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bye-bye Baez? Go galumphing!

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch! ~  Lewis Carroll

Beware the Jabberwocky!

The Jabberwocky is running wild in the Casey Anthony saga.

In the Casey Anthony trial after-life, sense is nonsense and nonsense is sense, depending upon the day and where you sit to eat your crumpets and sip your tea.

Oh the Jabberwocky we’d hear if our ears were invited….

Casey Anthony, who eats lies for lunch, is like the sloth who uses its dirty teeth to hide a lying tongue.

The bizarre just gets more bizarre and…. it’s so damn fascinating!  (I do enjoy the soap opera-ish-tragi-comedy vaper that lingers after the fact and is still there.)

As it has happened with other stories in this case, it takes a willing suspension of disbelief to swallow a single word attributed to the former defendant, Casey Anthony.

But, oh, today’s salacious gossip masquerading as news, is ripe for a virtual vomit!

First, we have the Orlando Sentinel’s victory in getting the erst-while Judge in the Casey Anthony murder trial, Judge Belvin Perry, to unseal the depositions of both Dr. William Weitz and Dr. Jeffrey Danziger, Psychiatrists who examined Casey Anthony prior to, and toward the end of the murder trial.  The depositions, say the media, are so juicy they are bound to cause saliva to drip from the collective lips of all of Orlando.

Here are links to the deliciously deviant depositions:

1. Dr. Jeffery Danzinger.  April 7, 2011

2. Dr. Jeffery Danzinger, April 13, 2011 continuation

3. William Weitz, Ph.D., April 7, 2011

4. William Weitz, Ph.D., April 13, 2011 continuation

It would take hours of reading to get through the above just-released depositions about the damsel and queen-of-sloth, Casey Anthony’s mental health.

The depositions are reportedly very interesting and reveal a great deal about the depths that Casey Anthony would sink to blame her daughter’s death on her Father, George Anthony.

By far the most shocking revelation?  Casey Anthony suffers no mental illness!  Well, so say one or both of the Psychologists.  How would they know what was lie versus what is truth?  And, that was not their task anyway.   They were to determine what, if any, issues would prevent her from understanding the seriousness of the charges against her.  And there was another reason, but it back-fired:  To have Weitz and Danzinger tell Casey Anthony’s sob-story without the defense having to call her to the stand.  Fortunately, the law does not allow that.  If anyone told her story, she’d have to do it.

With regards to issues of mental health, I think that people who are skilled liars, programmed to lie about everything, are also able to put on a persona, like putting on a hat, that hides their quilt and their mental illness.

Casey Anthony’s history of lies are well-documented.  It takes a clever person to be so devious; you’d have to be smart to keep a running history of all the lies you’ve told.  Casey Anthony had to keep all the lies in her head and she had to make up new stories to enhance the original ones while keeping them all straight. That’s work!

Even though her lies go absolutely beyond the beyond of reality, her absolute conviction to cling to a lie, though outrageously cruel, is amazing.   She’s told unconscionable tales in which she ensnared her own father as the criminal.   Only a desperate defense lawyer would believe them.

If you followed the case from 2008, you may remember how the defense came up with a slew of manufactured stories which they hoped would become the reasonable doubt a jury could cling to.  They came up with some doozies, too.  Every story the defense floated was defeated by the State evidence.  Soon the defense team, after nearly three years of posturing, had nothing to show for the carpet-bagging of their wild theories of the case.

And then there was George.

George the Patsy.

Poor, poor George.

He became a Patsy of the highest order.  He was the fall-guy of all fall-guys.  He was bashed and bruised and left for dead by the blow-hard and brutal Baez at trial. Buoyed by Casey, she cried…..

One, two! One, two! and through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.  ~  Lewis Carroll

Here are links to some of the Orlando stories: Orlando Sentinel, WFTV, WESH,

The other interesting bit of gossip parading as news has to do with a petulant Anthony, expressing anger about Jose Baez, her lead defense attorney.  What’s the fuss?  The talk is that Anthony is plenty miffed that Baez is getting all the airtime and press while she has to release YouTube Princess Diaries.

So, Anthony wanted to throw Baez under el-bus-eroo in favor of Man-With-Middle-Finger, Cheney Mason.  Well, so says TMZ.  But, as it turns out, it’s Baez throwing The Princess Diary under the bus!  He’s done got up and left the damsel in distress….and he took her silver slippers, too.

‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.  ~  Lewis Carroll


flippin’ probation

Why must Cheney Mason’s motions always contain personal and snippy vitriol?  More importantly, why must he consistently act like a high-school boy who’s only able to communicate via a middle finger, with a bark and a scowl?

Oh yes, Mason displayed his middle finger again today – flipping it in the direction of a driver, reported Kathi Belich of WFTV.

There’s something wrong with a grown man, nearing retirement, acting like this.  It’s uncouth (also uncool), for a lawyer to behave that way!  It’s bizarre – beyond the beyond of bizarre.

And, what’s worse, Mason told a reporter that Anthony will NOT comply with the probation order.  Hm.  Perhaps he wants to loose his law license?  By suggesting that Anthony will not appear, he – an officer of the court – is asking his client to break the law.

Cheney Mason, who once had a very good reputation in the Orlando area, is risking his law degree, and his reputation, for Casey Anthony?  Really??  It makes absolutely no sense to me.

The motion that Mason “walked” to the courthouse today (all he needed to do was file it electronically), was done to assure he had an audience.

In the motion, titled “Emergency motion for hearing to quash, vacate, and set aside court’s order,”  Mason writes that Judge Strickland’s “order was fraudulently entered.”

Mason also states that Judge Strickland, having amended the probation order, “Showed a reckless disregard for Ms. Anthony’s Due Process and Civil Rights.

I cannot fathom that any lawyer would make such offensive allegations against a sitting Judge, especially a Judge as thoughtful and fair as I believe Judge Strickland is.  It’s offensive.

Perhaps Mason believes that his career is over anyway, and so he doesn’t care who or what he insults.  If so, that’s hardly an excuse.   As an officer of the court and having taken an oath to follow the law, how can a lawyer act with such disregard for the law, and all behalf of Casey Anthony?  It makes no sense.

Here is the emergency motion, filed by Cheney Mason, filed on the CFS News13 website.

Richard Hornsby, a smart (and sometimes sassy!) criminal defense attorney that I admire, wrote a post on his blog that is excellent and that I encourage you to read – the link to his blog is on my blogroll and a link is available in the quote below.

