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random vacation stuff

Vacation feels like what heaven must be made of.

I enjoy doing nothing so much as spreading out on the couch with my dog under one arm, and my Nook cradled in the other. That’s what I plan to do most of the day tomorrow, too.

I’m not one to spend much time in shopping malls, though some of them are fun to visit, malls are not my thing.  But, I do love to find bargains.  I have a friend who knows every thrift and consignment shop in Broward County, Florida, and I love tagging along with her to find treasures.

We have a Talbot’s clearance store nearby that has amazing bargains.  My Mom and I went there today, after I took her to the eye doctor and to Sears to get a new battery for her watch, we tackled Talbots.

And what bargains we got!  I purchased a lovely salmon colored light sweater that was originally $55.00, marked down twice, and then the cashier took 60 percent off, and the final price was $7.98!  I purchased two lovely sweaters and a blouse for less than forty dollars!

Mom did even better than me.  She got six items for less than fifty dollars!

Shopping is exhausting…. The best part of shopping is when it’s over.

I’m thinking of taking a little trip to Naples, which is on the other coast, or I may just enjoy my vacation at home!

Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane-Burdick Photo credit:

I finally caught up with the Casey Anthony case this evening.  I was curious to see what the news of late happened to be, and I saw some interesting tidbits that I will write about tomorrow, but there is one quick story to tell you…  Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton, it is rumored, is running for Orlando State Attorney!  Well, it’s still a rumor, but I kinda think it’s true.  And, what a great idea!  I hope he makes Linda Drane-Burdick his right hand person, what ever that role would be…. What a pair they’d be!

I would surely vote for him!

I found this picture on the WESH website – click on the picture above to read the accompanying story.


an honorable OCSO; an honorable Judge Strickland

It was another interesting day in Orlando as the Law Enforcement and Judicial community resolve to accept the Not Guilty decision in the State V. Casey Anthony trial.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO), today held their first and only press conference to discuss the work they did over the three years the case progressed.  (The men and women of the OCSO are the best of the best – literally.)

The well-spoken Sheriff Jerry Demings attended and discussed the devotion and the hard work the men and women of the OCSO put into this case.  He also mentioned that the Caylee Anthony case, as a father and grandfather himself, personally affected him.

At the press conference it was confirmed that George Anthony was never a suspect in the disappearance of Caylee Anthony.  There is an open investigation into witness tampering with regards to Laura Buchanan and it is on going.  Detective Eric Edwards is leading that effort.

You may remember that it was Laura Buchanan who the defense team wanted to use to prove that Caylee’s remains could only have been placed at her final destination only AFTER Casey went to jail.  The problem, as it turned out, Laura Buchanan (or some one else), attempted to fabricate a Texas EquuSearch document so it appeared that she had searched in the area where Caylee was found, when in fact she had not been in that area.

The defense wanted Joe Jordan to provide a similar story, but as we heard in the trial, Jordan was mistaken about where he searched and admitted he had not been in the area where Caylee was found.

This mystery will continue to unfold.  The question on the table is whether Laura Buchanan created the paperwork herself, or if the document, and the story, was manufactured by someone from Jose Baez’s office.  The OCSO is not talking about it at this point since it is an open case.

There was a very large picture of Caylee on display at the press conference.  When asked about the picture, the replies given were heart-felt.  “It was always only about Caylee,” was the unanimous response.

If you missed the OCSO press conference, the WFTV website has included the video in two parts.  Click here: Part One.  Part Two.

The Honorable Judge Stan Strickland

Judge Stan Strickland, snipped:

Reporter Bob Kealing of WESH, did an excellent interview Judge Stan Strickland, who was the original Judge assigned to the case prior to Judge Belvin Perry.

Those of us who were following the case closely during the early days were thrown for a loop when Judge Strickland recused himself.  Like Judge Perry, Judge Strickland proved to be an extremely fair and balanced jurist – thoughtful and kind, but no-nonsense.  It was a great loss, we all felt.

Judge Strickland’s style was somewhat more restrained than Judge Perry’s.

I especially liked him because he is not one to sentence death, unless the law demands it. In fact, he told Bob Kealing that the thought of Casey Anthony facing the death penalty kept him up a few nights.  In contrast, Judge Perry, as a former prosecutor, did have a history of leaning toward Capital Punishment.

