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poll results – the new evidence

On February 28, 2010, I created two polls to learn what we, the Anthony Case followers, thought about the discovery that is being kept from the defense, and from the public for 30 days.

The first poll had a total of 54 respondents and asked folks to speculate about whether the new evidence would hurt or help either side of the aisle in the courtroom.

In one poll (below) a full 93 percent of respondents seem to believe that the mystery evidence will hurt the defense and help the prosecution.

Poll question: The new evidence is likely to:

1. Hurt the Defense/Help the State?   50 votes = 93%
2. Help the Defense/Hurt the State?   3  votes = 6%
3. Not sure.   1 vote ( 2%)

The second poll contained questions that are pure speculation on my part about what the mystery discovery evidence could be.  I asked these questions because my curiosity is extremely piqued, and personally, I have a nagging feeling that the revelation may be related to Caylee’s biological father, though only 9% share this thought.

The clear majority of the 61 respondents believing that Dominic Casey may be the source of the new evidence,  is somewhat surprising to me.  I recall an exhaustive Law Enforcement interview with Dominic Casey in which he appeared very uncomfortable.  His explanations as to why he decided to search in the area where Caylee was eventually found, were confounding to say the least.  I recall that parts of his interview were redacted on the discovery version given to the public.  I wonder if the defense has the redacted portion of that interview?

Is it possible that IF this new discovery is from witness Dominic Casey – and if it is damaging, it is no doubt related to the search for Caylee.   Could it be that Casey herself told a third party where to look in the woods, and the third party (Lee or Cindy?) were on the phone directing Dominic where to look in the woods?  Is that even plausible?  If such a scenario were true, the repercussions would be incredibly interesting, to say the least.

This poll allowed respondents to write-in alternate guesses, and three people did.

Poll question: The new Anthony case evidence:

1. May be related to new info from Dominic Casey. 43 votes = 67%
2. May have something to do with the father of Caylee. 6 votes = 9%
3. May be related to new info from Lee Anthony.  4 votes = 6%
4. None of the above. 8 votes = 13%
5. Other. 3 votes = 5%
6. Answers written in: 1). “video” from Joy Wray.  2). Roy Kronk.  3). Cindy Anthony.

If there are questions that you are interested in asking, let me know.  I enjoy creating surveys and polls and would truly appreciate your input and your feedback.

Thank you so much!


Cyber-Bully Poll

Have you ever been the victim of a cyber-bully?  Let us know by answering the anonymous poll to the right of this page.  The poll will be active until Monday, August 24th.  Thank you!


have you been a victim? take a quick cyber-bully poll

Have you been the victim of a cyber-bully?   More and more I am reading about this hateful phenomenon and I’d like to get a sense, via a quick poll, how prevalent it may be.  (The poll is located to the right of this page.)                   

To be clear, below is a cursory definition of what constitutes Cyber-bullying.  There is also a link to the Wired Safety organization for additional information, as I’d encourage you to get a better feel for the nature and the definition of cyber-bullying:

Parry Aftab, an Internet privacy lawyer and executive director of, notes …. The law, amended in 2005, prohibits people from using the Internet anonymously with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass another person. (Seattle Times, 11/23/2007)

The question is “In my lifetime, I have been victimized by a cyber-bully.”  You may respond in one of three ways: 

  • Yes, definitely. 
  • Yes, no big deal.  
  • No, never. 

I added the response “Yes, no big deal” as a way to gauge the impact the bullying had on you. 

I’ll leave this poll open for a couple of weeks and will publish the percentage of responses. 

Stay safe – children are being victimized in great numbers, hold them close and monitor their online friends…



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