Richard concludes the following with regards to the sentencing orders for probation:

While Judge Strickland’s intentions were clear, there seems to have been some confusion because the sentencing minutes that were generated after the hearing, and which Judge Strickland signed, simply stated credit for 412 days jail followed by one year of supervised probation. Notably, the sentencing minutes never contained the magical words “upon release” at the end of the sentence – not that they needed to.  ~ Richard Hornsby, Criminal Lawyer

The real question is whether Judge Perry will hear this emergency motion tomorrow on behalf of Judge Strickland.

If the order stands, and I think it will, Anthony will have to report to an Orlando probation officer Wednesday, August 3, 2011, by 5 pm, or she will have violated the terms of her probation.  When that happens, a bench warrant for her arrest will be put in place, and back to jail she’ll go.

Anything could happen at this point – and it probably will!

It’s difficult to read the tea leaves on this one.   Oh boy!  Stay tuned….


coming out of the nightmare

I don’t know about you, but I am slowly coming out of the Casey Anthony trial nightmare and into the land of the living.  I’m beginning to let the anger and the sadness go.

I also feel better after watching an interview of Jeff Ashton, that Kathi Belich, of WFTV, recently conducted.  I encourage you to watch it.

Not only is Jeff Ashton a terrific lawyer, he’s a very, very nice person.  He’s modest, kind and very respectful of the jury’s recent decision.

Jeff Ashton on WFTV

I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the interview, so I won’t reveal all of the gems he shares, though there is one item especially worth repeating here.

Toward the end of the video, Kathi asks Jeff Ashton, “What advise do you have for those of us who are so upset and sick over the outcome of this trial?”    He tells Kathi that the best thing we can do is to turn our anger into some kind of positive action.  Work for/support new laws, be an advocate for children, be a Big Brother or Big Sister, etc.  Turn the anger energy into positive action.

Then he says, the best thing we can do going forward is to ignore Casey Anthony.

The best thing, he says, when Casey Antony gets out of jail, we should turn our collective backs on her and walk the other way.

This, says Jeff Ashton, will be the harshest punishment for Casey Anthony!   Ignoring her will hurt her more than anything in the world.

I need to do the same – to stop writing and thinking of this case so much.  Well, there are a couple more stories I want to write about it, but I don’t want to give Casey Anthony the satisfaction of this blog’s attention, so I’ll try to phase this case off this blog….

Of course, there will be things about the case that will pull me back…. I can’t help it!!!!   But I’m going to try to turn to more positive and encouraging topics; focus on other news-worthy things that I enjoy writing about. (Can’t go cold-turkey off this case!)

Here is the wonderful video of the wonderful Jeff Ashton:


Verdict Watch day 2 – We Got a Verdict!!!!!

Day two of jury deliberations in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony trial.

All the attorneys, sans Jose Baez, assembled into courtroom 23 at 8:30 a.m., to receive the jury.  (Other reports say Baez was present in the courthouse, but in the hallway.)

Judge Belvin Perry gave the jury his usual admonitions and sent them on their way to deliberate.  It took about 60 seconds!

Casey Anthony was there.  She will wait in the holding cell at the courthouse. What a long wait it must be for her.  I wonder if the reality of what she’s facing has hit her?   Is she in total denial, or has she accepted what ever fate deals her?

Has she come to terms with living in jail for the rest of her life?  The jail employees say she’s a model prisoner.  She’s easy to deal with and pleasant.  Jose Baez wanted these jail employees to testify, the judge would not allow it for obvious reasons.  What has the opinion of jail guards have to do with the death of Caylee Marie Anthony?

This morning, Kathi Belich, of WFTV, tweeted that Juror #3 was in a suit today.  WESH reported that many of the jurors are dressed up today.   Hmmm.  Are jurors thinking a verdict would be delivered today and they’d be appearing before the cameras tonight?

It’s all speculation …. One never knows when it comes to deliberations.

So…. we wait.


can you blame him?

Drama was in full swing today when Jose Baez, during his over-the-top argument to the jury, suddenly screams, pointing to Assistant State Attorney, Jeff Ashton, and says “…that laughing guy!”

And, well, Ashton was smirking, there’s no doubt about it.  Regardless, it completely infuriated Judge Perry when he heard Baez shout, “that laughing guy.”

SUSTAINED,” Judge Perry screamed at the same time Jeff Ashton bellowed, “OBJECTION!”

Judge Perry immediately sent the jurors out, while the attorneys went into chambers.  Then, the next thing we knew, the Judge, in his shirt and tie, is seen stomping in the courtroom hallway flanked by three uniformed police officers.  Everyone thought contempt charges were imminent.  The thought of Jeff Ashton being charged with contempt was horrifying; a nail-biting time.  Thankfully, Judge Perry softened, giving the attorney’s another chance to maintain decorum as the Judge had previously ordered they do.

It is unclear to me whether Mr. Baez was going to face contempt as well.   It seemed obvious that the real infraction had to do with Jeff Ashton’s facial expressions – he’d tried to hide a smile by putting his hand over his mouth, making Baez livid.  Frankly, I can’t blame him.  Jose’s antics were maddening and laughable at the same time.  Nonetheless, Ashton was wrong to react as he did.

I was shocked not only that this serious situation was playing out in the courtroom, but also at what Jose Baez did to help the situation.  Mr. Baez, magnanimously, asked Judge Perry to not hold Mr. Ashton in contempt.  He then apologized for getting caught up in the moment.   After both attorneys apologized the proceedings continued as usual.

Assistant State Attorney, Jeff Ashton - video snip of InSession video stream












The dramatic day began with a brilliant and cohesive closing argument by Jeff Ashton.  The State’s opening lasted only 77 minutes.  Baez and Cheney Mason (who literally put me to sleep), used the full four hours given to them to argue their case.

Jeff Ashton methodically laid out the lies Casey told.  Ashton noted Casey Anthony’s ability to keep her lies together was a result of her intelligence.  She’s a smart girl, he told the jurors, she seamlessly moves from lie to lie to lie.  “Her lies are impressive,” Mr. Ashton, added, with a good dose of cynicism.

I began to take notes as I listened to Ashton, but abandoned them because his argument became incredibly compelling and I didn’t want to miss a word!

Mr. Ashton pointed out that Casey needed to do away with Caylee because she was beginning to talk and could inadvertently blow Casey’s cover.  If George or Cindy had asked Caylee about Zanny, it would be all over for Casey.  Therefore, argued Mr. Ashton, Casey needed to “get rid” of this problem.