It was the defense’s doing to get Judge Strickland recused from the case – and the reason for it was nonsensical – so it was ironic for the defense when they were handed Judge Perry who is pro-death penalty.  Judge Strickland, in his recusal from the case, wrote with regards to media attention, “The irony is rich indeed.”

Linda Drane-Burdick used the line, “The irony is rich indeed,” in her closing argument, too.  I’m certain she was expressing a respectful homage to a very fine Judge.

Here is the full interview with Judge Strickland. It’s excellent! Click here to watch on WESH.

In other news

Cindy Anthony will not face perjury charges; and Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch, filed a lawsuit asking for $112,000  in damages against Casey Anthony.  There is a bill pending from the State of Florida, too, which will recover costs from Casey Anthony for the investigation into Caylee’s disappearance.


That’s about all the news I have for you tonight!  In the meantime, I will leave you with this thought, from Dr. Martin Luther King:

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

Even though a final decision was made by unsuspecting men and women regarding the guilt in the death of Caylee Anthony, we have to accept it.  This is our system – and, here on earth, there is none better.

But, there is a balance in the universe; and I believe that someday Casey will be forced to see her crime and she will be punished according to the laws of Karma, and the Universe.

That’s what I believe, anyway!


the anthony’s as road kill?

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

First, Mark Lippman, the Attorney for George and Cindy Anthony – parents of defendant Casey Anthony who is charged with first degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee Marie  – wrote a motion to request that the Anthony’s be exempt from the regular rule of witness sequestration  and attend the trial whenever they desire.  The Anthony’s claim that family’s are given that right of access in the court – at least until after they testify.

However, I believe this rule applies only to next of kin relatives of the victim, not the defendant.  The Anthony’s are not next of kin to Caylee, though it seems Judge Belvin Perry was going to entertain allowing the Anthony’s to attend the trial.

It doesn’t matter now, anyway because Cheney Mason said today, “Not so fast, Judge Perry, don’t you mess with our two Patsy’s and allow them in the courtroom to hear our lies, I mean, our reasonable doubt!”

Oh yes, the defense filed a motion today to prevent the Anthony’s from being present in the courtroom.  (I tell you what, this whole case is turning out to be Shakespearean in scope!)

Here is the motion the defense filed today requesting the Anthony’s not be permitted in the courtroom!

Vrrrrroommm, vrrrrooommmm!

Do you smell that diesel fuel?  That’s the bus coming to turn the Anthony’s into road kill!

The only case the defense has at this point is to paint George as the murderer of Caylee Marie; add Cindy Anthony as a raving lunatic capable of a raging temper, and you have a the epic and dramatic story that rivals Othello, Hamlet, and King Lear combined!

Oh, yes, the defense needs this story to create the only reasonable doubt they have.  They need the heads of the Anthony’s on a plate!  Especially George – he has the most to loose – all of his indiscretions over the years – will it all come in?

Poor George.

As I’ve said all along, George is going down, and Cindy is going with him – but for all the wrong reasons.  They will be the reasonable doubt that the defense will attempt to float in that courtroom.

It won’t work.

It can’t work.

Or, will it?  No, no, no!

The Video Conference

Secondly, the Anthony’s recently requested video conferences with their daughter. Their attorney, Mark Lippman, filed a motion asking the court to intervene and seal any visits the Anthony’s have with their daughter.

But, here’s the rub: George, Cindy, or Mr. Lipmann didn’t know if Casey would go along with meeting with them.  (Was this just another fruitless attempt to get their stories straight?)

The request for a meeting with Casey has been out there for nearly a week with no response. Jose Baez intimated that it was Casey’s decision whether she’d want to meet with them.  But, Mr. Baez has not responded to Mr. Lippman, who smells a rat.

WESH reported today that Mr. Lippman is making a “public appeal” to attempt to move the defense and Casey Anthony to agree to a meeting.

Perhaps the Anthony’s wanted to meet with Casey to get their stories straight, and perhaps they also wanted to attempt to persuade Casey to back off of using them, and particularly George, as reasonable doubt?

If I remove my cynicism for a moment, I would have to admit they surely must miss their daughter.

WESH reported (click to read), that Mr. Lippman and the Anthony’s are going public with this request to see Casey.  Mr. Lippman opined…

I hate to have to do it this way. This is my last resource at this point.

