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Jeff Ashton’s book release is around the corner

Retired Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton, who famously prosecuted the Casey Anthony murder trial, has a book coming out on November 15, 2011.

Mr. Asthon’s book, Imperfect Justice:  Prosecuting Casey Anthony, promises to discuss never-revealed details about the case, including information related to the psychological examinations  performed on then defendant Casey Anthony.

Cover image of Jeff Ashton's soon to be released book

He will also be discussing the book on the Dr. Phil Show, Wednesday, November 16, 2001.   No doubt the book will generate a lot of interest.

I’ve per-ordered a copy on my Nook.

If the Barnes & Noble Nook website is any indication, the book should do well.   On the Barnes & Noble Nook page for the book, already nearly 60 “customer reviews” have been written!  This is despite the fact it’s not even released yet!  People are adding their thoughts about what they “think” the book will disclose…and of course they are arguing.

Cheney Mason reportedly is writing a book also.   I have absolutely no interest in reading it because, frankly, I wouldn’t know what to believe.   By the way, Mr. Mason is in a Daytona hospital after feeling ill during a conference in which he to speak.  I certainly hope it’s not a serious issue keeping him in the hospital.  I bet he’s cranky as hell in that hospital!  I bet he’s shooting the bird at just about everyone, too!  I hope so, that would mean he’s on the mend.

Anyway, back to Jeff Ashton’s book.  I really am looking forward to reading some inside stories about the case and sure hope the book is long on character details!  There were some colorful characters involved in the Anthony case, and it would be interesting to read about them.

Coincidentally, I was perusing Facebook this evening and stumbled upon “The Official Jeff Ashton Page.”  Oh, it’s wonderful – lot’s of very nice photos, too!

Seeing some of the great photos of Mr. Ashton and his wife, Rita, his colleagues at the State Attorney’s Office, including Linda Drane-Burdick, and pictures of his Koi pond that he and his wife built – affirmed for me that he is not only a phenomenal attorney, he is also a down-to-earth, very nice guy. Someone you can’t help but like because he oozes charm.

There were many folks on the State side of the case who I really admired: ASA Linda Drane-Burdick, of course, was incredible.   I admired the folks at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, too.  Yuri Melich – loved him!  Eric Edwards –  loved him!   John Allen – loved him!   Who else?   Just too many good people to name.   Oh! I almost forgot ASA Frank George!  Loved him!

Anyway, my Nook is ready for the Imperfect Justice download!

Thanks in advance, Jeff Ashton!


a seizure excuse?

There have been a few purposeful “leaks” about George and Cindy Anthony’s appearance on an upcoming Dr. Phil Show.   By the way, the air date of the show has been moved from Monday, Sept. 12th to Tuesday, September 13.  And, there are two  segments – Tuesday & Wednesday of next week.

The leaks reported by TMZ have Cindy Anthony telling Dr. Phil that Caylee “drowned” because Casey was having a seizure while Caylee climbed into the pool.  Okay!

Granted, I don’t find this plausible.   But, then again, it doesn’t matter what I believe – if it makes Cindy feel better by believing this, so be it.   If believing this helps Cindy put one foot in front of the other and get through the day,  so be it.   The story is just too out there and simply lacks that ringing sound of truth.

The  real problem with this new story?  How is a person able to wrap a baby in duct tape and triple bag her while having, or recovering from, a seizure???  Or, am I missing something?

To tell you the truth, I always wondered about the seizure that Jesse Grund, Casey’s former fiancee, described to the Detectives on the case.  Could this be what made Casey change so drastically, as so many of her friends described?  (I don’t really think so, but I thought I’d mention it!)

Jesse described to Detective Yuri Mellich, that he saw Casey Anthony having what he called a Grand Mal Seizure.  According to Jesse, Casey was in bad shape, foaming at the mouth, unresponsive to any stimuli.

When the incident happened, Jesse immediately called 911.  Casey admitted into the hospital for testing, but tests were all negative.   There were no indications from the doctor that she’d be in danger of having more seizures.

George and Cindy never made too much about the seizure incident with Jesse, and they never discussed then what they now say were a few seizures.  Therefore,  it’s odd this is brought to light now.  Perhaps Cindy is trying to soften Casey’s image?  Maybe.  I think this excuse as a protective mechanism for Cindy – to maintain her sanity and avoid the devastating truth.

It could be that Cindy needs to place blame on something other than her daughter,  and the seizure story fits that bill (for her).   I hope Dr. Phil reminds her that this does not comport with Caylee being thrown away like garbage, in a swamp.  I hope he challenges her about that.

It doesn’t make sense that a person could have a seizure, come out of it, and then do something horrible to their own child.   I know people will blame “sleep-walking” for criminal behavior.  It’s been a defense in a couple of murder cases, but a seizure excuse?  Why wouldn’t Jose Baez grabbed this theory if there was any truth to it?

Cindy Anthony has experienced a hell that none of us can imagine or understand, and so I can almost forgive her for wanting to believe anything but the truth…….

If it brings Cindy a sense of peace to believe this, so be it.

Cindy and George Anthony have been through a hell on earth that not one of us could possibly comprehend.   They lived it.  God help them.


good-bye casey

Casey Anthony will be a free woman in a few hours, in less than a day.

After being reviled, attacked, practically ripped apart physically while out on bond; having spent over three years in confinement – solitary confinement, she has survived.

I would go so far as to say, she has to be a pretty strong individual to have withstood all of what she’s gone through.

I don’t know if I could have stayed as resolute as Casey has in the face of such public scrutiny.  She has not moved from the one big lie about what happened to Caylee.  She denied, denied and denied it all until Jose Baez told us that Caylee’s death was a drowning accident, the result of which snowballed out of control.

Of course no one believes that – correction, the jury believed it. But, that’s another story for another day.

I could not possibly know what it must feel like to be in Casey Anthony’s shoes.  To have been in jail….. Then again, I have never killed another human being.

Are we all capable of killing?  Many people say, yes, we could.  Given the right circumstance, anyone could kill.  I don’t agree.  I don’t think we all are built or capable to kill.  Most of us could not and would not.