Ashton described how the three pieces of Henkel duct tape were applied to Caylee, and were proof of premeditation.  The first piece of tape covered her mouth, the next piece covered her nose, and the third piece placed over the two previous pieces to ensure the air was blocked.

And, like so many of us hope and pray, Ashton said, “One can only hope that that chloroform was used beforehand (before the tape was applied).”

In a very poignant moment Mr. Ashton pointed out the terrible irony that the tape used to kill Caylee, was also used by George Anthony to implore people to find her – to hang the missing Caylee posters.

The Baez Closing

Jose Baez began his argument rather weakly, then built up steam, only to climax in the middle of his argument into a screaming meme!  Baez kept this loud, angry, screaming tone that had to get old fast for the jurors. How would you feel if someone is less than three feet in front of you and screaming their head off for three and a half hours?

Baez’s arguments were sustained in excess of ten times during his argument.   Though many talking heads were praising Jose’s work.  Even my favorite attorney, Bill Shaeffer, gave Baez a B-plus.

Granted, Baez made some good points, but he never got any “ah-ha” moments, in my estimation.  I felt his arguments fell flat with a loud bang.  And, Baez was really sarcastic and used the word “slut” in relation to Casey Anthony three or four times.  He called her a liar, too.  Childish, in my view.

In his argument, Baez heaped much of the blame on George Anthony, of course.  Roy Kronk was a target, still, too.  Baez called the State’s evidence “a fantasy.”

It was painful to listen to Jose Baez today as he twisted facts and massaged testimony to benefit the defense.  It’s very aggravating to write about Baez’s closing – it was so annoying I nearly turned it off.  And then, Cheney Mason got up to speak and he lulled me right to sleep so I missed the majority of his closing.

Baez had quite a number of visual aids.  The visuals were nicely done and expensive looking.  Baez had the pictures of the witnesses on magnets and then shifted them into groups on a poster board, aligning and moving the photos according to the story he wanted to spin as he trashed the State’s case.

The jurors were tired; Judge Perry, sensitive to their needs, saw that they were and the day concluded for them at 6:30 pm.

The lawyers and Judge Perry had not agreed on the Jury Instructions, they worked through lunch and into the evening to finalize both the jury instructions and the charging document for the jury to use.  They recessed at approximately 8:00 tonight.

Tomorrow, the State of Florida will finish their closing arguments beginning at 8:30 am. Linda Drane-Burdick will begin for the State.  I hope Jeff Ashton has an opportunity to argue again, too.  I hope that Frank George is given an opportunity to argue as well.

Today was pretty amazing, and tomorrow will seal the deal for the State.

They will state their case beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt for this jury.

No doubt here!


casey trial ended suddenly – speculation is just that

It’s very interesting to hear the excited speculation that was raised at the sudden end of today’s planned testimony, in the State v. Casey Anthony trial.

Today began (like many other days in that Orlando courtroom), with a defense discovery violation.

Jeff Ashton again brought up another glaring discovery violation as it relates to defense witness, Dr. Kenneth Furton, who is a professor and researcher with Florida International University (FIU), in Miami, Florida.

Arguments began regarding the discovery violation issue – Jose Baez was extremely recalcitrant and in denial about what could possibly be the problem.

Baez said, “We’re not going to go through this!”  The Judge said, “You’d think this would have grown old by now, but I guess some things never change.”

Then Mr. Mason alerted the Judge of another matter they needed to attend to.

The video on WFTV has the file of the first part of this morning’s session.  You’ll be able to see for yourself what the issues are.  Click here for the video.

The attorney’s went back behind closed doors for quite a while, when Judge Perry came back and announced there was a legal matter that required their attention – and it was unrelated to what was previously discussed (the Dr. Furton discovery violation).

HLN was all over the map trying to speculate. We’re all speculating, of course!  I get a giggle when HLN speculates, though.  HLN had a story on whether Casey Anthony was crying when she came out of the closed door session with the attorneys, since she was blowing her nose?  (Maybe she has a cold?)

And, then there was the story of George Anthony crying today since he was seen with a tissue.  George was clearly blowing his nose!

I don’t know if HLN brought this bit of speculation up, too, but someone on Twitter asked if a plea deal was offered today, hence the tears from George and Casey.

There was speculation centered around a mistrial (which I think makes the most sense). Oh, and there was more speculation that Casey wants a new defense team.  (Something she should have done on July 17, 2008.)

HLN speculated about the picture of Caylee (below), shown yesterday during Jose Baez’ direct with Cindy Anthony.  Was the picture doctored?

Caylee (?) at Anthony Home

Is it really Caylee?   Maybe the picture was staged?  Is that really Caylee, or is it another child?

Blah blah blah blah – the talking heads talked.

Honestly, I can’t help speculating as well!  

For what it’s worth, my speculation is this:  Yesterday, Cheney Mason brought up the motion for mistrial which is still on the table.  (Cheney Mason asked the Judge about it yesterday, near the end of the day.)

Judge Perry told Mr. Mason, if he was to entertain this motion for mistrial, it would require a full evidentiary hearing, and not just lawyers flapping their gums.  Mr. Mason concurred, and then the subject was dropped.

Did Mr. Mason bring up something solid with regards to this motion that sent everyone scurrying away?

I don’t think so, but who knows!

We may never know the answers to today’s abrupt change of plans because these closed-door discussions were sealed by Judge Perry.

The facts we do know surround the attorneys needing additional time to do some work, take more depositions, and so on.  It must be difficult to work on your case when you’re in trial all day.  No doubt the attorney’s are stressed and need more time to do the actual work that is required in the case (i.e. motions to write.)

After all, they only have Sunday off!

Reportedly, Jeff Ashton is taking this free time to do another deposition of Dr. Furton.  Court is resuming as usual on Monday morning, and it appears that things will be business as usual.

The Discovery Issue….

Dr. Furton, apparently scheduled to testify today, has come to court with some new ideas and opinions.  Jose Baez handed Assistant State Attorney, Jeff Ashton, a new PowerPoint demonstration created by Dr. Furton – today.  I believe this is at least the third time Jose Baez has played this trick – he faces contempt charges already, you’d think he’d learn his lesson by now?

When Dr. Furton testified in the Frye hearings, Dr. Furton came off as a “wanna-be Dr. Arpad Vass,” in my opinion.