Lippman pointed out that Anthony’s lead attorney, Jose Baez, has had time in the last week to appear at a public forum and do national television interviews, but lamented that Baez would not take the time to address George and Cindy Anthony’s request.

The bottom line is this: There is no way that Casey Anthony – video taped or not – would agree to see the parents she intends to throw under the bus.

George and Cindy have been deceived by the defense in such a big and wicked way.  I doubt they saw this coming; they thought they were allies with the defense – enemies of the State.

I wonder if they will end up changing sides?

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive.

~ Sir Walter Scott (1808)


so we wait

There is no decision from Judge Perry on the controversial, precedent-setting air tests that detected decomposition in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.

We must wait until Friday to learn if the Fifth Court of Appeals will uphold Judge Belvin Perry’s recent decision to deny the media early access to the jury selection location.

My favorite analyst, Bill Sheaffer, believes that the rights of Casey Anthony will prevail and trump the needs of the media, thus denying the motion.

Just like Judge Perry observed, there’s at least one analyst for every media outlet now; and WESH has the retired judge, Judge O.H. Eaton, on its payroll.

I enjoyed reading his comments today on questions related to Cindy and George Anthony’s impact on the trial, including any future charges that may befall them.  Here’s a link to the article, should you like to read it:   Ask The Judge: Parents’ Charges, Evidence, Casey’s Plea

Here is an excerpt from Judge O.H. Eaton’s comments:

Dear Judge Eaton: I would like to ask why the grandparents George and Cindy are not charged with any misconduct in this case. — Angie, Little Rock, Ark.

It is up to the state attorney to decide whether to bring charges against anyone, and the decision not to prosecute cannot be reviewed by any court or even the governor. In this case, the Anthonys are important witnesses for the state, and it is not surprising they have not been charged with anything — at least not yet. — Judge O.H. Eaton

“At least not yet,” he says!  Am I reading too much into that?  Could it be true that the State will look at the Anthony’s misdeeds once the trial is over?  I think it may be true…. soooo, we wait!

The Media Motion is Insulting

If anything other than a denial of this capricious motion happens, it will be a sad day for our rights under the law.  If media can barge into a court of law and demand privileges above the constitutional rights of the person accused, it may well be time to move to Canada.

The media can do a great deal of harm should they learn before hand of the location.  They will, for ratings, weave dramatic stories about the upcoming trial – they will tell potential jurors what to expect should they be selected: The ungodly length of their sequestration, the story of Casey and the 31 days, and so on.  They will have a field day!

If the media arrives at the location of jury selection, with their big trucks, vans, cameras, etc., on the courtroom steps, prior to the potential jurors arriving, it will be all over.  People in that location will have to  have their head in a bag to miss the publicity.

This is getting out of hand.  This case is about the death of a beautiful young child, I thought.  Not so much, says the media.  It’s about Casey Anthony to them, clearly.

So we wait.

Providing the media does not prevail and delay the trial, we will only wait a short time for the State, the OCSO, and the Expert witnesses who know the truth, to hold Caylee’s memory in their hearts as they raise their right hand and promise to tell her story – the truth.

I can hardly wait!


hungry for those defense depos?

Does it make you mad that we have not been privy to all the defense depositions that were recently released?  My nose is out of joint!  But, I do understand the media needs to make money.

Apparently most media outlets had an appetite for the defense depositions that were filed on Friday, March 18th, though they have not published them, they DID obtain them.  Here’s the kicker:  The cost per page is $1.00, which is a bit of cash for each media outlet to dole out for this feast.

The Orlando TV news stations are very competitive – they all want ratings, as well as website “hits” to lure more advertisers., which has  been, in my opinion, the best source for news on the case, is holding the depositions back, even though, the day they received them, they promised to post them.  Of course, they never did.

WESH talked about the depositions in a story, but never posted any documents.

The Central Florida News – 13 Station, another media player, developed a strategy.  They are releasing bits and pieces of the depositions on their website, preceded by some fanfare, for a return on their $3000 investment in purchasing the transcripts.  Smart of them?  I think so.  Their numbers (ratings) will increase, which means more advertising money rolling in for them.

Hal Boedeker, TV Guy, Orlando Sentinel, wrote a story about this today on his Orlando Sentinel blog.  Here’s the link to the story.