Perhaps if you grew up with violence in the home, or if you grew up with guns, or if you were trained as a soldier, you could.  But, most people are not built to kill, thankfully.

Personally I am a rag doll when faced with danger – I freeze.  And the knowledge that I become crippled in the face of danger, scares me.  I have no defense.  I can’t run either because my knees won’t let me.

Once, quite a number of years ago, when confronted by a peeping tom who was just ten feet away, on my patio, I tried to scream but noting came out of my mouth!

I moved my mouth and tried to yell to get my mom’s attention, but couldn’t.  Then, moments later, my mom saw me.   She took one look at me and saw my terror.  Her head shot in the direction I was looking.  She immediately flew, as fast as a bird, to the sliding glass door and yelled: ‘GET OUT OF HERE!” in a voice so frantic and loud that the guy ran like the devil!

By the time the police arrived, not five minutes later, my mom’s voice was already gone. She’d hurt her vocal chords so badly from that “GET OUT HERE!” that it took a couple of days to regain her voice.

If he hadn’t been behind that glass door, she would have attacked him.  My mom is five feet tall, less than 100 pounds, but she would have killed him to protect me.

I don’t know what it feels like to kill someone, especially someone I love.  I can’t go there in my mind – it’s a place that I can’t bear to contemplate for even a second.  My mind just will not go there.  It must be sanity that keeps my mind from being able to go there, even for a second.

People who kill must be able to go to a place in their mind where they know they could kill.  Do you think that maybe people who kill are born knowing they can kill?

We don’t want killers in society.  We don’t want them walking free among us.   As people of America, we have a system of laws that keep the good people free; the bad people locked away.

That’s what the law says should happen.  The good are free, the bad guys are locked away, right?

No, it’s not so black and white.

There are innocent people in jail right now as I write this, and there are guilty people who are free and committing other crimes as I write this, too.

What can we do about it?   Well we can guard against the bad guys and the killers in our society.  We can take precautions to keep them away from us – lock our car doors, stay in “safe” sections of our communities, put alarms in our homes, carry guns, knives or mace, put bars on our homes.

We do any number of things to keep evil out. But when the evil is within the home, that’s a whole new conundrum that begs for a solution where there often is none.

I know someone, in her 50’s now, who was terrorized from the time she was a young child until the time she got away from her family, at the age of 19. The terrorist was her own brother.

This family, the mother and father, and her, were terrorized by her own brother.  And not a single thing was done to stop it.

He would rage in the home, throw the mother against a wall when the father was gone, kick and throw things at her. He’d terrorize the young girl, pick her up and shake her, scream at her until she’d wet their pants, bang on bedroom doors in the middle of the night, screaming like a maniac at the family.  He held a butcher’s knife on every one of them at one time or another and not a single thing was done to stop it.

It was the 1960’s in a backwards community in rural Tennessee. You see, “Good” people kept their dirty laundry inside the home then. “Good” people were just that, “good,” and they wanted to keep their reputations “good,” too.

This family would never disturb the facade of “goodness” they enjoyed in their neighborhood.  Calling the authorities on their own son was unheard of.  In the 1960’s this did not happen, they thought.  They only knew that families protected their own and kept up appearances.

The son could have killed them all, they knew it, but they did nothing until they just couldn’t stand it anymore and threw him out.  They heard later that he joined the marines.  Yes, this maniac was “good” material for the war in Vietnam.

He survived the Marines and Vietnam, but came home even more violent.

In the 1970’s things were different, especially after Vietnam.  He never returned home but to visit.  He was a drug addict.  But the family had changed the locks and he eventually stopped bothering his family.

He eventually became such a bad drug addict that he killed himself in a drug overdose.

Even with all the turmoil he’d put the family through, when his mother learned of his death, she mourned deeply. The son who had tried to kill her so many times, was deeply mourned in death.

Our mothers will love us no matter what.  Too many mothers, though, have rose colored glasses on when it comes to their own children.

A mother will forgive her children whatever they’ve done, generally speaking.

But, honest and emotionally intelligent mothers will love but never condone the evil that the son or daughter has done.

I think this is why we had issues with Cindy Anthony. And it’s also why Cindy Anthony was in such a precarious position: She loved her granddaughter more than anything, but not more than she loved her own daughter.

I think I can forgive Cindy Anthony for that.  And I can’t help but forgive her because I have not walked in her shoes.  I can’t begin to know what it’s like to live with what she’s living through.

I sympathize with the Anthony’s.  I feel for George Anthony – for what he’s gone through.

Cheney Mason, the annoying defense attorney with the nimble middle finger, said recently that Casey Anthony will have nothing to do with her mother and father, but may see her brother, Lee, some day.

The Anthony’s, like my friend’s 1960’s family, never got help for Casey Anthony.

Casey was a deviant.  She stole thousands of dollars from her mother and family. The Anthony’s nearly lost their home as a result.  The Anthony’s knew Casey didn’t work, but like “good” families, they wouldn’t allow themselves to believe this – they were a family that wanted to keep up appearances.  They were a “good” family and would never admit to themselves they had a deviant daughter.

This perfect daughter wrote this, while in jail, about her loving parents (this is taken verbatim from one of the jail letters to prisoner Robyn Adam):

Saturday, hints why Baez still couldn‘t get a hold of her. Turns out, she meets with Meredith Veiera, formerly of the view, now associated with the media, the Today Show, I believe, or Good Morning America. She‘s not well enough to take advantage of seeing me in person on Friday, but can shmooze with the dirtbags the next day?! Seriously?! But wait, there‘s more! (I‘m sweating while writing this. My emotions are obviously getting a workout.) Come to find out that she put a Trademark on Caylee‘s name months back, never told me, and even talked about doing the same with mine. This is the same time she publicly states that she plans on writing a book about this!