During the Frye hearings, Dr. Furton would have liked us to believe there was no smell of decomposition; rather it was a result of the infamous trash, which is all garbage, which was left in the trunk of Casey’s car.

In addition, Dr. Furton’s bases his findings and his experiments on separate body parts decomposing.  Not entire bodies.

There’s a big difference between the two events, as can be imagined.  Dr. Furton would not concede, during the Frye Hearings, that there would be differing results from a whole body, versus a body part going through the decomposition process.

In short, he was not a convincing expert witness.

We’ll see how all this plays out Monday morning!

Happy weekend, everyone!


84 deadly searches for chloroform

I’ve just finished watching most of today’s testimony in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony trial, in Orlando.  Today’s testimony did not disappoint, and it continues to go down hill for Casey Anthony and her hapless defense team.

First on the witness stand today, the State called another Cadaver dog handler.  Just as Jason Forgey’s dog, Gerus did, Bones, the K9 handled by Sergeant Kristin Brewer, also alerted to decomposition in the backyard of the Anthony home.  It was eerie that both dogs alerted to the same spot in the back yard.

It was the saddest testimony!  Just the thought that Casey actually considered burying her dear daughter there in the backyard is gruesome – unspeakably cruel.  I wonder what the jury is thinking about this?  Their hearts have to be breaking.

The State is laying out its case in such a way that it should be effortless for the jury to connect the dots, don’t you think?

In my opinion, the dots will draw a picture of premeditation, especially after hearing what the computer specialists had to say today.

What does the jury think about Casey sitting at the defense table as if she’s in another world?  I get the feeling that Casey Anthony is watching this trial unfold like its happening to someone else – like she’s watching a movie, or something.

Search for Chloroform 84 Times!

First let me say that Linda Drane Burdick is brilliant!  It was fascinating to see how she planned the witnesses to each compliment each other – each computer expert built upon the next.

The final computer analyst, John Dennis Bradley, consulted for the State Attorney on the case, and his was the testimony most damaging.

There were Google and Wikipedia searches on Casey Anthony’s computer for:

  • Internal bleeding,
  • Ruptured spleen,
  • Death,
  • Self-defense,
  • Chest trauma,
  • Household weapons,
  • Chloroform,
  • Hand to hand combat,
  • Neck Breaking,
  • Internal Bleeding, and
  • How to make Chloroform.

All of this is bad enough, and Baez did his best to try to diminish the blows – in reality he didn’t come close because Linda Drane Burdick, during her redirect, asked Mr. Bradley the BOMBSHELL question:

Linda Drane Burdick:   How many times was the word “chloroform” searched on this computer?

Mr. Bradley:  84 times.

Linda Drane Burdick: No more questions, your Honor.

Judge Perry:  Cross examination on these items and these items alone, Mr. Baez?

Jose Baez:  No further questions, your Honor.

What could Baez say?  He was utterly defeated after Ms. Drane-Burdick kicked it out of the ball park!

Casey Anthony began these horrible key-word searches in March of 2008.  In my estimation, this is a clear indication of premeditation – she plotted and planned the murder of Caylee!

If the State can provide more evidence of premeditation, how will Casey Anthony avoid the death penalty?  This is one of the most important factors, I believe.

Did Casey Anthony Really Want to Kill her Parents? 

Remember when Amy Huizenga was (so she thought) just days away from moving into the Anthony home?

Ever since the beginning of this case, when the Law Enforcement interviews with Amy Huizenga were released, I thought that Casey Anthony was actually plotting to kill her parents, not Caylee.

Some of the key word searches, like hand-to-hand combat, self defense, chest trauma, etc., lead me to think this.  And, when Casey told the story of her father having a stroke, her parents getting a divorce, her mother moving out of the house, leaving no-job-Casey to pay the mortgage, it occurred to me she was setting up some kind of scenario with her parents as victims.

As a result of reading the story on today’s WFTV coverage of the trial, I feel even more convinced of this possibility.

In today’s WFTV article, click here for link, they suggest the following:

The experts testified that Casey’s first chloroform search was done on March 17, 2008 around the time she found out she couldn’t go to Puerto Rico with friends because her mother Cindy Anthony would not watch Caylee for her.

The state is setting the stage for premeditated murder by showing she was searching chloroform some three months before Caylee disappeared, said WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer.

The computer searches all happened in the month of March!

It is difficult to wrap my brain around Casey Anthony planning to murder her daughter (or her parents) since March, 2008!!

That was a bombshell for me.

Note:  A blogger, Sandy, left a note today asking why would Jose Baez say “since Caylee went ‘missing” in reference to something on the computer?  Isn’t it the defense’s contention that Caylee was drowned?  Why would he say this today?  I guess he doesn’t believe his own theory either.


day two of jury selection

It was another interesting day in the jury selection process in the State v. Casey Anthony Trial.

There is great tension and desperation in the air for the defense.  As much as they try to hide it, Casey Anthony’s fear is palpable.  It’s evident in her eyes, body language and behavior in the courtroom.

One of the media sources, (WFTV was the original source), mentioned that Jose Baez was overheard saying, “You’re acting like a 2 year old,” to Casey Anthony. If that is true, and I have no reason to believe it’s not, I find it disturbing.   Jose Baez is not her father.  He’s working for her and she’s facing death!

The two of them proceeded to avoid each others gaze after exchanging these words.  They also, according to the Caylee Daily, sat apart from each other at the defense table.

They are unhinged.

Apparently, someone on the defense was monitoring the news reports on the Internet today because they complained to Judge Perry that their “private conversations” were being posted on the Internet.  Judge Perry said, “Folks this is a public courtroom.”

The Air Tests

With regards the “smell” in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s White Pontiac; no less than ten people could testify to the “smell” that emanated from the trunk.

Cadaver Dogs alerted to the scent, many police officers, FBI representatives have probably gotten a whiff and could attest to the “smell.” There is NO denying a human body was in that trunk!   EVERYONE knows a human body decomposed in that trunk! But the defense keeps trying those Hail Mary motions and it’s getting very old. Can they not stop their whining and face the truth about this evidence?

The duty of the defense is to challenge the evidence produced and offered by the government. The defense does not have the burden of proof.   There should come a point when they are forced to stop wasting the courts time to argue the court’s rulings over and over again!   There should be a limit, right?  There should come a time when a defense team has to stop their desperate struggle and fish, fish, fish, fish for any morsel of hope to get the Frye evidence thrown out.

