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bye-bye Baez? Go galumphing!

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch! ~  Lewis Carroll

Beware the Jabberwocky!

The Jabberwocky is running wild in the Casey Anthony saga.

In the Casey Anthony trial after-life, sense is nonsense and nonsense is sense, depending upon the day and where you sit to eat your crumpets and sip your tea.

Oh the Jabberwocky we’d hear if our ears were invited….

Casey Anthony, who eats lies for lunch, is like the sloth who uses its dirty teeth to hide a lying tongue.

The bizarre just gets more bizarre and…. it’s so damn fascinating!  (I do enjoy the soap opera-ish-tragi-comedy vaper that lingers after the fact and is still there.)

As it has happened with other stories in this case, it takes a willing suspension of disbelief to swallow a single word attributed to the former defendant, Casey Anthony.

But, oh, today’s salacious gossip masquerading as news, is ripe for a virtual vomit!

First, we have the Orlando Sentinel’s victory in getting the erst-while Judge in the Casey Anthony murder trial, Judge Belvin Perry, to unseal the depositions of both Dr. William Weitz and Dr. Jeffrey Danziger, Psychiatrists who examined Casey Anthony prior to, and toward the end of the murder trial.  The depositions, say the media, are so juicy they are bound to cause saliva to drip from the collective lips of all of Orlando.

Here are links to the deliciously deviant depositions:

1. Dr. Jeffery Danzinger.  April 7, 2011

2. Dr. Jeffery Danzinger, April 13, 2011 continuation

3. William Weitz, Ph.D., April 7, 2011

4. William Weitz, Ph.D., April 13, 2011 continuation

It would take hours of reading to get through the above just-released depositions about the damsel and queen-of-sloth, Casey Anthony’s mental health.

The depositions are reportedly very interesting and reveal a great deal about the depths that Casey Anthony would sink to blame her daughter’s death on her Father, George Anthony.

By far the most shocking revelation?  Casey Anthony suffers no mental illness!  Well, so say one or both of the Psychologists.  How would they know what was lie versus what is truth?  And, that was not their task anyway.   They were to determine what, if any, issues would prevent her from understanding the seriousness of the charges against her.  And there was another reason, but it back-fired:  To have Weitz and Danzinger tell Casey Anthony’s sob-story without the defense having to call her to the stand.  Fortunately, the law does not allow that.  If anyone told her story, she’d have to do it.

With regards to issues of mental health, I think that people who are skilled liars, programmed to lie about everything, are also able to put on a persona, like putting on a hat, that hides their quilt and their mental illness.

Casey Anthony’s history of lies are well-documented.  It takes a clever person to be so devious; you’d have to be smart to keep a running history of all the lies you’ve told.  Casey Anthony had to keep all the lies in her head and she had to make up new stories to enhance the original ones while keeping them all straight. That’s work!

Even though her lies go absolutely beyond the beyond of reality, her absolute conviction to cling to a lie, though outrageously cruel, is amazing.   She’s told unconscionable tales in which she ensnared her own father as the criminal.   Only a desperate defense lawyer would believe them.

If you followed the case from 2008, you may remember how the defense came up with a slew of manufactured stories which they hoped would become the reasonable doubt a jury could cling to.  They came up with some doozies, too.  Every story the defense floated was defeated by the State evidence.  Soon the defense team, after nearly three years of posturing, had nothing to show for the carpet-bagging of their wild theories of the case.

And then there was George.

George the Patsy.

Poor, poor George.

He became a Patsy of the highest order.  He was the fall-guy of all fall-guys.  He was bashed and bruised and left for dead by the blow-hard and brutal Baez at trial. Buoyed by Casey, she cried…..

One, two! One, two! and through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.  ~  Lewis Carroll

Here are links to some of the Orlando stories: Orlando Sentinel, WFTV, WESH,

The other interesting bit of gossip parading as news has to do with a petulant Anthony, expressing anger about Jose Baez, her lead defense attorney.  What’s the fuss?  The talk is that Anthony is plenty miffed that Baez is getting all the airtime and press while she has to release YouTube Princess Diaries.