B-E-T-R-A-Y-A-L!!! I‘m so sick to stomach even thinking about this. I‘m the only person who has tried to protect Caylee throughout all of this, and it kills me! All my Mom talks about now is doing a public service for herself, because she needs to. I can‘t believe my own mother is capitalizing, or trying to, off of everything that has happened. I had written her expressing my disgust, grief, and hurt, after what happened on Friday, this is before finding out all of this. And what happens when she meets up with Baez yesterday to read my letter? She laughs at the idea of getting caught with her lunch on Saturday. Laughs!

I can‘t take it Robyn. I can‘t I‘ve done everything possible to hold my family together and I continue to get stomped on, thrown under the bus, and it doesn‘t surprise me anymore when it happens. I have too many other things to worry about and now all of this! I‘ve officially lost my entire blood-related family in the blink of an eye, in the midst of mourning my daughter‘s death, trying to exonerate myself, and figure out what steps to take in achieving these things, and I get Fucked over by my entire family. I talked to Chaplain Gonzalez about it briefly, Cliff Notes version, and she wanted to cry. She told me my feelings are completely valid, and that I have to start looking out for myself. Not that I have a choice in the matter. They chose for me.

Casey was perfect.  She was pretty. Popular.  The Antony’s have known all along about Casey but did nothing to help her because they could not or would not see it.

The Anthony’s knew she never graduated high school, but pretended she had.  They knew she was pregnant, but wouldn’t believe “good” Casey would have sex, so therefore she couldn’t be pregnant.

I’m not sure if it was George or Cindy who said, “She’s not pregnant, she’d have to have sex to be pregnant.”   (I believe it was Rick, Cindy’s brother, who revealed this conversation he’d had with Cindy when he was talking with Yuri Melich.)

So, is the Anthony saga coming to an end now with her freedom?  Probably not.  But, the Anthony’s will one day become a faded memory to us, believe it or not.

Oh, this case will be remembered, but the feelings of hate that many have for Casey Anthony will fade because  time heals everything.

Time heals even the memories of so called, “Trials of the Century.”    A century is a long time.  This is the year 2011 and no doubt there will be many more “Trials of the Century” before this century is over – in the year 2100.

We have 89 more years to go before this century is over and I guarantee this trial will be forgotten in the year 2100.  Oh, maybe it will be “Googled” in future law school classes, but then again, maybe not.  Who knows!

All I know is Casey Anthony has a lot of years of living to do before her times ends.  I hope she fills, what is left of her life, with grace.  That’s the poet and the dreamer in me talking, though.

In reality, I know Casey Anthony will not have a good life and will probably end up living her life out in some prison in America.

So be it.  Live and let live.

Good-bye Casey.


bombshell bugs, pavers too

Dr. Neal Haskell likes bugs.  Especially flies.

Like Dr. Arpad Vass, who is Dr. Haskell’s relied-upon colleague, is an expert married to his field.  The science of Forensic Entomology is his  passion.

He’s been a bug man for nearly five decades he said.

It was a big day for the Prosecution in the State v. Casey Anthony trial.  There was important information about bugs, and a great deal of crime scene evidence introduced today.  Most importantly, the prosecution appears to be leading up to the release of the heart sticker evidence.

The testimony of Dr. Haskell brought home the reality regarding the length of time Caylee spent in the car versus the woods.

According to Dr. Haskell and the kinds of bugs found at the grave site, the body of Caylee Marie could only have been in the trunk of the Pontiac Sunfire for a couple of days before it was removed (and placed in the woods off of Suburban Drive).

Casey Anthony kept a trash bag full of garbage in the trunk of her car – seemingly to cover up the smell from Caylee’s body decomposing.  Paper towels, found in that trash bag, among the garbage, were full of the kinds of pupae, and larva found in the early stages of decomposition.

Therefore, says Dr. Haskell, this is indicative of “someone” using the paper towels to clean up the fluid that resulted from the early decomposition process.

It is incredibly difficult to imagine a mother cleaning up the fluidly result of her own daughter’s decomposition.

It is sickening.

I found a very interesting article about the work of Dr. Haskell in the NY Times, written by Elizabeth Svoboda.  This article describes how a case was solved as a result of the findings of Dr. Haskell.

This May 11, 2009 New York Times article is about a daughter killing her mother (excerpt below), and is entitled The Truth, Revealed by Bugs: The Case of Brookey Lee West

Dr. Haskell determined that blow flies, insects that usually appear on corpses right after death, were nowhere to be seen on Ms. Smith’s body. Instead, most of the larvae Dr. Haskell found came from scuttle flies, or “coffin flies,” insects that cannibalize dead bodies after they have undergone initial decomposition. “We knew it was a long time since Mom had been seen, and I thought, ‘If we have the blow flies, we can tell what season she went missing,’ ” Dr. Haskell said. “When I got the insect specimens, I was really disappointed.”

But then Dr. Haskell realized the significance of the blow flies’ absence: Ms. Smith had to have been put into the garbage can either directly after she died or while she was still alive, barring the blow flies’ access to the corpse. (Coffin flies, on the other hand, could have gotten to the body because they often tunnel through tiny nooks and crannies.) “That showed me that West had to have lied about what she did with her mother,” Dr. Haskell said. After only two hours of deliberation, a jury pronounced Ms. West guilty of her mother’s murder. Ms. West is serving a life sentence at a prison in southern Nevada.

Henkel Duct Tape

There was discussion of the Henkel Duct tape today.  The Anthony home was searched on December 11, 2008, the same day Caylee Anthony’s remains were discovered by Roy Kronk, the Meter Reader.

Ronald Murdock, a forensic supervisor with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, was on the stand today.  Mr. Murdock collected the gas can, and photographed a sheet of heart stickers, similar to the heart-shaped sticker that was found near Caylee’s remains.

Also today, Jose Baez mentioned “pavers” during one of his cross examinations.  This got me thinking about the defense theory, and an a-ha moment (about the defense plan) came to me, which I will discuss in a moment.

Testimony from Robert Murdock also told us that the roll of unique  Henkel duct tape was not discovered during that December 11th search of the Anthony home.  The only remnant of duct tape found in the home was on the old red gas can found in one of the Anthony’s sheds.