Today, with regards to the evidence of post mortem banding indicating decomposition on a strand of Caylee’s hair, the defense attempted to convince the Judge that there was some kind of “new” research study being worked on that claims that when hair is exposed to well-water, it COULD mimic decompositional banding on  hair.

The problem with this argument?  It is a research study that was mentioned in a deposition – it’s in its infancy, but the defense wants to stop the presses to go check this out.  The Judge says NO  no more fishing expeditions.

The Judge had a change of heart about the air tests.  He had time last evening to rethink the air test database issues, despite the defense asking for a rehearing on the matter, and the FBI is going to supply the names of the compounds in the  database, which was utilized by Dr. Arpad Vass in the air testing, therefore, the Judge has denied all defense requests with regards to blocking the air tests.  Phew!

Jury Selection Cut Short Today

With regards to Jury selection today, it was quite interesting – never a dull moment, it seems!  As it happened, a woman, who was also a Texas EquuSearch volunteer and a possible witness in the case, was called for jury duty and in the jury pool!

Instead of keeping her thoughts to herself about the case, she spoke either directly to, or within ear-shot of nearly a dozen prospective jurors.

When Judge Perry learned this, out of an abundance of caution – fearing the entire panel may be tainted, he excused the entire pool of 50 people.

Voir dire of this remaining pool came to a end at about 3:00 today, and the Judge estimates that jury selection is nearly 3 days behind schedule, unfortunately.

And finally, I just read a media report from Adam Longo, who spoke to Jose Baez and Cheney Mason.  Watch it here.

Mr. Baez and Mason – Selling Their Souls Story

The long and the short of it?  Jaws will drop, they say, when they learn how the defense will explain what “really” happened in this case.

I’m going to say it, once and for all, these two defense attorney’s are living in another reality – they are either enormously stupid, completely gullible, shamefully dishonest, or they are horrible attorneys.  I am sick to death of their claims with regards to their client.

How dare they engage in media appearances at this point in time?   I know that when you have no case, you must appeal to the public, but it’s wrong on so many levels.  It infects the system of justice. They are lawyers, they should act like Officials of the Court and have some sensitivity for the sanctity of the law.  The system of justice is adversarial, yes, but it should not be smoke and mirrors, sleazy attempts to “brand” their case in the media, and they should not become outright media whores!

That’s my band wagon for today. Well, I have one more item to discuss, and it’s terribly disappointing and completely unexpected.

America’s Most Wanted

I got an email from a producer at America’s Most Wanted that Yuri Melich did not win the America’s Most Wanted All Star Award.  I nominated him and was absolutely so sure he would win.  I was so sure!

But he didn’t win.

We all gave it a good try, we really did – I saw that so many people following this case took up the cause and voted religiously for Yuri.

At least he knows that our gratitude for his work is endless – we all should feel good about that.

But, darn it all, anyway.


so we wait

There is no decision from Judge Perry on the controversial, precedent-setting air tests that detected decomposition in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.

We must wait until Friday to learn if the Fifth Court of Appeals will uphold Judge Belvin Perry’s recent decision to deny the media early access to the jury selection location.

My favorite analyst, Bill Sheaffer, believes that the rights of Casey Anthony will prevail and trump the needs of the media, thus denying the motion.

Just like Judge Perry observed, there’s at least one analyst for every media outlet now; and WESH has the retired judge, Judge O.H. Eaton, on its payroll.

I enjoyed reading his comments today on questions related to Cindy and George Anthony’s impact on the trial, including any future charges that may befall them.  Here’s a link to the article, should you like to read it:   Ask The Judge: Parents’ Charges, Evidence, Casey’s Plea

Here is an excerpt from Judge O.H. Eaton’s comments:

Dear Judge Eaton: I would like to ask why the grandparents George and Cindy are not charged with any misconduct in this case. — Angie, Little Rock, Ark.

It is up to the state attorney to decide whether to bring charges against anyone, and the decision not to prosecute cannot be reviewed by any court or even the governor. In this case, the Anthonys are important witnesses for the state, and it is not surprising they have not been charged with anything — at least not yet. — Judge O.H. Eaton

“At least not yet,” he says!  Am I reading too much into that?  Could it be true that the State will look at the Anthony’s misdeeds once the trial is over?  I think it may be true…. soooo, we wait!

The Media Motion is Insulting

If anything other than a denial of this capricious motion happens, it will be a sad day for our rights under the law.  If media can barge into a court of law and demand privileges above the constitutional rights of the person accused, it may well be time to move to Canada.

The media can do a great deal of harm should they learn before hand of the location.  They will, for ratings, weave dramatic stories about the upcoming trial – they will tell potential jurors what to expect should they be selected: The ungodly length of their sequestration, the story of Casey and the 31 days, and so on.  They will have a field day!

If the media arrives at the location of jury selection, with their big trucks, vans, cameras, etc., on the courtroom steps, prior to the potential jurors arriving, it will be all over.  People in that location will have to  have their head in a bag to miss the publicity.

This is getting out of hand.  This case is about the death of a beautiful young child, I thought.  Not so much, says the media.  It’s about Casey Anthony to them, clearly.

So we wait.

Providing the media does not prevail and delay the trial, we will only wait a short time for the State, the OCSO, and the Expert witnesses who know the truth, to hold Caylee’s memory in their hearts as they raise their right hand and promise to tell her story – the truth.

I can hardly wait!


in the company of idiots?

Mr. Cheney Mason called us “idiot bloggers” today on the show In Session.

In the case of the State v. Casey Anthony case, the evidence against her looms large.  Despite the fact that the trial is looming, Casey Anthony’s own attorneys are using television to their own promotional advantage. Of course, this is a ploy to taint as many jurors as possible, which will delay the trial, which will hamper the memory of critical witnesses.  This is an age-old defense ploy.  It just may work, too.

Mr. Mason once said this case will be “fun.”  Fun for him?  Isn’t that nice. I hope he’s having fun now as his legitimacy fades.

Mr. Mason hates the local media. He believes in Casey Anthony’s innocence.  He thinks she’s nice, and bright.   He is especially proud of his tutelage of Jose Baez.

In one of Hal Boedeker’s two Orlando Sentinel blog posts today, he quotes Mr. Mason during his appearance on the television show, In Session:

Mason said he saw it as his job in the Anthony case to help and defend unfairly attacked lawyers. “I didn’t even know Mr. Baez initially,” Mason said. “Over a period of time, he would sometimes call or visit to ask for some suggestions or some advice from an old guy. I was more than willing to do that. It was all private. It went on for a very long time.”