Hal tells us that, yes, all the 3000 and some odd pages of depositions were filed with the Clerk of Court on Friday – the same day as the big news about the two recent show-stopper court decisions – the Miranda ruling, and the Agents of the State ruling. The rulings were a bigger news story, apparently, though the depositions – to our hungry appetite for information – was big news, too!

The Robyn Adams Deposition

Robyn was the friend Casey made early on in her incarceration.  As you may remember, Robyn saved most of the notes and letters that she and Casey shared.  Instead of “flushing them” she mailed them to a friend for safe keeping, most likely realizing the letters would be useful someday, though she claims that Casey and the jail experience was an important part of her life, and she wanted the letters as reminders of days past.  Plus, she said, she  saves everything.

The Central Florida News-13 station published a very tiny portion (19 pages), of the Robyn Adams deposition.  There is very little “news” other than the revelation from Robyn that she thought Casey had a good heart. This upsets my digestion, but, to each his own.

Robyn recounts that, when it was thought that Caylee’s remains were found at J. Blanchard Park (it was big news at the time), Casey told Robyn it was not Caylee.

But then, on December 11th, when poor Caylee’s remains were found, Robyn says:

Robyn: When — when investigators found Caylee, before the remains were identified as Caylee, that night was a rare occasion where we did not speak. (Notice, she says “investigators” found Caylee.  She is unaware of Kronk.  Inmates have limited access to news in the jail)

Baez: Why is that?

Robyn: She didn’t want to speak at all. She didn’t want to talk to anybody.

Later in the transcript, Robyn says:

Robyn: That night, I was watching TV, and I saw them — they had roadblocks up and everything. And they said that — they were showing news from prior — from earlier in that day, and they said they had found remains not far away from her house in Orlando in a wooded area.  And I wanted to talk to her that night.  I wanted to talk to her that night because I wanted to know that she was okay.  I wanted to see if she needed anything that I could possibly give to her, even if it’s just a hand to hold, I guess.

And then later:

Baez:  Okay.  And you said you spoke to Casey the following evening?

Robyn: Yes.

Baez:  Okay. How did that communication occur?

Robyn:  She was in rare form.  She — her eyes were bloodshot. She had been  — she was hysterical.  She was a mess. She was a mess.

Baez: Okay. How did that communication occur though?

Robyn:  Through the door.

Baez:  Okay. So did Officer Hernandez allow you to get out?

Robyn: Yes.

Baez:  Okay. And she allowed you to go and have communication with Casey through her door?

Robyn: Yes.

Baez: Okay. And what did Casey tell you?

Robyn: Casey said that they found — found the body in this wooded area of her house.

Baez:  Did she say what was the condition of her body

RobynShe said it was in a black bag and a baby blanket, is what they found.

Baez: She say anything else, anything more than that?

Robyn:  No, she didn’t

Baez:  And what did you say?

Robyn: All I could say was, I’m — I’m sorry, maybe that’s  — maybe it’s not her, maybe it’s not Caylee.

Baez:  And what was her response to that?

Robyn: She was just crying.  She just kept crying.

Robyn didn’t realize the significance of Casey’s telling her about the “black bag and the baby blanket,” but everyone else involved with the case understood what it meant.  Only the person who placed the baby in the black bags with the baby blanket, would know these details.  Only the killer would know.

This is a very damning piece of testimony that will be critical to the State’s case.  Although putting a jail inmate on the stand is always dicey, this testimony will not be a problem, I don’t think.  The Jury will have insight into the relationship between Robyn and Casey as a result of the letters between the two of them.  The letters tend to make the relationship more credible, and important to the both of them.

Later in the interview, Robyn tells Baez (and Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane-Burdick were also present), that Casey hinted that her parents may be involved in Caylee’s death.  You’ll find this on page 45 of the transcript.

I’ve included all the links (below) to the tidbits that have been released thus far by Central Florida News – 13.

We can only hope that WFTV gives us the whole feast of depositions soon.

These appetizers are fine, but it leaves me still hungry for more!

  • Robyn Adams transcripts: Click here.
  • Brian Burner: Click here.
  • Michael Vincent (OCSO CSI) Click here.

news at 11:00?

We had nearly an entire day of no news in the case against Casey Anthony!  Up until 5:00 p.m., there was nary a speck of news – no motions, statements, or documents released.