The Defense, of course, would like us to believe that Casey Anthony did not have access to that tape.  Baez did not say it, but he will say George had possession of the duct tape, therefore he placed the duct tape on Caylee.

It is clear the defense is going to put the tape in George Anthony’s hands.  In fact, there are photos of the tape used at the Caylee search command center.

Poor George Anthony, little did he know that the tape he used to put up signs at the Caylee search command center, would become the tape that the defense would like to use against him.

Remember when Baez said in his (bizarre) opening statement, “Follow the duct tape”?

There is every reason to believe this is what Baez means – Follow the duct tape because it will land in the hands of George Anthony.

The Cement Pavers

Jose Baez mentioned the word “pavers” today when questioning a witness about a close-up picture at the site where the remains were found.  Why?  Is he dropping hints now?

I think so.

I am speculating, but I predict that another theory of the defense is going to revolve around the cement pavers found on Suburban Drive, around the vicinity of the remains.

Remember when, before the remains were found, Dominic Casey, on two separate occasions, went peeking around those woods for something?  Jim Hoover, Private Investigator, was there also, video taping Dominic Casey.

Hoover testified that Dominic was looking for tell-tale “pavers,” indicating that he thought the body of Caylee Marie Anthony was in the vicinity of these pavers.

The fact that Hoover and Dominic Casey were so close to where the body was ultimately found, raised a great deal of suspicion in this case. Anger, too.

When John Allen and Yuri Melich found out Dominic Casey was searching this area, they were disturbed that law enforcement was not called.

The speculation at the time?  That one of the Anthony’s was at the other end of the line speaking to Dominic, describing to him where to look for the pavers, hence the body.

Many of us following the case speculated that it may have been Lee on the other end of the phone directing Dominic Casey’s movements, though we don’t know for sure.

Will evidence prove that it was George Anthony providing direction to Dominic Casey???

If, in fact, that is true, it fits very nicely into the defense’s theory that George Anthony was the one who placed the body of his beloved Granddaughter into those woods.

In fact on December 11th, or 12th, when Caylee’s body was found, Yuri Melich and John Allen told the Anthony’s where Caylee was discovered.  And in an excited utterance, Cindy told the two detectives that it can’t be Caylee because they, the Anthony’s, “had someone search that area already.”

This is total speculation, but what if Dominic Casey says he was not speaking to a Psychic, but was speaking to George Anthony that day?

Could that serve as reasonable doubt, if true?

The 3-D Version of Suburban Drive

The final witness today was a videographer hired by the State to reproduce a 3-D representation of the grave site on Suburban Drive.

The video also included how the bones were distributed in the area, which gave a good representation of how the bones were scattered.

The video was not in the least bit graphic – it was a digitally enhanced computer animation of the area, but Casey Anthony could not look at it.

I wonder why?


a D’OH! day

Oh, where to begin!

What an eventful day it has been – let’s see if I can capture the good, bad and the ugly from today’s testimony in courtroom 23-A, in the State v. Casey Anthony case.

First up on the witness stand there was Jeffery Hopkins, (the real Jeffery Hopkins), who is a fresh-faced young man who knew Casey in middle school.

Unlike the made up Jeffery Hopkins, this Jeffery Hopkins has never lived in Jacksonville, has never had a child, does not know Zenaida aka Zanny, but recently saw Casey at a local Sports Bar.  He and Casey exchanged phone and email information, and the next thing he knew, he was getting Facebook invites from Casey to attend the night club Fusion.

Bringing the real Jeffery Hopkins to the stand was an effort by the State to ensure the jury that Law Enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office have looked into all of Casey Anthony’s lies, including the lies regarding the “Imaginary Friends.”

While on the topic of imaginary friends, I do want to point out that the defense is referring to the fake people that Casey Anthony has conjured up in an attempt to hide her crime, are not “imaginary friends,” as the Defense would like the jury to believe!

An imaginary friend is what children create to make their little lives more interesting and fun.  A little bit of research into “imaginary friends” informs us that approximately 40 years ago, Psychologists and Childhood Development professionals like Dr. Benjamin Spock, believed that childhood imaginary friends were a sign of some kind of underlying emotional trouble.  Fast forward a few decades and the thinking is that childhood imaginary friends are a good and healthy thing for young children.

The research will also show that imaginary friends are rare, if not non-existent, past adolescence and into teen or adulthood years.

And, let’s get real here, the Baez defense use of the term “imaginary friends” is a ploy to soften the truth of the matter with regards to Casey Anthony’s lies and actions.

The bottom line is, Casey’s actions are in no way imaginary!  These are lies that Casey Anthony was completely cognizant of as she tried  desperately to avoid being found out.

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

The defense attorney, Jose Baez is not just a complete abomination, he is worse than the bottom of the barrel of first year law students.

I have written often about how infuriating it is that this man is allowed to defend someone faced with the death penalty!

The mistakes Baez has made, his sleazy remarks, and his inability to see the forest from the trees regarding his obviously guilty client, are so extreme that it’s beyond malpractice that he handles a case that he is not capable of defending.

It does not take a person with a law degree to see, with total certainty, that every step that Casey Anthony made after June 16, 2008 until now, was riddled with lies.

Okay, a liar does not a murderer make.  However, given a Defense Team with an absurd claim about drowning, molestation, and imaginary friends – showing a defense team who also lies, and coupled with the evidence we saw today, the jurors have an excellent foundation from which to build the obvious conclusion.

D’OH!  I Forgot!

After today’s testimony of Detective Yuri Melich, at Universal Studios, where Casey Anthony claimed she worked, this July 16th, 2008 interview conducted by Yuri, Detectives John Allen and Appie Wells, was introduced and played for the jury.

The jurors heard the defendant stick like super glue to one lie after another and the Detectives grow increasingly frustrated at not being able to convince her to come clean and tell them what happened to Caylee, but she does not budge.

Yuri Melich said, “I don’t want to think of you as a cold, calculating monster, but you’re giving me no choice!”