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

~ Forrest Gump

Idiot Bloggers

Mr. Mason has a problem with bloggers.  He refers to people who observe and write about the State v. Casey Anthony proceedings, as “idiot bloggers.”

Likewise, I have a problem with a disingenuous lawyer who also happen to be an out-right bully.

You may remember when WFTV’s Kathi Belich and her camera crew attempted to interview Attorney Cheney Mason leaving the Orlando Courthouse.  Mr. Mason spat out harsh and unprofessional epitaphs at Ms. Belich, “You are the stupidest reporter on the face of the earth,” he shouted, hiding his face with his oversized umbrella.

People who are presumably well educated, as I would think Mr. Cheney is, do not make such misogynist statements in public.  A gentleman would say to Ms. Belich, “I have no comment at this time?”   Not Mr. Cheney.  Oh no.  Despite his fancy duds and his facade as a fine southern gentleman, he is a grown up, bona fide, bully!

Adult Bullies – They Come in All Sizes

What is it that encourages an adult to engage in bullying behavior?   The reasons are varied, and will change from bully to bully.

One constant, however, is the bully feels he or she is in the minority and must therefore assert his or her superiority in an exaggerated way.

With the “idiot bloggers” statement, and the scenario with Ms. Belich, Mr. Mason displayed typical bullying behavior – belittle the object of your contempt until they retreat.  Bullying is the only way insecure individuals can feel safe and secure.  Insecure people don’t feel safe and often lash out to protect themselves.  They don’t believe they can succeed at things.  They rarely trust themselves or their instincts, and generally don’t believe in themselves.

They bully when they feel insecure, or threatened; they will often exaggerate their abilities; feign confidence, when in reality, their self esteem is very low.

There is no question that the Casey Anthony case has exacerbated the bullying behavior of Mr. Mason.  With a case that’s falling apart more and more each day, his instinct is to go on the offense, no doubt.

Mr. Masson says about Casey Anthony, “she’s a nice human being; I have grandchildren almost her age.”  It is important for an attorney to like his or her client, which goes without saying, and he must look past her deeds in order to try her case, that is understood.  However, I find this next statement very telling, and very reprehensible.  In discussing why people dislike Casey Anthony, he said:

 …she is accused of killing her enormously cute little baby girl and people, who are unwilling to really believe in the presumption of innocence … are callous toward her, fed by the media day after day, don’t know her.

I would tell Mr. Mason that this idiot blogger does not have to believe in anyone’s innocence!  It is the jury, the Trier of Fact, who must look at Ms. Anthony as innocent until proven guilty.  But, I have absolutely no obligation to do the same, the  First Amendment assures me that promise.

I’m glad Mr. Cheney has “a very warm spot for” Casey Anthony.  Casey Anthony deserves attorneys who will believe in her, care about her, and fight to keep her off of death row.  I, however, have no obligation to believe any such fairy tale.

And I have an absolute right to tell you that my disgust is absolute.  The breed of defense attorney on this case makes my blood boil.  The law is the law, it’s not “Let’s Make a Media Deal”

The Media Has it Wrong On This One

I am likewise angry at certain media outlets who are thinking about making a buck off this case – raise the ratings, while a citizen is facing DEATH!

Where is the humanity in that?!

Casey Anthony is not a person I care one whit for, but I do not want her put to death.  Ironically, these pompous defense attorneys, if Casey is sentenced to death, will be to blame.  Try living with that Mr. Baez – will you still enjoy your visits with Geraldo then?

It was completely sickening that neither Mr. Baez or Cheney would stand up for their client yesterday, May 2nd, when the Media Attorney, Judith Mercier finished her babbling argument on behalf of the media.

The fact that both attorney’s sat there like bumps on a log, and SAID NOTHING until Judge Perry pressed Mr. Baez, was gross.

You know why they wanted to stay silent?  Despite what you may think, these two attorneys, Baez and Cheney are not stupid!  They know that an appeal would be a gift to them.  It would be precious to them!  They want this appeal – if they think we’re fooled, “they have another thing coming,” as my mom used to say!

“I am Mad as Hell and I Don’t Want to Take it Anymore!”

The last thing I want to rant about, leaving the worst for last, is a statement that Mr. Mason made that is foul, insensitive, and completely uncouth.

When Mason was asked about the “31 days” he said that will be answered during the trial, but went on to say the following:

Does it make people prejudiced against her? Yes. If the child were unlawfully killed, then the crime ended when she was killed. The next day, the next week, the next month really is kind of irrelevant to what happened.

If the child were unlawfully killed, he says, the time is kind of irrelevant

I would ask you, what kind of person – what kind of lawyer would be so callous as to refer to the child victim in this case in that way?

Idiots. Total Idiots.

The two Boedeker Posts:

Cheney Mason wanted to help Jose Baez

Casey Anthony: ‘Very likeable and very bright,’ Cheney Mason says


the nonpareil judge belvin perry

Before denying a motion on behalf of half a dozen media outlets, the Honorable Judge Belvin Perry, presiding over the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, advised Media attorney Judith Mercier that the right to a fair trial, by a jury of one’s peers, is the most fundamental of all our freedoms as Americans.

He told Ms. Mercier that he has already robbed Casey Anthony of one of her freedoms: The right to a jury of her peers in the county where the crime occurred, and he refused to deny her the most fundamental of her rights: A fair trial.

The dilemma with this case, unlike other cases, the media and the public interest is unprecedented, Judge Perry observed.  Judge Perry advised the attorneys and Casey Anthony, he believes this case could potentially outdo the popularity of the O.J. Simpson trial.

Judith Mercier, rabidly and persistently argued the absolute provision of a free press and the peoples right to know.  Her argument, in my view, did not attempt to balance the rights of a defendant to a fair trial.  Instead she argued that Voir Dire should take care of the question of bias in a juror.

“Have you ever tried a capital case, Ma’am, “ asked Judge Perry.  “No,” answered Ms. Mercier.

“Have you ever picked a jury in a Capital Case, Ma’am,” asked Judge Perry.  In answer, Ms. Mercier told Judge Perry, “No.”

There was no empathy or concern from this attorney for the Sixth Amendment Rights of Casey Anthony.