However, it’s turning out to be a newsy day for Tony Pipitone of the Local 6 television station in Orlando.

Tony Pipitone, breathless and joyful to have the exclusive on a story, says there’s big news and he’s got the exclusive on it, but we have to wait until 11:00 tonight to get it.

What’s the news, you ask?  Oh, sorry… we have to wait because Pipitone is busy “pouring over the information”.  Oh, but it’s big news!  It’s “exclusive” to Channel 6, by golly.

I smell a rush for ratings.  I hear sensationalism.  I’ll eat my words if I’m wrong, but experience tells me that when a news group crows about a BIG story but holds it back for hours, they rarely deliver the goods.

When a story is really big, most news groups want to get the information out there post haste. Not so in this instance, as the website story tells us:

Pipitone is still poring over the information, which centers on what is being said and done behind closed doors in the case against Anthony, and will offer his full report at 11 p.m. Thursday.

Things said and done behind closed doors?   Secret stuff?  Pouring over information infers that he has gathered a great deal of information, so much information that he needs until 11:00 to fully grasp it all.

Pipitone was on the news at 5:00 attempting to titillate and tease us about the information he’s got.  Will Pipitone offer us facts, or idealizations?  Why the tease during the 5:00 news hour?


My Smell Test

Who revealed the information that Pipitone is pouring over?   There’s the rub – Pipitone does not say – he doesn’t even suggest that someone close to the Caylee Anthony investigation has shared information.  However, he is suggesting that there’s a lot of story here because it’s taking him until 11:00 to pour over everything.  The news report claims:

Pipitone’s report will reveal details about the events of December 2008 and the discovery of skeletonized remains later found to be Caylee Anthony.

…some of the information reinforces the state’s contention that Caylee’s death was a homicide, but other portions of the information raise questions about some alternative theories and the specter of some evidence being staged.

This is a very bold statement. The sentence about “staging” is not connected to the “skeletonized remains” sentence; but nonetheless infers that “alternative theories” suggest staging of evidence. Is Pipitone suggesting foul play by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office?   If that is truly what his story will suggest, it is no doubt a defense team tactic.

The statement about “reinforcing the State’s claim that Caylee’s death was a homicide”  is odd.  Why is it necessary to reinforce a homicide?  It’s either a homicide or it isn’t, reinforcing it won’t change it or make it worse than a homicide.

What makes this story suspect is we’re not told where Pipitone’s information comes from.  Where it comes from will tell us a great deal about whether it’s reliable.  Someone could have given Pipitone a lot of “information to pour over”, but who is that someone?  That very critical piece of information is missing.  The website article states:

We have some information that hasn’t become public about what both sides in the case are asking when they’re questioning witnesses.

Information that has not become public?  What both sides are asking when questioning witnesses – meaning deposition questions?

I smell a ratings ploy – a story that will have many in Orlando tuned into their station at 11:00 when they’d otherwise be in bed!

We’re all news hounds about this case – we want to know everything!  But, we want the facts, sources for information, and we don’t like to be teased, right?


Will you watch Pipitone at 11:00?

Here’s the info:

Now for some real news

As I was writing this story, WESH announced there will be a hearing tomorrow at 8:45 a.m.

Also, WFTV wrote a correction to their story about the reason that Jose Baez is being investigated by the Florida Bar Association. A spokesperson from the Florida Bar contacted WFTV saying the grievance filed against Jose Baez is not about misrepresenting facts to Judge Perry.  The complaint is related to “ethics or misrepresentation” but would not elaborate or reveal who filed the complaint.


waving to WESH – where’s the beef?

I find it odd that WESH news would publish an article on their web site today that boasts the headline: New Deposition Released in Case Against Casey Anthony and not publish the deposition.

They are rabid for new stories about this case; they are frenetically driven to get any Anthony story before WFTV does.  When Kathi Bellich was on leave recently for a couple of weeks, WESH dug its heels in the sand and fought to be the first to report any tidbit of news.  I have come to rely on them for this reason.  They have been on top of the news about this case like no other.

But today’s story – a total non-story, leaves out the most important aspect: The deposition!  Why publish a story telling us a deposition has been released and fail to produce it?  That’s like advertising a free All-You-Can-Eat Steak buffet but only offering mashed potatoes or rice.  Where’s the beef?