Later he said, “She’s out there somewhere and her rotten body is starting to decompose,” there was not so much as a peep from Casey Anthony at that thought!

Now to the D’OH! of the day.  Jose Baez claimed that he didn’t have the time to write a motion to prevent the release of the Jail visits with the family!

He objected in the middle of the playing of the first video, with Lee.  Judge Perry overruled immediately, telling Baez – it’s too late now.

The truth is, Baez had since 2008 to object to these extremely damaging videos, but he did not.  It makes one wonder if Baez even watched them!  Surely if he’d watched them he would have seen how incredibly damaging they are!

Not only are they damaging to Casey Anthony, they also speak volumes about how incompetent Jose Baez is!  It’s true!  There are quite a few disparaging statements about him in these videos, such as “Baez does not return calls,” or, “Baez is not concerned about Caylee,” and so on.

Surprise, Surprise!

The jail videos work against the Defense’s theory, and bolster the State’s case.  The Anthony’s come across as sympathetic and solely focused on finding Caylee.  In contrast, Casey Anthony’s focus is me, me, me!

There is a jail video the jury will see in which Cindy tells Casey that there’s a rumor that Caylee died as a result of drowning in the pool.  Casey let’s out a light laugh and cynically states, “Surprise, surprise!”

So much for THAT defense theory.

Good Grief!

The defense, it seems, are realizing their case is going down the drain.  At the very end of today they announced a new witness who will testify about grief and bereavement.

The “expert” is Dr. Sally Karioth.   Baez gave to the State a copy of a webpage about Dr. Karioth, suggesting they just found her!

The State is objecting to the addition of this witness, of course, because not only is the deadline too far gone, the defense cannot produce reports as to what this witness will testify to.

The attorneys will argue the addition of this witness after the testimony on Saturday.  However, Judge Perry has already cited case law that suggests bereavement and grief witnesses are inadmissible.

Oh, and did I mention that Baez asked again for a mistrial?  It’s true.  It was as a result of jail videos painting him in such a negative light in front of the jurors.

I gotta tell ya’, the jurors didn’t need the jail videos to tell him the truth about Baez – they got that message on May 24th, 2011 during defense opening statements.

The video below is the new defense “Expert,” Dr. Sally Karioth.  A good fit with the defense team?


the court jesters

Today, in the State of Florida v. Casey Anthony, the day began with a discussion regarding whether the six felony charges against Casey, can be proffered by the State.  There will be more discussion on this as the trial wears on.  The State could mention the felonies since Baez opened the door to allow it in, but rather than risk a possible issue on appeal, the State is backing off of using it, at this time.

Amy Huizenga was the first to take the stand this morning.  It was Baez’ turn to cross examine Amy.  She clearly got irritated at Baez’ habit of putting absurd words in her mouth, as he often does to witnesses, but Amy was quick and did not allow Baez to twist her words.

Baez actually suggested that Amy went after Casey’s boyfriends when Casey was done with them!  He was referring to Ricardo Morales (she slept on his couch). And, because Amy and Jesse Grund met a couple of times to discuss the case, Amy must have been involved with him, says Baez.  It was totally inappropriate.   I wish Amy had said, “Yeah, I also tried to use my bank account after Casey was done with it, we know how that turned out!”

Then, Baez suggested that Amy was a big drinker.  He intimated that in 2008, when Amy fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a guard rail, she was drunk.  Amy said, “that’s not relevant.”  And it wasn’t!

Lee Anthony was on the stand today.  He testified about Casey’s admission about being “a spiteful bitch,” with regards to keeping Caylee away from the family. Lee said, Cindy Anthony suggested Casey was an “unfit mother.”  Amy Huizenga referred to this as well.

With regards to Lee’s testimony.  Was there even a whisper about the molestation allegation against Lee?  Nope!  Nary a word spoken by the State of Florida, therefore the Defense could not bring it up.

I thought it was the elephant in the room for the jury.   The Defense will have to bring it up in their case, if they are allowed.  I believe there will have to be evidence to support it before the Defense can raise it.

There were quite a few Orange County Sheriff’s Officers who took the stand today today.  Brendan Fletcher was the first of Officer on the scene on Hopespring Drive on July 15th, and he was the first to take the stand today.  He testified that he had not smelled an odor emanating from the car, and left the home after two hours.

Then, Adriana Avecedo, the Officer who took Casey in her squad car to Sawgrass Apartments.

Finally, Reginald Hosey took the stand and was asked about how Casey was handcuffed, and did he order the handcuffs removed?  He didn’t remember.

The defense tried with all their might to revisit the Miranda issue once again.  Cheney Mason did everything in his power to discuss how threatening the police are – how threatened Casey must have been is the idea he wanted to float.

Mason discussed the (intimidating) cage (bars) used in police cars; he talked about the scary men in scary police uniforms and scary guns on their belt.  Oh, and there were so many officers there, too.  His argument fell flat; and the record is clear on this issue – Judge Perry has ordered that all of Casey’s statements were admissible some time ago.

Yuri Melich was on the stand today, and as usual, he was an excellent, intelligent and professional witness.

Casey Anthony’s written statement from July 15th was brought into evidence and read into the record by Yuri.  Then, the first recorded interview that Yuri took of Casey was entered into evidence and played for the jury.

Casey lied, and lied, and lied some more in that statement.  And, worse than that, Casey’s vocal tone, pitch and slow pace was reminiscent of a job interview, not a plea to find a daughter recently kidnapped.

From the defense today, I began to hear their innuendos about George Anthony, all of which suggest that George was distant about the “kidnapping” because he knew Caylee was already gone.

Here are examples of what I heard:

  • George did not react when Cindy fell into his arms after telling him Caylee was missing.
  • One by one police officers were asked what was George like that night, July 15?  Invariably, the witnesses today said, George was calm, while Cindy was frantic.  I believe it was Officer Hosey who said, Cindy was at times frantic and at times calm.
  • When Lee was questioned in cross, he was asked if George came into the bedroom to talk to Casey.  No, he didn’t, Lee said.
  • The conclusion seemed to be that George was oddly distant given the situation.