So, Anthony wanted to throw Baez under el-bus-eroo in favor of Man-With-Middle-Finger, Cheney Mason.  Well, so says TMZ.  But, as it turns out, it’s Baez throwing The Princess Diary under the bus!  He’s done got up and left the damsel in distress….and he took her silver slippers, too.

‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.  ~  Lewis Carroll


strike this!

It was a quiet day in the Anthony case.  So quiet WESH News told us about some old news they dressed up to be “new.”

WESH news told us today about a “new” Prosecution witness list.  Bob Kealing reports there are 25 new names, and goes on to say it will be a “family affair” when the trial begins, in May.  The members of Casey Anthony’s family scheduled to testify for the Prosecution include: Cindy, George, Lee, Cindy’s brother, Rick,  Cindy’s mother, and Lee’s fiance, Mallory Parker.  Also on the list, Casey’s friends: Annie Downing, brothers Jonathon and Sean Daly, and Ryan Pasely.

These are hardly new witnesses.  However, there are new witnesses related to the Laura Buchanan investigation, though Bob Kealing didn’t reference them.

This appears to be another non-story by WESH news. (There still is no deposition (or explanation) to the story about William Fitzgerald’s “new” deposition.)

Motion to Strike the Strike

The Defense has submitted new witness names of its own; they claim this new witness list is to rebut the State’s new list.  However, the State cried foul and filed a motion to strike, since it is well past the deadline to add non-expert witnesses, and the Defense failed to show cause for adding the witnesses.

Then, the Defense came back with an argument of it’s own called: Motion to Strike the State’s Motion to Strike Defense Supplemental Witness List.

Given the title of the motion, can’t you just tell it will be impish and classic Baez?   Oh, it does not let us down! The motion has the ring of a high-schooler on a playing field, after a defeat, crying to the teacher: “No fair, teacher!  They cheated!”

Then, Judge Belvin Perry submits an order to the Defense’s Motion to Strike the State’s Motion to Strike Defense Supplemental Witness List.  Judge Perry advised the Defense to provide good cause for adding the new witnesses.  If the Defense can do that, the witnesses “might” be approved.  The State will argue against the issue during the March 2nd hearing.

Open the Law Book, Please

I have come to the point where I think some of these motions by the defense are just plain sad.  I almost feel sorry for the Defense, they are very much out of their league.  The first paragraph of this motion complains about the fact that Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane-Burdick will not contact the Defense, and sets the sophomoric tone for the rest of the writing in the motion:

…counsel for the State of Florida has made no attempts to contact the undersigned in  order to resolve this dispute or make inquiry of the supplemental witness list filed by the Defense.  Had counsel taken the time to inquire she would have been advised of the following:

a. Marvin Schecter has been withdrawn from the Defense witness list.

b. Kathleen Belich also known as Kathleen Gallager was listed to rebut witnesses just listed by the State involving an investigation launched against Laura Buchanan.  She is also a witness involving State witness Maya Derkovich.  (While the State has recently informed the defense that they have not [sic] intention to call Maya Derkovich as a witness, the defense has not ruled out calling her)

c. Kenneth Drupiewski was listed to rebut the State’s recent attempts to introduce a diary written by Miss Anthony while she was a juvenile in high school.  Despite the obvious date of 2003 on the diary the State has at taxpayers expense, spared no expense in utilizing both the FBI and Secret Service to date this diary to fit their timeline. Despite their inability to do so, this does not appear to deter the State in presenting this evidence.  Mr. Drupiewski is one of the individuals mentioned in the diary and will be able to testify about the timing of breaking up with Casey Anthony as a high school student.

I added the red text for sentences that astounded me.  Does the defense really believe it’s the State’s job to inquire about their witness lists?  Apparently so.