The deposition in question is of Texas EquuSearch volunteer William Fitzgerald that was taken on February 2 of this year. The focus of the depo is the Texas EquuSearch records and I believe it was a defense deposition, I am almost certain of it.

Did the Defense feed this little bit of news to WESH?   If so, why?   And, why would WESH think this non story news worthy?

Does the Defense want the public to know that Baez “repeatedly asked” about Texas EquuSearch records and who created a list of volunteers?  The only information in the piece is the quote below:

During the deposition, Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez repeatedly asked Fitzgerald who had access to the documents and who participated in coming up with a list of volunteers who helped search the Suburban Drive area, where Caylee’s remains were later found.

Those of us following this case know that there has been no news at all this week; is WESH so hungry for news they would publish non-news?

Even the “Caylee Daily” website who publishes literally everything that WESH publishes, had this story on their site for about an hour and then took it down.

I don’t get it.  Do you?



oh yes, BOMBSHELL for Baez!

I literally gasped when I saw the WESH headline that Baez was under investigation by the Florida Bar.

I wasn’t surprised, I had just not expected it since none of the media outlets were covering what I thought was a huge, bombshell of a story!

With last Friday’s document release of discovery, there was a great deal of material about the Laura Buchanan issue in which Jose Baez, desperate for some exculpatory evidence to create doubt for Casey, allegedly (according to Brad Conway), lied in open court to Judge Perry.  (The information is in a transcript of an interview with Brad Conway and the Orange County Sherriff’s Office (OCSO), and it is shocking.)

Two days ago, I published a story about this very issue. Read: Big trouble for Baez?

According to WESH, Karen Kirksey, a Florida Bar spokesperson, confirmed there is an open file on Baez, but it is confidential until such time as probable cause has been found.

Veteran trial attorney, Bill Sheaffer, legal guru for WFTV, in an interview with Kathi Bellich, says there is no more serious charge that a lawyer can face.  If it is indeed true, and if Brad Conway is to be believed, this is reprehensible. Sheaffer said this is a very serious allegation – just as serious as a lawyer stealing from a client.

Sheaffer does say that this will NOT impact the trial, BUT it will seriously impact Baez’s credibility with Judge Perry.

Let’s recap what happened:

It began when Todd Macaloso stood in open court and said that Casey Anthony was innocent, and they can prove it.  Macaloso was referring to the alleged statements of Joe Jordan (who later realized he was wrong and had not searched where Caylee’s body was found, he was a about 30 feet off).

The defense was aware of Joe Jordan and his initial claims and they jumped all over it.  Then, not too long after Joe Jordan, along came Laura Buchanan who claims she searched where Casey’s body was later found, but said the area was DRY and Caylee was not there. (She later recanted and now admits to falsifying the TES document.)

While Laura was a legitimate TES searcher, her actions were wholly illegitimate.  She is now being investigated by the OCSO for tampering with evidence.

Before all this was known about Buchanan, however, she simply wanted to insert herself in the case.  She falsified a TES search document saying that she’d been in the location where the body was found. In addition, she falsified Joe Jordan’s name on her bogus TES form, then attempted to coax him into calling Baez.  Joe Jordan never did.

Then, in August 2010, Baez wrote a motion in which he claimed that both Laura Buchanan and Joe Jordan will come into court and say, effectively, that Casey could not have put Caylee’s body where it was found, because there is proof Caylee was not there in September of 2008.  Casey could not have put Caylee there, claimed the Defense – Casey was in jail.

As I laid out in Monday’s post, Jose Baez had long been requesting of Brad Conway to contact Laura Buchanan as she had some important evidence that is HUGE for Casey Anthony. Baez asked Conway at least three times, over a period of a year, to contact Buchanan, Conway never did. As such, Conway was not aware of what Laura Buchanan would say.

Brad Conway told OCSO that he did not want to help Baez because he was furious with him for going behind his back and working with the Anthony’s to reverse a previous waiver of conflict with Tim Miller that allowed Mark NeJame to represent him.  Baez worked with the Anthony’s to try and reverse the waiver of conflict.  Such a thing is not done and it infuriated Conway.   Furthermore, Conway told OCSO, that if the information from Laura Buchanan was so critical and exculpatory, Baez should be handling it himself!  It was not Conway’s job to work for Casey’s Defense.