The defense will  take every opportunity to twist George’s actions into suspicious innuendo against him.   The facts remains, however, this defense team will not be able to create reasonable doubt – they are too incompetent to spin such a tale.  There are too many holes in the story Jose Baez told in his bizarre opening statement – proof that they have not given enough thought to theory.

Had the defense done a simple IF / THEN examination of their theory, they might have more answers,  instead of black holes that make no sense.

For instance,

  • IF George was involved in a “drowning accident” of Caylee, THEN why would he not perform CPR or call 911?  What compelled George to hide Caylee’s body?
  • IF George got Casey involved in covering the death up, THEN why did the Cadaver Dogs alert on two places in the yard and why did the body decompose in the trunk?
  • IF George and Casey were in cahoots to hide the body, THEN why would George, a former detective, not advise Casey about the harm of leaving evidence behind?
  • IF George has something to do with the “accident” and colluding with Casey, THEN why would he report the gas can incident to the police?
  • IF George and Casey were in on the murder, THEN why would she tell her mother about the gas can incident, rather than hide it from her?
  • IF Casey was sexually abused, THEN why did she trust George to take care of her daughter?   Note: I read that it has never (or rarely) been reported that a sexually abused mother would kill her offspring.
  • IF there had been a pool accident, THEN why did both George and Casey have NO reaction to the pool accident that was discussed by Cindy in the Jail video?

We could go on and on with IF / THEN scenarios that prove the lies Baez floated in his opening have glaring holes, and are so obscenely foolish.

We laugh so often at Jose Baez and his inane tactics that he’s become our Court Jester.

He’s missing the large ruffled collar, the diamond colored leggings, the large shoes that curl at the point with bells on the heels.  Well, that’s no matter.  He’s still recognizable.


day two of jury selection

It was another interesting day in the jury selection process in the State v. Casey Anthony Trial.

There is great tension and desperation in the air for the defense.  As much as they try to hide it, Casey Anthony’s fear is palpable.  It’s evident in her eyes, body language and behavior in the courtroom.

One of the media sources, (WFTV was the original source), mentioned that Jose Baez was overheard saying, “You’re acting like a 2 year old,” to Casey Anthony. If that is true, and I have no reason to believe it’s not, I find it disturbing.   Jose Baez is not her father.  He’s working for her and she’s facing death!

The two of them proceeded to avoid each others gaze after exchanging these words.  They also, according to the Caylee Daily, sat apart from each other at the defense table.

They are unhinged.

Apparently, someone on the defense was monitoring the news reports on the Internet today because they complained to Judge Perry that their “private conversations” were being posted on the Internet.  Judge Perry said, “Folks this is a public courtroom.”

The Air Tests

With regards the “smell” in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s White Pontiac; no less than ten people could testify to the “smell” that emanated from the trunk.

Cadaver Dogs alerted to the scent, many police officers, FBI representatives have probably gotten a whiff and could attest to the “smell.” There is NO denying a human body was in that trunk!   EVERYONE knows a human body decomposed in that trunk! But the defense keeps trying those Hail Mary motions and it’s getting very old. Can they not stop their whining and face the truth about this evidence?

The duty of the defense is to challenge the evidence produced and offered by the government. The defense does not have the burden of proof.   There should come a point when they are forced to stop wasting the courts time to argue the court’s rulings over and over again!   There should be a limit, right?  There should come a time when a defense team has to stop their desperate struggle and fish, fish, fish, fish for any morsel of hope to get the Frye evidence thrown out.

Today, with regards to the evidence of post mortem banding indicating decomposition on a strand of Caylee’s hair, the defense attempted to convince the Judge that there was some kind of “new” research study being worked on that claims that when hair is exposed to well-water, it COULD mimic decompositional banding on  hair.

The problem with this argument?  It is a research study that was mentioned in a deposition – it’s in its infancy, but the defense wants to stop the presses to go check this out.  The Judge says NO  no more fishing expeditions.

The Judge had a change of heart about the air tests.  He had time last evening to rethink the air test database issues, despite the defense asking for a rehearing on the matter, and the FBI is going to supply the names of the compounds in the  database, which was utilized by Dr. Arpad Vass in the air testing, therefore, the Judge has denied all defense requests with regards to blocking the air tests.  Phew!

Jury Selection Cut Short Today

With regards to Jury selection today, it was quite interesting – never a dull moment, it seems!  As it happened, a woman, who was also a Texas EquuSearch volunteer and a possible witness in the case, was called for jury duty and in the jury pool!

Instead of keeping her thoughts to herself about the case, she spoke either directly to, or within ear-shot of nearly a dozen prospective jurors.

When Judge Perry learned this, out of an abundance of caution – fearing the entire panel may be tainted, he excused the entire pool of 50 people.

Voir dire of this remaining pool came to a end at about 3:00 today, and the Judge estimates that jury selection is nearly 3 days behind schedule, unfortunately.

And finally, I just read a media report from Adam Longo, who spoke to Jose Baez and Cheney Mason.  Watch it here.

Mr. Baez and Mason – Selling Their Souls Story

The long and the short of it?  Jaws will drop, they say, when they learn how the defense will explain what “really” happened in this case.

I’m going to say it, once and for all, these two defense attorney’s are living in another reality – they are either enormously stupid, completely gullible, shamefully dishonest, or they are horrible attorneys.  I am sick to death of their claims with regards to their client.

How dare they engage in media appearances at this point in time?   I know that when you have no case, you must appeal to the public, but it’s wrong on so many levels.  It infects the system of justice. They are lawyers, they should act like Officials of the Court and have some sensitivity for the sanctity of the law.  The system of justice is adversarial, yes, but it should not be smoke and mirrors, sleazy attempts to “brand” their case in the media, and they should not become outright media whores!

That’s my band wagon for today. Well, I have one more item to discuss, and it’s terribly disappointing and completely unexpected.