Why is it necessary to add an aka name for Kathi Belich?  It appears to be a purposeful attempt to cast a slight shadow on Kathi; or perhaps, to purposely expose her personal information.

The Defense wants to use Casey’s boyfriend from high school to date the diary in the year 2003?   This is to rebut the FBI results of the 2004 origination of the diary?  What could this young man say about the diary – that he remembers Casey writing the entry?  This is just not possible.  What young man is going to remember the writings of a long ago girlfriend?  If this witness attempts to testify about this particular diary, it will backfire, in my opinion.

There is another statement in this recent motion that floors me with its total lack of understanding of the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, and Discovery:

Both the undersigned counsel and other members of the defense have made it known to this honorable Court that the State of Florida continues to file discovery at will with no regard to ANY deadlines by this Court….

Well, uh, yeah, the State does that.  They work with with law enforcement who continues to deliver investigative reports to them!

Linda Drane-Burdick, in open court and in response to Jose Baez complaining about the State’s additional discovery, said, “I’m not gong to stop doing my job…”

Oh, woe to Jose Baez and his team of Bad News Bears.  These poor bears just can’t wrap their brains around the fact that no one gets to cry, No fair, in a big boy and girl courtroom.


red herrings and black eyes? just another casey anthony hearing

Tomorrow’s hearing in the State versus Casey Anthony involves high stakes for the defense.  They have filed a motion asking for permission to hire an expert witness who specializes in the analysis of bones and fossils.  Presumably this witness will be using photographs of the remains at the crime scene to analyze and then determine a time period for when Caylee’s body was placed in the area off of Suburban drive, since it was reported that Caylee’s remaining bones were cremated by the family.

Red Herrings

In a recent hearing, however, the defense was granted the funds to hire an out of state DNA testing firm to test both a laundry bag (which served as a carry-all bag for Caylee’s body), and the shorts that Caylee was wearing.

The testing of these articles could possibly turn up foreign DNA (belonging to an unidentified source). If that turns out to be true, it could be an argument for reasonable doubt for the defense, as they hope to prove that someone other than Casey “bagged” Caylee and placed her body in an area off of Suburban Drive.

Richard Hornsby, Orlando Attorney and frequent contributor to WESH News, says it best with regards to the testing of the laundry bag and the shorts:

You’re seeing them trying to find the next red herring…. ~source:

Black eyes

It remains to be seen if Judge Perry will grant the defense the bone/fossil witness.  The ruling should be made tomorrow.  Regardless, the defense needs this bone/fossil expert witness since they’ve lost Laura Buchanan – who has given the defense team it’s most recent black eye.

As you may recall, Laura Buchanan was a Texas EquuSearch volunteer who was certain that she (and others) were in the Suburan Drive location where Caylee’s remains were later found, and  saw nothing.  She has since changed her tune, stating she was actually not in the area.

In addition, Laura Buchanan, who has been discredited, is being investigated for falsifying documents related to the search for Caylee.   Yet the defense, surely aware of the shady intent of this witness, was allegedly relying on her testimony to prove that the area was clear of any sign of Caylee’s body (when it was searched, in July / early August), inferring that Casey Anthony could not have placed it there.

As it turns out, Buchanan never visited the Suburban Drive area and has, allegedly, falsely sought the corroboration of Joe Jordan, another defense witness and EquuSearch volunteer.

Again, Richard Hornsby gets to the heart of the matter in a recent news report:

The defense seems willing to rely on questionable witnesses and incredible people to try to save Anthony’s life, and in the end it’s only going to do her more harm than good.  ~Source:

Following the money

And finally, on tap for tomorrow’s hearing is a Prosecution motion requesting an itemized accounting of all defense spending to date.  This is bound to be a colorful and interesting argument!

No doubt the defense will play the blame game and claim that the State, with it’s limitless resources, is harassing them…. It’s a blame game for the defense.  They will not lay down softly for this motion, of that we can depend.

It’s been reported that Casey Anthony will be present for the hearing, which is set to begin at 1:00 pm.

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