, and has been law since 2001.  Negron’s bill would do away with the cooling off period entirely.  In addition, the law would prohibit all lawmakers from making changes to the gun laws once this bill is in effect.  All of Florida would have to abide by one state gun law, one standard as opposed to variations from county to county.

Trayvon’s blood is on the hands of the good ole boys of Florida.

How many more young black men have to be killed???  The media and the politicians might call this tragedy a “culture” issue.  I call it a hate crime.  I call it murder.

I can’t write anymore …..

Below are flowers for the Martin family, and for all of us who grieve….  I named this photo, Shine Shine Shine!  Let justice shine for Trayvon, and soon.

Photo by Andrea O'Connell, 2012. All rights reserved



casey anthony video diary is calculating, shallow but authentic

-Surprise, surprise…. she’s baaaaack!   And, in an oh-so-calculating, monotone and self-promoting way that only Casey Anthony could deliver.

She says, “I’m so excited,” like you or I would say, “I like cold beer.”

This YouTube video diary of Casey Anthony donning a sports bra, her bobbed hair dyed blond, and wearing tinted glasses, has surfaced and has gone viral in the media.

One of her lawyers, says the Orlando Sentinel, has confirmed it is indeed the queen herself, but the video’s release was (cough, cough) unauthorized – An unknown account was hacked into, they say.  Okay…..

Watch the video and listen to the number of “bleeps” which indicate names having been dubbed over.  If this video of Casey-loving-Casey and her toys, was hacked, the audio would not be edited with bleeps.  A hacker wouldn’t attempt to edit what he or she steals.

I am convinced this is a manipulative publicity stunt – no accident.  Casey Anthony is savvy with computers and the Internet and would not “accidentally” release something she didn’t want to release.

She alluded detection for 31 days while her child was “missing,” she kept her mouth shut for three years of jail confinement, therefore I don’t think she’d make the mistake and ooops, release her diary!

Hacked?  Truly I don’t believe it for a minute!  This is Casey promoting Casey as only Casey can – in a an icky self-loving show of “look at me now with my new toys.”  She’s talking about her new life, she’s very satisfied with herself, too.  Her monotone drone, however, belies the fact that she’s a happy camper.  She needs attention – really wants it badly.  She wants us to know, she’s cool, she’s down with it, she’s hip and ready to play again in life, because life is normal now that she “actually owns things.”

She’s as shallow as a washed up shell.

It’s a bid for attention; she missed it, needs it.

It’s sad.

What a waste.


an interview with the Honorable Stan Strickland

Read more »


a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

Though tomorrow is not where the journey begins – it began on June 16, 2008, the day Caylee died – it feels like it’s going to be a new journey, doesn’t it?

Here we are, on the eve of the first day of the Casey Anthony trial, and the Defense team is readying their ammo, polishing their guns in hopes their big moment on the stage is not “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” (Shakespeare, Macbeth)

These words are uttered by the character Macbeth after hearing of his wife’s death.  He is in despair and speaks as if life means nothing – it is a petty show with bad actors, he says.

Macbeth goes on to say how easily life can be snuffed out, like a candle, leaving not even a shadow behind.

Macbeth’s monologue came to me this evening as I was thinking of what the defense team could possibly come up with in their opening statement.  They are going to have to fill the courtroom with a sound and a fury that signifies SOMETHING.

What will they pretend happened to Caylee?

Jose Baez is so sure we’ll be shocked when we hear the reasoning behind what happened. Everything will be understood then, he told us. The mystery will be solved.

BUT… there’s a small problem… Casey will have to testify!

Casey cannot testify.  It would be suicide.  Her performance will be the tale told by an idiot because the State would rip her apart so easily, it would be child’s play.

Some legal pundits say Casey will take the stand;  it’s her only hope, they say.  I say, no way, unless the case is going so badly for the defense that is the final Hail-Mary.

We will know soon enough what tale they will tell….

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Doesn’t Shakespeare seem to be talking about the bombast of the Defense in this case?

The quote is meant to portray what happens in a badly staged play with melodramatic, bombastic actors who are so bad they beg to be forgotten.

If some events in life are like a bad play, so too is a liar in a court of law.

So many of us have been glued to the events in this case.  We are desperate for the truth to be known, desperate that a child’s death is avenged, desperate to know if the defense has any legitimacy in what they will say happened to Caylee.

Though the defense will tell us there was no homicide, hence no murder, the very fact that a child was placed in trash bags; double-bagged, duct-taped, and thrown in the woods to rot, has to be seen as murder by the jury.  We heard these jurors – none of them are stupid!