Ms. Mercier maintained in her argument that the harm to the right of the people to know (the location of the jury selection process), trumped everything, including the right to a fair trial.

Judge Perry advised his grave concerns. If he advised these media outlets the location of jury selection in advance,  the explosion of media coverage in that location would taint that jury pool in unmeasurable ways.  The goal is to get the pool of jurors in the jury room and begin questioning them before the media can infect them with news about the case.

In addition, Judge Perry argued that three news outlets have signed the confidentiality agreement – WFTV, In Session, and WBDO.  As Perry advised, these three groups will report freely, thereby allowing the press and the people access to information from the media.  But only AFTER the potential jurors have entered the jury room.

The Judge also advised Ms. Mercier that her clients may obtain the information they want independently, as they are wont to do in other situations every day.

Ms. Mercier accused the court of trying to hide from the media, and the public.   (The arrogance of this attorney was surprising.)

Judge Perry peppered her with questions about other high-profile court cases which she did not recognize:   What other cases have had webpages dedicated to a case, he asked.  In what other case have television stations hired one or two legal analysts to cover a case?  To both questions, Ms. Mercier had no answer.

Judge Perry went on to say, with some anger, what the media outlets really want is a feeding frenzy for ratings.  The result of the press in the location would provide a serious and imminent threat to Casey Anthony’s right to a fair trial.  Trying to balance that would be ludicrous.

If Casey Anthony is not promised a fair trial, justice for Caylee is likewise threatened.

Judge Perry spoke eloquently and passionately with regards to defendants rights.

Judge Perry advised that in denying this motion, and if it is appealed, it would result in a delay in the start of the trial.  Additionally, it would create an opportunity for the defense to ask for a continuance.  The defense has already succeeded in delaying this case, and would surely take every opportunity for a continuance.  A delay in the trial would provide the defense a tremendous advantage as people’s memory will fade as the years pile up.

If this media motion were to go to the District Court of Appeals – and it probably will, my favorite attorney, Bill Sheaffer, observed that the Judge’s decision will be upheld.

The Sixth Amendment Promise

Our rights under the Constitution of the United States of America, afford us rights in criminal cases (Amendment V) and rights to a fair trial (Amendment VI).

Casey Anthony MUST have a fair trial, though it appears that her Sixth Amendment Right (to a fair trial) could be severely compromised, if certain media outlets have their way.

It is terribly important that Casey Anthony have a fair trial, especially since she is facing the ultimate penalty, death.

If this case is delayed, Judge Perry advised that a gag order would go into effect, and he would do his utmost to stop the release of documents to the public.

There would be a “cooling off” period with the gag order that could potentially last 6 months to a year, unfortunately delaying justice for the victim, Caylee Anthony.  On the other hand, a gag order would would prevent Jose Baez from using the media to float theories about other suspects, other evidence, and different time frames to indicate that his client is, in his words, “innocent.”  There is no denying that Jose Baez is not doing Casey Anthony any favors by his proclivity to grand-stand in front of the media about his case.

Whatever happens – a continuance, or if the case moves forward, I am all the more convinced that Judge Perry will ensure Casey Anthony, who probably rarely treated anyone fairly,  can be assured she will receive a fair trial.

The U.S. Constitution is in good hands with Judge Belvin Perry – just as it was with Judge Stan Strickland – and we will be witness of a system at its best.


when all else fails, change the story

It would have been a very Good Friday if Judge Belvin Perry had filed the remaining Frye rulings today.  For a while this morning, WFTV was reporting that, despite it being Good Friday, the Good Judge – the Good Trooper that he is – would actually file his rulings today!   It didn’t happen, of course, but surely we will hear learn Monday about these Frye rulings.

One thing we did learn today: the 48 Hours No Mystery Defense Propaganda Show was not enough press for Mr. Baez.  Now he is scheduled to appear in a soon to be aired In Session segment.

The Defense Team really needs this coverage now – they need to pepper the jurists minds with salacious spin.  Why?  The story must change.

Most people have heard something about this case – generally they’ve heard negative press that goes something like this:  A young woman’s child goes missing for over a month and she parties the whole time and probably killed her own baby.

Jose Baez needs a new story out in the public, and fast.  Will the new story be: A young mother, abused by family members, looses her senses for over a month after learning her family may be responsible for the death of her child? 

Do you think that part of the defense strategy is to get a new story out in the public?

It’s entirely possible.   When truth or evidence fails, inundate the press, taint the jury pool, and twist, twist, twist the truth!    They are already succeeding – many people are aware of the “talk” with regards to George Anthony as reasonable doubt, right?

No matter how reprehensible or hypocritical – desperate times call for desperate measures.

It will be interesting to monitor the press in these last couple of weeks to see what story they are floating.

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open!

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the stain and the stories

We waited with bated breath for news of the promised rulings in the State v. Casey Anthony case.  Then, toward the close of day it was reported that Judge Belvin Perry ruled on only one of the many Frye issues argued in the case.

The Judge is allowing the State of Florida to introduce the stain that was found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s Pontiac Sunfire.  Why is this so important?  Simply, it shows – proof-positive – that human decomposition happened in the trunk, and it is, presumably, Caylee’s little body in that trunk.

When decomposition occurs, one of its by-products are volatile  fatty acids, which are present in the stain.  In addition, the stain, as we have previously heard, looks as if it’s in the shape of a small child, in a fetal position.  The defense would like to spin this evidence as “nothing” due to the absence of DNA.  The jury will learn that DNA is not present because it also decomposes and cannot be detected.

Judge Perry’s order is short and to the point on this issue.  Click here to read order.

Also today, defense depositions of Tony Lazarro and Amy Huizenga were published.   Click here for Tony’s deposition.  Click here for Amy’s deposition.

These two depositions are interesting to read and are not lengthy.

Tony Lazarro has trouble remembering much of what occurred prior to July 15, 2008.  I believe there is a somewhat important discrepancy in this most recent deposition, however.  I recall that when he was interviewed in 2008 regarding the first time Casey ran out of gas, he said she poured the gas into her car.  He also stated that he did not get very close to her car.  However, in this recent deposition, he thinks, because it would have been a guy thing to do, that he must have poured the gas into the car.  He further stated that he smelled no foul odor emanating from the car.

In his OCSO interview in 2008, he recalled that Casey rushed to pour the gas in her car, presumably to keep him away from her car.  When he was interviewed in 2008, he also did not smell an odor from the car.