America’s Most Wanted

I got an email from a producer at America’s Most Wanted that Yuri Melich did not win the America’s Most Wanted All Star Award.  I nominated him and was absolutely so sure he would win.  I was so sure!

But he didn’t win.

We all gave it a good try, we really did – I saw that so many people following this case took up the cause and voted religiously for Yuri.

At least he knows that our gratitude for his work is endless – we all should feel good about that.

But, darn it all, anyway.


happy mother’s day!

Wishing everyone a lovely and happy Mother’s Day.

I put together a little gift of my photos for you to enjoy – some of my favorites are included.  There are photo’s of butterflies, birds, my mom and family, and a lot of flowers to fit the occasion!

I also want to remind you that today is the final day to vote for Yuri for the America’s Most Wanted All Star Award!

Click here —> to vote!

Enjoy the photos…

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Two More Days To Vote for Yuri as All Star!

Let’s be sure we take these next 2 days to get the word out that Yuri Melich is deserving of the America’s Most Wanted All Star Award for 2011!

Voting ends Sunday at midnight!  That’s only one day before jury selection begins in the State v. Casey Anthony trial!

We salute all the America’s Most Wanted All Star nominees, but this is Yuri’s contest to win!



Starring Yuri Melich as AMW All Star

Take a look at the newest AMW All Star video featuring Yuri Melich!


chloroform is in!

Earlier this evening, Judge Belvin Perry, in the State v. Casey Anthony case, issued his ruling that DENIES the defense’s request to block testimony and evidence related to chloroform!

The massive amounts of chloroform detected from the air samples of Casey Anthony’s car, AND the computer searches related to making/using chloroform are ADMISSIBLE!  Read the ruling: Judges Order on Chloroform.

It is important to point out that it was Yuri Melich who contacted Dr. Arpad Vass of the Oakridge National Laboratory, to have this evidence tested!  Judge Perry, in his ruling mentions this fact.

This is one of the reasons why Yuri Melich is so deserved of the America’s Most Wanted All Star Award.  (So, don’t forget to vote for Yuri, and vote every day!)

To say this ruling by Judge Perry is a major blow to the defense’s case is an understatement.  It is gargantuan.

You may recall, the brilliant and personable Dr. Arpad Vass testified for the State of Florida on the issue of using a gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC/MS), instrument in the testing for the chloroform.

The GC/MS instrument has been in use since the 1900’s, and is, you may remember, the very piece of equipment that Jeff Ashton, Assistant State Attorney, had Jose Baez stipulate to when the contempt charges against Mr. Baez were dropped.   The purpose of the stipulation was to avoid argument about the GC/MS being a reliable instrument.

During the Frye hearings, Mr. Baez tried his best to renege on that agreement.  Why?  Because Mr. Baez wanted to malign the procedures used with respect to the MC/MS.

This created a heated battle between Mr. Ashton and Mr. Baez that used up a lot of court time, much to the chagrin of Judge Perry.   (I’m referring to the argument in which Mr. Baez claimed he was tricked by Mr. Ashton into the stipulation, when in fact it was to avoid argument about an instrument and a procedure that was well known and well tested by courts across the country.)

During the Frye hearing, Mr. Baez had what amounted to a “hissy-fit” over this issue, claiming that Mr. Ashton tricked him into signing the agreement to stipulate.  It was an embarrassing display of very bad courtroom behavior by both attorneys, but primarily by Mr. Baez.

Anyway, back to today’s brilliant ruling.

With today’s ruling, a couple of things happened, 1)  The searches for chloroform on the Anthony home computer will come into evidence, 2) Dr. Vass will testify that the level of chloroform evident in the trunk was 10,000 times greater than what is normally found in decompositional events, and 3) The amount of chloroform detected, coupled with evidence of the computer searches for making/using chloroform, speaks to premeditation.


This story is looking dismal for the defendant, Casey Anthony. Those of us following this case, as a result of studying the discovery, have known all along that this case is insurmountable for the defense.  Anyone associated with the defense team and the Anthony’s are in a severe state of denial and, since day one, have been doing their client no favors.

What can the defense argue now?  Did George Anthony perform the computer searches on chloroform?  I could be mistaken, but I believe that it has been proved that both George and Cindy were working and away from the home during the day and time of the searches, which leaves Casey Anthony as the probable computer user.

With the massive levels of chloroform found and the computer searches, how does the defense argue that little Caylee Anthony died as a result of an accident?  Not possible.

Premeditation.  We knew all along it was premeditation.  Did the defense team read the same material we read?  It’s almost as though they were reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales, or Mary Had a Little Lamb, the way they glossed over and seemingly ignored the evidence.

If only Jose Baez had walked away from this case and let it go to a Public Defender, Casey Anthony may not be looking at the death penalty.

First Degree Murder with Premeditation and aggravating factors causing the death of a beloved child, cries out for the death penalty, based on the law.

Casey Anthony might as well be walking herself straight to death row.

Judge Perry still must submit his ruling on the air tests by Dr. Vass, and the plant growth, argued by botanists.

There is no reason why this evidence will not come in either.

Justice is coming now!


Vote for Yuri Everyday until May 8

Click here to vote for Yuri

Click here to vote!

As you may know, Yuri Melich is one of the eight finalists to win the America’s Most Wanted All-Star award.

Yuri has been consistently in the top 3, and we must ensure he makes it to number one!

We have until May 8th, at midnight, to ensure he wins! 

Although there are eight deserving American Most Wanted finalists, none are as deserving as our candidate!

To vote for Yuri Melich, click his photo above left, or click this URL:

Wouldn’t it be a nice tribute if Yuri won?!

Please encourage all your friends to vote!  You may vote once per day, and you’re encouraged to do that!

It was Laurli’s great idea to keep a running tab of the candidates who routinely make it into the top three – so we’ll have an idea of how well the voting is going.

We will keep a record in the comments section……… Thank you!


yuri in top 3 and other easter tidings

I just noticed that yesterday Yuri made the TOP 3 for the America’s Most Wanted All Star Award!!  We have until May 8th (the last day of voting) to ensure Yuri wins and takes the top prize!  Don’t forget to vote everyday!