There are millions of words in our collective lexicon.  What words could the defense put together to explain what happened in this case? What possible story-book theory could they possibly write?

Defense Theory One

Will they say it was an accident “that spun out of control” just as George Anthony told River Cruz?   If so, the Defense could suggest:

  • Casey and Caylee were in the pool when Casey becomes distracted by a phone call.  Caylee drowned, Casey panicked.
  • Efforts to revive Caylee are unsuccessful; Casey was too in shock to call 911.
  • Furthermore, Casey is afraid to tell her parents what happened – especially her father who has abused her and has beat her silly.
  • Likewise, Casey is afraid of her mother who tried to choke her the night before the accident happened.
  • Casey used kidnapping as an excuse – she saw on TV how to stage a kidnapping, using duct-tape.
  • She threw Caylee near the road on Suburban believing that she would eventually be found and kidnapping would be the motive.
  • Casey knows how to disassociate trauma and put it aside, not to be thought of again.  She disassociated during the 31 days.
  • As far as the chloroform?  Casey saw the graphic that Ricardo put on his webpage (which suggest a man can get a woman to succumb using chloroform).  Casey didn’t know what it meant and Googled what it meant.
  • The searches for neck-breaking?  Casey suffered a very sore neck and thought a bone in her neck may have been broken.

The Reality?

Casey cared nothing for Caylee; Casey killed Caylee to torture her mother.

To get this accident theory before the jury, Casey would have to testify.

Defense Theory Two

Casey has multiple personalities that have gone undiagnosed all her life.  It was not “Casey” who committed the crime, it was another personality.

Within Casey there is a personality who steals, parties, and is a very bad girl.

Oh yes, one personality is a party girl, and there is another one who is a good little girl – obedient and sweet.

Of course, the only way evidence of multiple personalities could be used?  A psychologist would have to have diagnosed her as having this condition.  However, this information would be discoverable.  If the State was not made aware of this, the Defense will not be allowed to use it.

The Reality?

Casey cared nothing for Caylee; Casey killed Caylee to torture her mother.

Defense Theory Three

  • There was terrible argument between Casey and Cindy the night before Caylee’s death – Cindy came close to murdering Casey.
  • Casey left the home that evening, but returned early, in time to leave “for work.”
  • She went to “work” (She lied about “work” because she lost her job and was afraid to tell her abusive parents.)
  • Casey left Caylee with George.
  • George and Caylee went swimming – (back to the drowning accident scenario in theory number one).
  • George tries to revive Caylee, is unsuccessful.
  • Casey returns to house, having forgotten something, and sees the scene.
  • George threatens to kill or maim or abuse Casey if she reveals what happened to Caylee.
  • Casey sacrifices her life for her father.  She is so afraid of her murderous father, she would rather do jail time than tell anyone what her dad did to her daughter.

The Reality?

Casey cared nothing for Caylee; Casey killed Caylee to torture her mother.

What ever the story, the tale they tell will be told by an idiot and it will signify nothing.


mugs and sloths

The end of the world didn’t occur after all and Casey Anthony was booked back into the Orange County Jail this weekend.

After having spent two weeks in Clearwater, Florida to select a jury, her first-degree  murder trial is set to begin at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.

This bus is moving on, at long last, with opening statements.  There will be gobs of road-kill under this bus by the time the trial has concluded.  The ones who have to worry about being thrown under?   The Anthony family.  They appear to have thrown Caylee Marie Anthony under the bus, in favor of Casey Anthony.  It’s only fitting they smell the diesel, too.

And isn’t it interesting that the Anthony family wants to trademark these very words: “Justice for Caylee.”   One can only presume they want these words out of the public domain because Justice for Caylee amounts to prosecuting their own daughter, Casey.

To those of us following this case, when we use the phrase “Justice for Caylee,” we use it in reference to an outcome to a trial in which Casey Anthony is held responsible and must answer for her actions by a sentence imposed by the Court.

When the Anthony’s use the phrase “Justice for Caylee,” what are they saying?  We know they are not using this phrase in reference to their daughter.  What does justice for Caylee mean to them?

I believe they know what justice for Caylee means, and that is why they want the phrase out of the public domain.  They will never use those words. They cannot.

Any Hail-Mary’s coming?

I wonder if there will be any last minute, Hail-Mary motions from the defense tomorrow (Monday), seeking to to delay the inevitable start of the trial?