In addition, Tony recalls Casey telling him that George Anthony was physically abusive toward Casey, who made George seem like a rough and troubled man.  This plays well with the defense’s plan to show George Anthony in a very bad light.  Tony also discussed Casey’s problems with Cindy Anthony.

When Cindy first arrived at Tony Lazarro’s apartment to pick up Casey, she said to Tony, “I hope you have a lot of money because she will take you for all you have.” This is hardly the Casey that Cindy would like the world to see.

As for Amy Huizenga, her memory is sharp.  She recounts the drive with Cindy to pick up Casey, on July 15th.  Cindy discussed the smell in the car, the fact that she wanted to take custody of Caylee, and that Casey may end up in jail.

Cindy Anthony’s previous stories to the FBI, to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, in her deposition with Morgan and Morgan, and to the media, she portrayed Casey as her best friend; and the perfect daughter.  I wonder if Cindy will admit on the stand, when she’s faced with the truth, the truth about she and Casey’s relationship?

The jury will undoubtedly learn of the volatile relationship between the mother and daughter – Casey’s jealousy, and the physical fight on, or around, June 15th, when, allegedly, a fight erupted between the two and Cindy had to be pulled from choking Casey.

Cindy’s own mother said to an OCSO detective (I’m paraphrasing), that she hoped Casey didn’t hate her mother more than she loved Caylee.

In conclusion, although Cindy has tried from day one, to construct the perfectly loving family facade, it’s all a lie.

Although the family is not responsible for Casey’s actions, Cindy does provide some of the context and the dysfunction for us to better understand Casey’s psychology.

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a prediction: it’s all coming in!

Today’s hearing began with a wimper as attorney Dorothy Clay Simms argued against the State’s botanist, Dr. David Hall.  Dr. Hall will provide testimony about the root growth that was both through and around the remains of Caylee Anthony, at the grave site.

Regarding the duct tape with the residue of the heart sticker – we expected this motion would be argued at today’s hearing, but it was not.  We learned today that this issue will be decided by the Judge through the pleadings (motions).

The argument by Linda Drane-Burdick on the issue of the Cadaver dogs, was effective.  Mr. Baez’ arguments were on the weak side with regards to this motion.  Mr. Baez simply could not overcome the arguments made by Ms. Burdick.

Ms. Burdick described the careful training of these dogs, the impeccable records kept, and the professionalism of both dog handlers.  She even quipped, “Lawyers aren’t evaluated as often.”

With regards to the stain in the trunk.  The argument today was a weak one by the defense.  Mr. Baez suggested that the stain in the form of a young child in fetal position created “hysteria” in the public.   Hysteria?  I don’t think so.  Sadness is more like it.  Disgust and aversion for Casey would fit that bill, but not hysteria.

The most important point was made as a result of Mr. Baez stating, rather vociferously, “there was no DNA found in the stain.”  Well, butter my biscuit, Mr. Ashton may have exclaimed under his breath!  That’s pretty  disingenuous of Mr. Baez!    Mr. Ashton, however was calm, cool and collected when he said to the court, during a decomposition event, the DNA decomposes, too!

The defense was all drama all the time today.  There was a bit of comedy, too.  When Mr. Baez made cynical remark at the podium, Judge Perry, in a stern tone, advised Mr. Baez to cut out the editorial remarks, and added, ‘You want to make unrelated comments, see the clerk and pay $100!’  Judge Perry, early on in the hearing, was in NO MOOD for any foolishness.   The players were much better behaved.  They needed to be – Judge Perry would not stand for any foolishness!

The Frye hearings are over now; only Judge Perry’s ruling remains.  With regards to these few days of hearings, the defense did not provide evidence strong enough for the Judge to exclude State evidence or witnesses.  Mr. Ashton reminded the court that the arbiters of the truth will be the jury as they weigh the testimony of the dueling experts.

Though I cannot say for certain, but it seems to me that Judge Perry will be liberal in allowing all the evidence, despite how new some of it is.  I tend to believe that Dr. Vass, the FBI analyst – Karen Lowe, Dr. Hall, the Cadaver dog evidence, and the stain in the car will all come in.  In addition, my favorite attorney of all time, Bill Sheaffer, concludes everything will come into the trial, too.

The State has not finished deposing the two defense Psychiatrists and will have motions to present to the court in short order. These new witnesses will be addressed by the parties at the next hearing, scheduled for next Friday, April 15th, at 1:30.

On a separate note…. Voting continues until Sunday for Yuri Melich!  Don’t forget to VOTE!


I don’t see Pink Elephants, Mr. Baez

There was just one short moment today when I could tune in to today’s Frye Hearing in the State v. Casey Anthony.  I know that a few very interesting experts testified today. Among those testifying today was Dr. Barry Logan, Dr. David Hall, and Dr. Jane Bock.

I was able to sneak a listen into today’s hearing for less than five minutes, and what did I hear?  A discussion from Mr. Baez about Pink Elephants in the room.  According to Mr. Baez, a Pink Elephant was in the room, but was being ignored by everyone.  After making that statement to the court, Judge Belvin Perry had the most beautiful retort!  He said, “I don’t see Pink Elephants, Mr. Baez.”  That was all that I heard, and I thought – Wow!  This must be a very, very interesting hearing!

That was really all I was able to see, unfortunately.  But, I did hear about the defense wanting to claim the chloroform could have come from a swimsuit of Caylee’s left in the trunk of the car.  That’s a bit of a stretch, to put it mildly.

My favorite attorney analyst, Bill Sheaffer, made one very telling remark.  He said, in essence, the defense argued today with a sledge hammer, and the State used a scalpel.  In addition, he concluded that the State should prevail in their effort to allow the results of Dr. Arpad Vass, from the Oak Ridge Laboratories.  If this should occur, it will be a tremendous advantage for the State as it scientifically confirms the smell of decomposition, that so many will testify to. The science will seal it.  Bill Sheaffer said:

The prosecutor will show there’s no debate in the scientific community that Dr. Vass’s methodology and findings are not generally accepted.

In addition, he concluded that other evidence will prove there was a decompositional event in the trunk – cadaver dogs indicated it was there, Casey Anthony’s family, and others, also confirmed the horrible scent.

I would like to extend a very special thanks to CptKD, a reader of the blog, who so graciously reported through out the day on the happenings in the courtroom.

CptKD also advised that Judge Perry should have his rulings rendered by April 21st, if not before.

There are more hearings on Friday, beginning at 9:00.

Have a lovely night, all.


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