However, Conway DID agree to go to Mark NeJame’s office and look through the TES documents to try to find if there were any documents with Buchanan’s name on them – Conway found none.  In addition, Baez asked him again to search for a half dozen other names in the documents, one of the names was Roy Kronk.   Brad did comb through the documents looking for Roy Kronk’s name.  He found none.

To make this long story short, the reason why Baez is in serious trouble is because, in August 2010, to bolster his claim about Laura Buchanan and Joe Jordan being critical witnesses, Baez lied and said that Brad Conway ALSO knows that Caylee’s body could not have been at the location in September 2008, because he has two witnesses (and now Conway) who will support this.

Brad Conway vehemently denies ever stating such a thing to Baez.

Brad Conway, as far as I am concerned, is believable. And, as we have known for some time, Baez makes his own rules and seems to be cut from the same cloth as the Anthony’s.

Oh yes, this is indeed a BOMBSHELL!


there are just no words….

Today, the State of Florida ASA Linda Drane Burdick filed a motion that held not a single word describing the purpose of the motion.  The motion contained ONLY a listing of 21 items of discovery received from Jose Baez, on January 14, on a flash drive.  (Note: Neither the State nor the Defense need to file motions with a listing of the discovery material received or sent.)

The flash drive with the “discovery” contained:  Videos from WFTV news casts.  Yes, you read that right.  There are 5 WFTV videos. There is one WESH news cast, and one from WKMG.  There are videos of the Psychic Gail St. John.  There is even a video of the Psychic Network show hosted by Gail St. John.

This is discovery?

There are photos, too.  One photo of Sargent John Allen.  There’s even a photo of Assistant Attorney’s Linda Drane Burdick, with Jeff Ashton, and Frank George, on Suburban Drive.

This is discovery?

There are 9 photos that are merely numbered from 005 to 013 with no identifying notations. There are background reports on State witnesses; there is a CBS photo titled “New Evidence in the Caylee Case” but there is no identifying information as to its value.

Again, this is discovery?

Well, this is Jose Baez’s idea of discovery.

At this point, Jose Baez and his actions are no longer laughable.

What he is doing is a slap in the face to the court; it is terribly disrespectful to the State Attorney’s Office, and it appears to be another willful attempt by Baez to stick his middle finger out at the legal system.

As mentioned earlier, Linda Drane Burdick filed the motion without comment.  She only listed the items received.

I don’t doubt that she is at a loss for words.

Here is the motion filed by ASA Linda Drane Burdick:  State of Florida’s Inventory of Discovery on Flash Drive Received 1/14/2011

If Casey Anthony’s life did not hang in the balance, we might all get a good laugh at this.

And, Jose Baez has a deadline approaching – he had to have filed his Expert Witness Report on Dr. Kenneth Furton by January 19th (Judge Perry ordered it due in 10 days from Jan. 5th), and the rest of his reports are due 20 days from Jan. 5th, I believe.  Perhaps he followed the Judge’s orders and filed it on time, and in full.  There’s no way of knowing, at this point.  We’ll have to see.

However, this latest filing of discovery, in my opinion, rises to the level of another willful violation.  Will contempt be the next step?  I would not be the least bit surprised if it happens.

Take a look at the list that Linda Drane Burdick filed in the motion that is on the link above.

Did she deliberately let the list speak for itself?  Yes, I believe so.

Strong commentary to the court about Jose Baez.


not again? yes, again. a hearing scheduled in anthony case: Monday, April 5th

WESH News has filed an article regarding an upcoming Casey Anthony hearing, slated to occur Monday morning, April 5th, 2010, at 10:00 a.m.

The hearing is scheduled to argue a defense motion for ALL of the Texas EquuSearch records.

Now, this is just silly.

The defense has already argued and lost this once before!  Well, they did somewhat prevail and successfully got some records pertaining to some of  the searchers, as we saw in the latest document release.

But, seriously, there were hundreds of people who assisted in the search.  How could either side interview all those hundreds of searchers?

I understand the need for a rigorous defense, but this is beyond the pale and I doubt the Judge will grant this motion.

If the Judge agrees to release ALL of the records, it would compromise the identity of regular folks who helped in the search for Caylee.  That was the argument and the decision the last time this motion was brought before the court.

Why bring this again?  The Judge is not going to compromise the privacy of hundreds of people!

I will update this post with additional information as it is released.


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