The defense team of Jose Baez and Cheney Mason, (who are, in my estimation, like a Grandfather and Grandson team of ne’er-do-wells), are always ready to throw some kind of wrench into the proceedings at the eleventh hour of any crucial courtroom event.  What will these two sloths try to pull on Monday?

Will the team of Cheney and Baez accept the inevitable arrival of Tuesday, May 24th?

Don’t you just bet they were hoping the world was ending on Saturday, May 21st?  Maybe they were just hoping that the collective memories of everyone involved in the Caylee Anthony crusade for justice would somehow be erased from consciousness along with the Orange County Jail?

I think so.  Well, here’s what I say to that:


Pictured above is an eight-month-old baby sloth named “Camillo.”  She yawns while pictured at  the zoo in Halle, eastern Germany. In the wild, sloths live mainly in tropical rainforests of Central and South America.  (Orlando Sentinel, 5/21/2011)

New mug - Orange County, Florida

Pictured above is a 25 year old female Casey Anthony, recently booked back into the Orange County Jail.  In the wild, this female sloth was known to enjoy “the beautiful life,” until fate intervened to wipe the party-girl, beautiful-life-grin off her once happy face.

This sloth has known better days.  She is the spitting image of a human being without remorse, without feelings for others; having a total lack of humanity or care  for others, she begs to regain her freedom-loving partying days.

We’ve come a long way, baby!

It’s not difficult to remember the the events that unfolded back in mid-July, 2008.  I recall seeing pictures of a smiling Casey Anthony, in her blue jersey top (which she purchased from Target, I believe, using Amy Huizenga’s stolen money), and I thought: What a pretty girl, what a shame!  And, then seeing the photos of the beautiful child who was missing, was heartbreaking!  I heard Caylee Anthony’s little voice saying “Momma-Papa” hundreds of times on news reports.

Then came the reports of the mother, Casey Anthony, being jailed!  I thought something must be wrong with that picture!  How could anyone jail the mother of a missing two-year old?  What is this world coming to, I thought!

It took days for the picture to emerge for me – I didn’t want to believe it.   However, it didn’t take very long for the total picture to morph into an image of evil that was unimaginable.

Like so many others, I got completely hooked on the evolving story.  First, the jail-house videos emerged, then the police reports; then the Grandmother was on the news constantly and she seemed odd, but sympathetic.

When the picture began to really focus in on the family – the video-taped police and FBI interviews with both grandparents who seemed to have starkly different views of what occurred – it was apparent that there was more to this family than meets the eye, but never once did I even think they could be involved in harming their Granddaughter, Caylee.  However, it was clear to me then, just as it clear to me now, they were covering; attempting to paint the picture of their dysfunctional family as squeaky clean.

When Cindy Anthony was interviewed by Yuri Melich and Eric Edwards, early on in the case, they handled her with kid-gloves despite her mono-toned and flat affect.  When Cindy Anthony became belligerently opposed to her daughter having anything to do with the crime, Yuri Melich took such kind control of Cindy – I was so impressed as he grabbed Cindy’s hands and whispered over and over to her, “listen, listen, listen, listen, listen to me.”

Cindy has never listened to the truth.  George Anthony heard the truth initially but even he was leery of telling his full truth, as he and his family would have to reveal facts about their conduct that would not align with two grieving grandparents.

Lee knew more than he was telling, too. What will Malory, Lee’s girlfriend, reveal?  Will she add details that will fill-in some of the missing pieces?  How well did she know Casey?

The State of Florida will tell us a great deal more about the family dysfunction during their opening statements, and in their case in chief.

I imagine the State will most likely show us how the family was the troubling and highly dysfunctional back-drop that allowed the murder of Caylee Marie to go unnoticed for 31 days, but in no-way contributed to the crime itself.

Will the State of Florida discuss a family cover-ups?  If so, will that play into the hands of the Defense as they crucify George?

We know the Defense will attempt to throw the Anthony’s, and especially George, under the bus as fast as you can say, “vroom, vroom!”    What the defense may fail to realize, however, is the fact that the State will layout the circumstances of the case so clearly and cleanly, the jury will not be able to believe the Defense Fairy Tale.  Just as we cannot accept the George-Did-It excuse, so will the jury not accept it.

One interesting aside that I want to tell you about, however, is really telling in terms of how persuasive the Defense Media Machine has been these last few months.

I was chatting with a woman, in her 60’s, about the case just this  past Friday evening.  She has followed the case only slightly, but for the most part, she knew the story.   Then, after a few moments of talking about the case, she asked me, “do you think she killed the baby?”

“Of course,” I said, not able to hide my bewilderment.