If Yuri wins, and I think he will, what a wonderful message we will send about our collective appreciation of the work he did, and continues to do, on behalf of Caylee Anthony.

If you haven’t yet voted today, here’s the link:

Will Monday bring Judge Perry’s expected rulings?

The Honorable Judge Perry is undoubtedly putting a lot of careful thought into the remaining Frye rulings in the State v. Casey Anthony case.  We recently heard the stain in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car is admissible, and we’re waiting for a ruling on the chloroform levels, the plant growth, the hair banding, the cadaver dog results, and the odor test to verify the presence of decomposition.  We are likely to hear these rulings tomorrow.

In the meantime, Jose Baez is ramping up his TV appearances.  He will appear on the In Session program multiple times in the coming days – what the airing-schedule of the In Session program is, is unknown to me at this time.

Easter Tidings…..

Easter’s Eve was festive at my house!  We celebrated my youngest brother’s birthday, my other brother drove in from Orlando, and we ate and ate and ate!  My spaghetti sauce was a hit!

We colored eggs for Easter; of course I had to get my camera out for THAT occasion!  Here are a couple of our Easter egg coloring pics…

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when all else fails, change the story

It would have been a very Good Friday if Judge Belvin Perry had filed the remaining Frye rulings today.  For a while this morning, WFTV was reporting that, despite it being Good Friday, the Good Judge – the Good Trooper that he is – would actually file his rulings today!   It didn’t happen, of course, but surely we will hear learn Monday about these Frye rulings.

One thing we did learn today: the 48 Hours No Mystery Defense Propaganda Show was not enough press for Mr. Baez.  Now he is scheduled to appear in a soon to be aired In Session segment.

The Defense Team really needs this coverage now – they need to pepper the jurists minds with salacious spin.  Why?  The story must change.

Most people have heard something about this case – generally they’ve heard negative press that goes something like this:  A young woman’s child goes missing for over a month and she parties the whole time and probably killed her own baby.

Jose Baez needs a new story out in the public, and fast.  Will the new story be: A young mother, abused by family members, looses her senses for over a month after learning her family may be responsible for the death of her child? 

Do you think that part of the defense strategy is to get a new story out in the public?

It’s entirely possible.   When truth or evidence fails, inundate the press, taint the jury pool, and twist, twist, twist the truth!    They are already succeeding – many people are aware of the “talk” with regards to George Anthony as reasonable doubt, right?

No matter how reprehensible or hypocritical – desperate times call for desperate measures.

It will be interesting to monitor the press in these last couple of weeks to see what story they are floating.

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open!

Don’t forget to vote for Yuri!  Once a day, every day until May 8th! 


the stain and the stories

We waited with bated breath for news of the promised rulings in the State v. Casey Anthony case.  Then, toward the close of day it was reported that Judge Belvin Perry ruled on only one of the many Frye issues argued in the case.

The Judge is allowing the State of Florida to introduce the stain that was found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s Pontiac Sunfire.  Why is this so important?  Simply, it shows – proof-positive – that human decomposition happened in the trunk, and it is, presumably, Caylee’s little body in that trunk.

When decomposition occurs, one of its by-products are volatile  fatty acids, which are present in the stain.  In addition, the stain, as we have previously heard, looks as if it’s in the shape of a small child, in a fetal position.  The defense would like to spin this evidence as “nothing” due to the absence of DNA.  The jury will learn that DNA is not present because it also decomposes and cannot be detected.

Judge Perry’s order is short and to the point on this issue.  Click here to read order.

Also today, defense depositions of Tony Lazarro and Amy Huizenga were published.   Click here for Tony’s deposition.  Click here for Amy’s deposition.

These two depositions are interesting to read and are not lengthy.

Tony Lazarro has trouble remembering much of what occurred prior to July 15, 2008.  I believe there is a somewhat important discrepancy in this most recent deposition, however.  I recall that when he was interviewed in 2008 regarding the first time Casey ran out of gas, he said she poured the gas into her car.  He also stated that he did not get very close to her car.  However, in this recent deposition, he thinks, because it would have been a guy thing to do, that he must have poured the gas into the car.  He further stated that he smelled no foul odor emanating from the car.

In his OCSO interview in 2008, he recalled that Casey rushed to pour the gas in her car, presumably to keep him away from her car.  When he was interviewed in 2008, he also did not smell an odor from the car.

In addition, Tony recalls Casey telling him that George Anthony was physically abusive toward Casey, who made George seem like a rough and troubled man.  This plays well with the defense’s plan to show George Anthony in a very bad light.  Tony also discussed Casey’s problems with Cindy Anthony.

When Cindy first arrived at Tony Lazarro’s apartment to pick up Casey, she said to Tony, “I hope you have a lot of money because she will take you for all you have.” This is hardly the Casey that Cindy would like the world to see.

As for Amy Huizenga, her memory is sharp.  She recounts the drive with Cindy to pick up Casey, on July 15th.  Cindy discussed the smell in the car, the fact that she wanted to take custody of Caylee, and that Casey may end up in jail.

Cindy Anthony’s previous stories to the FBI, to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, in her deposition with Morgan and Morgan, and to the media, she portrayed Casey as her best friend; and the perfect daughter.  I wonder if Cindy will admit on the stand, when she’s faced with the truth, the truth about she and Casey’s relationship?

The jury will undoubtedly learn of the volatile relationship between the mother and daughter – Casey’s jealousy, and the physical fight on, or around, June 15th, when, allegedly, a fight erupted between the two and Cindy had to be pulled from choking Casey.

Cindy’s own mother said to an OCSO detective (I’m paraphrasing), that she hoped Casey didn’t hate her mother more than she loved Caylee.

In conclusion, although Cindy has tried from day one, to construct the perfectly loving family facade, it’s all a lie.

Although the family is not responsible for Casey’s actions, Cindy does provide some of the context and the dysfunction for us to better understand Casey’s psychology.

Remember to go to the America’s Most Wanted website to vote for Yuri once a day, every day!

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