“I really think the grandfather either did it, or was involved in the murder,”   she said.  After a stunned moment, I said, “Oh, no!  The Defense team has been all over the media trying to get that story out, and the media everywhere has been talking it up, but it’s simply not true!”

And I thought, Oh God!  That defense media tactic just may have worked, damn them!

Innocent until proven guilty

I absolutely believe in our system of justice, and am well aware of how State Attorneys and law enforcement can implicate the innocent in a crime.  However, I do not believe for a moment that is true in this case.

The people of Florida were privy to the totality of public information in this case, and for those who have read the discovery in this case, have already formed an opinion of guilt in this case.

For those who will cry and scream about “innocent until proven guilty” at me, I will say to you, I am not held to that.  I have every right to suspend my disbelief in innocent until proven guilty.  So are you.

It is up to the Judge and the Jury alone to believe in innocence.

You and I, on the other hand, have the right to believe that this sad and tortured soul that is Casey Anthony, is the only person to have had the opportunity and the means to murder Caylee Anthony.

Casey Anthony is a very sick, sociopathic and disturbed young woman.  She is not capable of feeling guilt or shame.  I wonder how quickly the jury will see this?

Justice for Caylee

There will be justice for Caylee

Will the Anthony’s have the phrase “Justice for Caylee” trademarked by the time the jury brings justice for Caylee?

Perhaps removing the phrase “Justice for Caylee” from the vernacular, wipes the slate clean for them so they don’t have to contemplate real justice?  If the words are gone, will the notion of justice be gone, too?

They want to trademark the name Caylee, too.

Isn’t that sad.  They want to own that name.  Don’t they realize that all they are left with now is only a name?

They do seem to have forgotten the precious child, haven’t they?


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury…. (details about the 17 Anthony jurors)

The Honorable Chief Judge Belvin Perry swore in 12 Jurors and 5 alternate Jurors on Friday, May 20th, at a little past 5:00 p.m.

It was a long and arduous selection process, with some drama, tears and outbursts, but in the end, the State and the Defense did their level best to seat jurors who will favor their side of the story surrounding the death of the little sweetheart, Caylee Marie Anthony.

Caylee, the little girl who never had a voice in any of this, but who (we hope) will speak through the voice of the Assistant State Attorneys.

Because my work has been so hectic, I have only been able to catch bits and pieces of each of these 17 jurors.  Some of the questioning I heard in total; juror number 1, impressed me a great deal – she was incredibly articulate with an interesting background. I also heard juror number 2, a very intelligent man in his 30’s who works for the County as an IT specialist.  He has young children, and I liked him very much!   I listened to the questioning of juror number 4 and am on the fence about her.  She has trouble “judging people,” she said. She plays computer games, has few friends, and seemed ambivalent about the death penalty.

As far as the rest of the jurors, here is the list and some details about each of them.

Juror 1, Number 1398

She’s a white female, in her 60’s.  She is extremely articulate, intelligent, and well-spoken.  The court-watchers observed that she is well-dressed.  Has been a counselor for 35 years.  Has a grown son and daughter.  Has served on the jury of a murder trial.  Has smelled a dead body when she worked as a nurse.  One of my favorites.

Juror 2, Number 1019

He’s an African American, well  spoken IT specialist for Pinellas County.  Married with two children, a girl, 4; and a boy, 9.  Is not really for the death penalty, but said he could vote to recommend it if the situation called for it – if someone in his family was killed, he said he would be for it.  Has had very little exposure to the Anthony case.  I like this juror very much.

Juror 3, Number 1055

She’s a white female nursing student in her early 30’s. Has very little exposure to the Anthony case. Single, no children and has recently moved back in with her mom. She expects to graduate in the nursing program at St. Petersburg College in May 2012.  She appeared to me to be a kind and thoughtful person.

Juror 4, Number 1319

She’s an African American woman in her 40’s.  She is a loner who enjoys playing games on the computer like Farmville.  She thinks it’s wrong to judge people by what they say.  She has no opinion for or against the death penalty, she said. The State of Florida attempted to challenge her, but were over-ruled.  I am a tad worried about this juror due to her statements about not being able to judge.  We can only hope that when she hears the evidence, she will realize it’s the evidence she will judge, not Casey Anthony.

Juror 5, Number 1429

A retired white female.  Has worked as a nurse’s aid.  Was divorced 14 years ago, now lives with lives with her boyfriend, and has done for 12 years. She does not use or own a computer. She has 3 children: Ages 52, 49, and 48.  She also has 3 grandchildren.  Her son and grandson have both had trouble with drugs. She once had a DUI.  Has an 11th grade education. As far as the death penalty, she would require a lot of details and facts before considering it.  Despite having only an 11th grade education, she appeared educated, in my opinion.  She’s a reader, and sounded as if she would be a thoughtful juror.

Juror 6, Number 1025

He is a white male, 33.  He is a college graduate.  He is a chef and a sales person and has done a lot of traveling.  He has two children, a six year old son and a 21 month-old daughter.  He understands the role that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty, and believes he will be able to judge the facts according to the evidence. He said he could apply the death penalty.  I like the fact that this juror has young children – he will know how inconceivable it is for a mother to abandon her child.

Juror 7, Number 1007

She is a white female, 41 years old.  She has had three years of college where she studied sociology.  She is divorced, currently single, no children.  Her mother is an attorney. Although she said she doesn’t really “want” to be on the jury, she knows it is her civic duty to serve. She reads two newspapers, is well-spoken. She only heard a few facts early on about the case.

Juror 8, Number 3015

She’s a white female in her 50’s.  She knows very little about the case. She is married – her husband is retired.  She has two sons:.  A 27 year old son currently in the Coast Guard, and a 23 year old son who lives at home.  Her father was in law enforcement.  She is not opposed to the death penalty.  I did not hear all of her questioning and therefore have no opinion, though her background appears to be of the “All-American” sort.

Juror 9, Number 3185

This juror, a white male in his early 50’s, said his name is “Jim.”  He has never been married.  He grew up in the San Francisco area.  He is appreciate of law enforcement and his nephew is a police officer.  He is unemployed – semi-retired, he said, but cares for someone who had a stroke, and he does odd jobs to keep himself busy.  He worked for one company for a good while as a “log buyer.” He is respectful of the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” and will approve of the death penalty in the right situation.

Juror 10, Number 3310

He is a white male, 57 years old. He is single – never married with no children.  He has worked for Verizon for 15 years, appears to be a customer service representative in the billing or retention department at Verizon.  He has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.  He once went through training to become a corrections officer, but did not follow through and apply for a job with corrections.  He has very little information about the case and is not against the death penalty.

Juror 11, Number 3016

A white male, in his 30’s.  He is a PE and Health teacher of high school students.  He has been teaching for 15 years, and is studying  for a Master’s degree in special education.  He says he is fair-minded, can put aside any preconceived notions he has learned with regards to the case.  He said he previously formed an opinion of guilt, but is certain he can lay it aside and be fair.  He is not sure if he could vote for the death penalty.

Juror 12, Number 3140

She is a white female in her 40’s.  Her kids, she said, think she’s a great mom.  She is “old fashioned.”  She wants to be on the jury. Has worked in a day care in the past. Works at Publix. Is now married for the second time. She has a daughter and adopted son. Does not have cable television and does not use computers.

Alternate One, Number 3093

She is a white female, 48 years old who is married with two adult sons in their 20s.  She enjoys sports. She has been married 28 years and is a surgical technician.  She has served on a civil jury.  She makes yarn and weaves.

Alternate Two, Number 3170

He is a white male in his 40’s.  He teaches American government to high school students and is a drop-out prevention coordinator.  He has been married three times.  He is neutral on the death penalty, but would like to vote against it if were up for referendum.  He thinks the experience as a juror will be a learning experience that he can share with his students.

Alternate Three, Number 4013

She is a 37 year old white female who works at a car dealership.  She has a 12 year old son and lives with her parents. Her husband died in prison – he was there on drug charges.  She has no opinions about the death penalty, could be for it or against it.  According to one media outlet, this juror may have been involved in some kind of check bouncing charge in the past, though no details were revealed. She hoped, in 2008, that Caylee would be found and that the mother didn’t do it.

Alternate Four, Number 4192

He is a single white male, about 25 years old.  He is a carpenter and has worked in child-care.  When he was 16, he was charged with drug and paraphernalia possession.  He lives with his parents and has a half brother and a stepbrother and sister.

Alternate Five, Number 3308

He is a white male, 39 years old. He is married without children.  He was in the Coast Guard for 12 years.  He does not want to be on the jury.  He is against the death penalty, but he could still find someone guilty.  He mentioned how the death penalty has been wrongly applied in the past which is why he is leery of its application.

A Good Jury Panel?

It appears to me this is a very diverse and intelligent panel of jurors.

We can only hope that the answer to this trial will bring absolute “Justice for Caylee.”

We can only hope that these men and women will hear Caylee’s voice, and that she will be held gently in their fair-minded and good arms.

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